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  1. I'm still playing and we are only two . To boost we need 6 and the servers are yet opening
  2. Hello . I want to find at least 4 persons to try to boost the online. I m in France so be careful with the hour :). If your intersting ad me on psn with a message. Enjoy.
  3. Edit : Stop 100 000 done. Thanks for all. See you soon. ready to help and i ll do the same by return with screen shots. Thanks in advance Done with : JeffsonP, Rowdi1, Real_Disaster, FFeRHaTT, JorgeSleep, loncle13, ZeroGi Qismat Fix 22 Dr GenaroGattuso Wadys WDS Thermopyle2 Spirit-ford DarkXpyder Sarlac_MUHAHA plisken1979 Bawhawhaw GTAERgameing All with screenshots