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  1. Came here for the thread title. 😂
  2. I'm definitely contributing to that. Currently on Journey 10 with 522 hours spent on Elden Ring. Love this game.
  3. Elden Ring PS4 Collector's Edition Have been playing the PS5 version since it was released and have just started NG+7. Looking forward to doing it all again on the PS4 version.
  4. This game is $80AU for 150+ hours of entertainment. You won't find better value for money.
  5. Spent about 2 hours farming The Docks from the Flamerock Entrance only looking to the left and the right. He ended up spawning on the right where the 5 or 6 skeletons spawn. Most of this time was spent on TVHM but it seems that quite a lot of people found the Chubby on Normal mode. Eventually switched to Normal Mode and a few runs later he spawned. 2 hours felt like a long time so I do feel for those that have been at it for 10+ hours.
  6. Nice mate. 🤘
  7. Hi mate. I had the same problem. It turns the new stadiums only count while playing in the CPL competition.
  8. Just got the trophy using the steps 2, 3, 4, 5. I had already finished "Ending It" and had done another loop before I tried this method. For me I didn't have to do "Ending It" again. Thanks mate.
  9. It's lucky we don't need the standard weapons for the plat.
  10. I tried to connect to a mate that deadset lives 10 minutes from me and we still had the same problem. I also was thinking about this same method but wasn't sure if the other player had to have at least one kill. Good to know that this works. Cheers man.
  11. Unfortunately not. I'm still using a level 1 pistol and wanted upgrade to a better one but found no weapons available. Juan's Arms Dealers are still selling the 3 Supremo's I'm yet to buy and Gear but no weapons.
  12. I am about 3/4 of the way through the game and all of a sudden I can not buy any weapons. They aren't showing up in the Guerrilla Garrison or any of Juan's Arms Dealers. They are selling all the clothing but no weapons. Has anyone ran into this problem yet? Is it part of the story and if I play on will they appear again?