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  1. Wow. I applaud your dedication.
  2. I'd have to agree and disagree with Sikutai. It is grindy, especially getting 5 stars for each person but I have never had so much fun grinding it out. Having a blast with this game. I'm going to feel lost once it's completed.
  3. MW was a fairly difficult FPS but the checkpoints were very generous. If I remember correctly the checkpoints in Spec Ops are not so generous.
  4. How many other buildings do you have? I've just unlocked the bottom left of the map and I have ziplines that go around the top of the map and up over the mountain in the middle. A few are from other players. Most other players ziplines are just one offs in the middle of nowhere which can be annoying.
  5. Well then best to use a room at one of the main hubs like those large buildings with Bridges on the side it. Unless you recycle items or materials there won't be any available materials to craft with.
  6. In a safe house. Go to customise backpack and you'll find it there. Make sure you have the available materials.
  7. There you go mine has the number 4.
  8. Well shit. On the shoulder of my copy there is a code with CUSA above it? EDIT: It's definitely EU. It has SIEE (Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe) on the actual disc but has no PEGI logo on either disc or cover.
  9. Mine doesn't have a PEGI logo on it. I thought PEGI was NA? EDIT: Turns out my copy was EU version. It was a syncing problem on this site but now it is working properly.
  10. You will actually need to play on Hard in order to get Legend of Legends rating on deliveries. Hard is not hard at all. During the rare times you get into fights or boss battles you can change it to Very Easy without consequence.
  11. Just updated my trophies and Star Wars has now synced as EU. Looks like I won't be getting that extra after all.
  12. Holy shit! This is like I'm having a conversation with myself. 😂
  13. I got my copy from JBHiFi. Every other game I've bought from there has been EU.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if they buy 4 copies of the same game. The people on top of the leaderboards are obviously passionate gamers and possibly spend there income on gaming. Some games are worth playing more than once and if the price is right and there is an extra plat involved then sometimes I'll pay a little extra for another copy.