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  1. I unlocked this one naturally pretty soon after starting the game (PS4). I have heard trophies being glitched on this game though so maybe restart system or game and try again. Should be easy enough.
  2. I found it somewhat depressing in some key parts of the game. All in all it was a good game, just not as good as made out to be. Depressing sure but that's what a millennial emo character focused game is gonna do for ya. Apparently I have to check out this Unravel business.
  3. Been working on Life is Strange here and there. Ready to start Ep. 4 sometime soon but I take breaks inbetween as that type game is good but less interesting because of my minimal input. I've been playing Type:Rider lately as well and that game is nifty. Great platforming as well surprisingly.
  4. I don't have issues finding a game regularly. Sometimes I have to wait a minute or so longer but never dead. Than again I play usually night time CST so not sure when your playing. Also possibly connection.
  5. Decided to start LiS and it was alright. Lots of things I like and lots of things I don't like. The story is enough to keep me going so far. I'll space out the episodes as not to over do it. Probably play random MP inbetween episodes.
  6. Love this. I played so much RL after I first got it and could barely play anything else. I finally felt to move on for a bit but still have an itch to play. I think by the time July rolls around I'll be ready again to pay this game full force. These trophies won't be hard so that's cool because I still have Aquadome and Tokyo to work towards as well. Maybe grab some paid DLC too while I'm at it.
  7. It's not that bad. 😐 I just jump in and play this occasionally. I don't play it too seriously either. Finished UC1 and will get back to DLC trophies another time. Probably UC4 MP and maybe start Neon Chrome or Life is Strange. Not sure yet.
  8. Finished UC1 crushing so I'll be cleaning up the last few trophies and getting the plat soon! Got some speed runs to do. I'll also do the DLC trophies soon as well except Brutal cuz that's crazy. Maybe someday but not now lol. Also I found myself wandering back into UC4 MP and tried survival for the first time.
  9. Wouldn't be suprised and wouldn't mind. On TloU is was a slow trickle IIRC.
  10. I'm about halfway through Uncharted 1 and hope to plow through the rest of it right afterwards. We'll see how I'm feeling by the time I'm done. Crushing difficulty can definitely crush your spirits. On the side I just started playing 3 on 3 freestyle, and been playing Paladins on and off.
  11. Yay! 😁 The leak was official. LiS will be another good TTG to play and the vita titles look great too.
  12. ITS NOT WORTHY!!! 😣. How dare Naughty Dog? Absolute scum! They are running a racket I tell ya. Slinging platinum trophies underground with no class, no respect, and no honor. I'm never aiming for another Naughty Dog platinum because they have devalued the very meaning of greatness platinum trophies are supposed to be. I quit. 😣
  13. On one account I played the 1st playthrough raw , no info. Went through Hard + following guides and thought I got everything but it seemed glitched. Went back on to Survivor /+ and some cleanup and finally got everything (then MP which is awesome) to the plat. Started it again on another account and had similar issues with collectibles and convos. I remember it being glitched. Some may have not had issues but I know I and many others did. Either way I think chapter select was one way to clean up anything you may have missed albeit the menus don't reflect totally accurate info.
  14. This seems like a great tip and I've been playing Kinessa lately anyway. I will give it a try next time I play. Thanks
  15. If this is the list (and it looks legit, just leaked) then it's kinda meh. Abzu was amazing last month and Tales from the Borderlands was my 1St Telltale game and has been surprisingly fun (and funny). LiS looks alright but killing floor doesn't seem my style. Alternatively I've liked most all the Vita games offered the last two months so I'm happy with those as well. We'll still have to see what it officially is. I'm still excited because I'm new to this whole PS plus thing.