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  1. Which trophy are you referring to?
  2. For anyone having trouble with this trophy (Things Fall Apart), this method will make it easier HOT SEAT Ruleset: Expansion: Gathering Storm Game Modes: Dramatic Ages Mode Map Type: Pangea Map Size: Tiny Resources: Abundant Start Location: Legendary Disasters: 0 City States: 4 Start Era: Ancient Era Game Speed: Quick Limit Turns: No Turn Limit No Barbarians Civs: 2 (Both controlled by you) Difficulty: Deity Uncheck all Victory Conditions For this trophy you will need to go from a Golden Age into a Dark Age so plan ahead which era you want this to happen. I planned for the Renaissance Era to be a Dark Age. You could go for this sooner but it's best to get as many cities built as possible to have a greater chance of losing 4 or more cities. I had 18 cities with each civ just for reference. Build the first city then a couple of scouts and a builder to kick start the capitals growth. What will also help is to have Magnus the governor in your capital with the Provision promotion. From here just spam settlers and place them within 4 hexes of each other to use up as much of the landmass as possible. Don't have them found cities yet. Do this up until the later stages of the Classical Era or until there is no room left to build cities. Keep in mind that the next age, the Medieval Age will have to be a Golden Age so do what you can to get that era score up. Now with the Classical Age coming to an end start using all those settlers to build cities. With all those cities built and enough era score to guarantee a Golden Age you will now be spamming out builders. Improve any tile that will give you extra food but Not Luxury Resources. The goal is to have the cities over populated and with no amenities. With 4 turns remaining in the Medieval Era go through all your cities and make sure there aren't any citizens working luxury resources. Lock the citizens to any other resource and finish the remaining turns for the era. Do all of this with both civs and the trophy will be yours.
  3. Hey mate. For this trophy it's best to spam out spies and have 2 or 3 in the cities that have artwork. Have them do the easier tasks first like Listening Post, Gain Sources and then when they are experienced enough try to steal currency. After successfully completing a few mission you will be able to promote a spy and the promotions to look for are either Ace Driver or Cat Burglar. Either one of these will almost guarantee success. To be safe though save the game before undergoing the mission.
  4. The trophy description for Things Fall Apart should say, lose 4 or more cities you have CAPTURED to a Dark Age. The key word is captured as cities you lose to a Dark Age that you have settled do not count.
  5. Next I'll be trying "Things Fall Apart" with what information we have and hopefully have some luck. @voxman90 When you got the trophy what DLC's did you have enabled and what difficulty did play on? Thanks.
  6. Can confirm "To Plow the Sea" is obtainable as it just popped for me. After many hours of trying this is the method that worked. First disable all DLC content except for the Maya and Gran Colombia Pack Single Player, create game, advanced setup Not sure if these next steps matter but this is what I did anyway. Settler Difficulty Medieval Era Quick Game Speed No Turn Limit No Barbarians Obviously choose Colombia as your civ and choose one opponent. When the game starts I built a city then moved the General to where he needs to be to be activated. BEFORE retiring him save the game. Then retire the General and MAKE A DIFFERENT SAVE. Now you can restart the game where you may get a different General or create another game then repeat the above step. MAKE SURE TO WRITE DOWN EACH GENERAL YOU RETIRE AS MOST OF THEM HAVE VERY SIMILAR NAMES AND IT'S VERY EASY TO MISS ONE. Also credit to @KenpachiDaniel as most of these methods used were his ideas.
  7. Today I tried the "Things Fall Apart" with only the DLC needed for Dramatic Ages. - Rise and Fall - Byzantium and Gaul Pack - Tech and Civic Shuffle Mode (Yes this is needed for Dramatic Ages for some reason). Yeah no luck. Lost 7 cities and no trophy. Will try "To Plow the Sea" next.
  8. Is it possible for this game to load any faster?
  9. GoT was a rubbish game anyway!
  10. @voxman90 A couple questions about Thing Fall Apart. When you lost your cities were they at full loyalty against you? By that I mean your empire had zero loyalty pressure towards your lost cities? I'm wondering if a "lost" city still counts if your empire has loyalty pressure against it. Hopefully that question makes sense because I'm finding it hard to follow. Also I've tried many times and spent many hours on this trophy that now I'm taking the fast route by playing Hot Seat and still not having much luck. Not sure if Hot Seat will void the trophy at all
  11. I tried your idea last night by making extra saves after retiring the Generals and before loading the next game but still had no luck. Looks like the other buggy trophy is obtainable now (even though it won't work for me) so we're back to one unobtainable.
  12. I didn't make a new save. I only ended the turn after retiring them so it would autosave. That's where I could be going wrong.
  13. Nice! So it is possible.
  14. Hopefully he can share his method for obtaining it. These bugged trophies could also depend on what DLC we have installed. Some DLCs may conflict with others.