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  1. Hi all - The last 2 quests in my 'The Whole Story' checklist are 'Do You Believe?' And 'The Shadow of the King'. I know I can start the quest line by getting it from Mufid in the University, but he isn't there? I've also gone to Ishaq's house and I can't get in there to manually trigger the quest. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks
  2. I think this must have been my problem too - I had the concussion flaw! Thanks for the find!
  3. I dont think there is a fix yet I ended up doing what everybody recommended and just got this at the very start of a new playthrough
  4. Hi all - I am trying to get the "Well Balanced Breakfast " trophy and can't, because caffeine drinks are never added to my character's status effects. Is there a specific item I need for this trophy, or can it be any caffeine drink? Thanks!
  5. I know that you can grind out certain trophies by quick saving/reloading (for example, that's how I got 'Carmaheddon' and plan on getting 'Tidyman'). So I guess the game automatically keeps track of how many you got. My question is: does this work for 'Professional'? For example, can I use chapter select, get the weapon, kill an enemy, and then quit out and select the next chapter? Will that count or does it have to be continuous (a playthrough)? (I guess also this could apply to 'Toy seller') Thanks!
  6. I'm doing my second run of the game right now on Survivor +, and getting all of the collectibles along the way. I'm concerned about getting all of the shiv doors on this difficulty. I feel like I should be preserving as many shivs as I can, to stealth my way through most of the game. My question is: I have another save file where I completed the game on Normal difficulty. Can I use chapter select there, and get all of the shiv doors for the trophy? Will it make a difference if I split the collectibles across 2 different save files? Thanks!
  7. Great - thanks for the reply!
  8. Great - so it doesn't matter which order I play the campaigns in, as long as I get all of them right? Also - is there any other way to keep track of your progress besides the 'Records' section of the menu?
  9. That's good to know about the Mr. Raccoon statues. I'm not hopeful that the files are cumulative, because playing through Claire's A, I am picking up files that I picked up during Leon A. I wonder how they're keeping track of your completion for these trophies though?
  10. So I just finished Leon's A campaign, and am starting Claire's A campaign. My question is: if I get all the collectibles for the rest of the campaigns (Claire A, Leon B, Claire B), and then went back and started a new game of Leon A, will the trophy still unlock? Or does it specifically have to go: Leon A -> Claire A -> Leon B -> Claire B? Thanks!
  11. Here is a video guide:
  12. Hi Guys, I haven't seen many guides around so I figured I'd share my run through the second DLC. You only have to get to a certain point so it's pretty easy to just run past everything. I did die a few times so take it easy on me!