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  1. Hi! It seems that the following trophies are buggy/glitched: 1) Variety is the spice of life (Try every car and every track) 2) Smooth Flow (Stay in an opponent's slipstream for 5 seconds) 3) Tireless (Drive more than 100km in one session) I'm pretty sure I did everything according to the descriptions, but the trophies didn't pop. For example, I drove 25-30 laps on Monza in the Practice mode and Tireless didn't show (more than 100km). Then I repeated than on Nurburgring and still nothing. I also tried every 2018 and 2019 car and every track (including DLC) and nothing - I verified that on my Driver's stats (+triangle) and I can see non-zero "km" on every track and car and valid laps.
  2. Yup, I also tried it and still nothing. It's super weird that such a game two months after the release still has unobtainable trophies. Sony's QAs should look into this case. I wonder if there is any way to inform them about it...
  3. Wow, the Variety trophy just out of nowhere popped when I was in the menu before the Championship race... weird, but I'm happy
  4. Hi @item112z I tried your method with the Variety trophy. Unfortunately it didn't work for me. Still no trophy :-( Well, actually I did try it with a small variation: I tried all 24 cars as me (not as pre set driver) just on one track (Monza 2019) and hotlap mode (in the stats I can see that no car is missing). With each car I did one valid hotlap. As for the tracks - I don't know if it's in any way connected to visit them as me (not pre set driver), but I already have TR99. So all in all, I think this trophy is still glitched.
  5. Hey @CameronM1tchell sorry to bother you, but one more question regarding the Variety trophy. Did you also try anything from Intercontinental GT Pack DLC? Obviously there are 4 new tracks, but I'm more curious about the cars from the IGT section next to 2018 and 2019 sections in the solo mode. I know there are the same cars, but still - maybe there is something about this DLC that I'm missing...
  6. Ok, I finally got the Tireless during a longer race. But nevertheless is must be glitched or the description is misleading, because I should get it earlier during practice sessions (as mentioned above).
  7. Hey @CameronM1tchell any hint about the "Variety is the spice of life" trophy? I see you got it. What requirement am I missing? As I wrote above, I tried all the cars and tracks (both 2018 and 2019), but maybe there's something else about it...
  8. Yet you gave a link to en-GB version, not en-US Anyway, we'll see how it goes... cheers!
  9. There is not a single word about delisting Driveclub on its NA store... compared to EU store where there was a specific date & time given (which in the end was a lie ;)) So I wonder, why is everyone assuming that it will be delisted from NA store? Maybe delisting was related to some licensing issues only for EU and Asia - and maybe Driveclub for NA will stay until next year? Please provide the source about delisting date in NA, if I'm wrong.