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  1. This event revived my dead PSNP account it's that powerful.
  2. I have PS4 Spidey too, pls add me!
  3. Yo sign me up! I've been looking for a good excuse to finish/start my TT games. Also this is my first PP so lmk if I need to provide any more info and sorry for being a noob lol I've platinumed: - Game of Thrones PS4 - Walking Dead S1 PS4 - Beyond Two Souls PS4 - Life is Strange PS3 - Life is Strange PS4 - Life is Strange BTS PS4 - TFTB (PS4) - Batman PS4 Got a bunch of games on the games list to play so let's go!!!
  4. Ultimate Sim Guru Earn all trophies Wooohoooo! My first Ultra-Rare platinum! I'll be honest this one took me a while and a LOT of patience. Back to having fun on PC Sims now, I miss my mods folder!!
  5. Pokemon soundtracks for the nostalgia (specifically Ruby/Sapphire, Alpha/Omega, Diamond/Pearl) & Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy.
  6. I realise this is probably a dumb question, but if I've previously purchased a TT game and deleted it from my console (claims it's still part of my PSN library) will I be able to re-download it? Or shall I do a mass-download tonight just to be safe? 😬
  7. Awesome month! I already have BLC but what a sweet pick for someone who doesn't have it. Gonna give Sonic a go too, should be great at parties
  8. Can confirm that doing the 24 hour wait time method I didn't have to sync my PS4 Trophies, it just worked when I updated my usernames on the homepage. Thanks Sly and BlindMango!
  9. Thank you BlindMango! I will give it another try tomorrow.
  10. Tried to do this but it just refreshed my old user to 0% trophies, then when I tried again it gave me the 'Error, accounts can only be updated every 60 minutes' Also getting this message: ahoyimzoe is my OLD user and stellanovas should be my current :/
  11. Junior Complete Year One Story Levels
  12. Very tempted to get Tomb Raider, but I also need to finish the other two TR games I have on my shelf.... the struggle
  13. stellanovas - Let's gear up!
  14. Reached level 40 Reached player level 40 Horizon Zero Dawn