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  1. hey baddriver you doing great guides thank you very much for your vidéos. Yes i have find the statue with a other link. Your youtube is great.
  2. where is the woodland valley statue? when i push on the link it's give me the magma ruins statue lol.
  3. you dont need the online pass for the the ratchet ps3 1 2 3.
  4. i am a fan of the anime i am sure i want to buy it in the future ( the best is when store give lower price offers).
  5. here are the way for unlock the endings MAD ENDING- Chapitre 1 not bad- Chapitre 2 i cant believe that story- Chapitre 3 charlotte has a point- Chapitre 4 i m sure they'll be fine- Chapitre 5 leave me alone- Chapitre 6 no choice- Chapitre 7 how can i stay calm- Chapitre 8 we don't really have a choice- Chapitre 9 she's suspicious- Chapitre 10 why did you kill durandal? kill the 3 little sisters before end chapter 10 , you get the full jauge madness and this ending. NORMAL ENDING Save two little sisters alive and kill one little sister with give food for she transform dragoon and kill one sister this way before the end of Chapter 10 and give the responses the other way MAD ENDING for stay you jauge MADNESS to 0%. TRUE ENDING Save the 3 little sisters alive before end chapter 10. and give the responses the other way MAD ENDING for stay you jauge MADNESS to 0%. You lock your way on the true ending after kill the varnir dragon boss. it's in the TRUE ENDING you unlock the trophies end girls minessa charlotta ectect. ( do a save before you kill the varnir dragon boss full max affinity one girl got a trophy girl and give hellmushrooms one girl and full max affinity the next girl.
  6. I am level 150 and the boss of the true ending is killing me on the HARD DIFFICULTY for the HARD TROPHY , GAME OVER lol. i have power attack 2500 / power magic attack. I have level up with the tip for devour eat in inferno mode with -formation dinner time +10% devour rate -Perfect bite +30% devour rate - Leviathan ( idk why looool) - Secret of devouring ( passive skill) - Devour boost + - Devouring arts - gear can +5 or +10 devour rate i endend with 70% rate succes or 80% lol. i have level up to level 70 to 150 on 1 hour 30 minutes maybe i try hit the level +200. But wtf why the boss true end is level 109 and one shot killing everyone with a 4X aoe attack with the stats i have +2500 power attack and magic attack , what's wrong in my setup? lol.
  7. i congratulate people doing vidéos guide for help people , but sure it's funny to put one guide for one main ability lol. Me i think i wait one trophy guide for the full game for start the game maybe.
  8. The 100% gallery is not hard to reach it's unlock while doing all the story missions in very hard difficulty and the bond levels events in the bedroom. It's not specific times and 0 trophies are missable in the game.
  9. i love the last game they have made , but the last's speed run they have added are... the hell to win... I hope it's same easy speed run the Shantae platinum without speed run dlc , because the dlc speed run on Shantae are always hard and the new coming are more hard before the last , and more and more... But it's one very cool game to play.
  10. Hello my friends here a super guide with monster drop / quest / the missable trophies in order/ the walkthrough for story and more more tips for get item's ectect. Cool.
  11. with the tip on the trophy guide i take 1 hour for win 250000 zenis , i am at 15 millions and 500k , so it's take 250000 zenis / hour = 4 hours 1 millions = +80 hours for the trophy.The difficulty is to be patient because fight VS IA with 2% health is boring.
  12. I cannot found the dlc in the store EU they are in one other store?
  13. Hello i found a fast easy way for get the platinum. Here are my tips 1- finish the story mode 1 time , unlock Artoria pendragon. 2- farm for get the level 150. ( For fast level up if you is level 50 choose one extra battle is level 60 or 70 , 10 or 20 + level from yours) it's take 5 hours for get the level 150. Now the next missions are a joke. 3- finish all the extra battle now you is level 150 it's really fun and easy:!!! 4- finish all the story mode missions in very hard difficulty. 5- farm the extra battle The EX DREAM TEAM( the one before the last extra battle with two bosses) for very fast bond leveling your relation ship with servants.It's take 1- 2 minutes for finish one round. Because when you finish all the extra battles , all the story mode mission , the only mystic code you dont have are servants gifts. Here is the player i used Artoria pendragon. MYSTIC CODE i used The conqueror's great sword because when i start the EX DREAM TEAM i buffed time reduct / off up / moon drive with that you can spam with R1+ buttons special attacks unlimited the while time reduct and off up is on you the effect it's take 1-2 minutes for clear one mission for fast leveling bond level servants. My instant skills i used M;Blessing & M str+10% +10 Im Pr (Rider) & M Bess +10 S striker & GotM +10 Im Pr (Saber) & Ea mst +10 P Burst ( Pn) & Ex atk (pn) +11 Anti hero & M res (Pn) +11 P- burst (Lt) & ExAtk (Lt) +10 P- burn ( Fl) & Ex Atk ( Fl)+10 Special attacks ( Active skills) - Starlight ( divergence) - Strike air - Combination air - Excalibur One other thing to know when you press 1 time circle button for enter moon drive , the while you have moon drive you cannot get interrupted the combos you do. And i dont think this game need a guide for platinum. Because i think finish the story mode + all extra battle unlock all the mystic code , excepts the gift bond level up servants. Good luck because it's one great game! And i hope my tips are cool for you.
  14. yes it's dirty pair i love it it's why i use it.
  15. here i got the 100% here my tips without use 5000 words. 1- Craft de ring VI magic power +80 x2 ( 1 for EVAN 1 for cecilius) 2- Craft the ring ailments increase X3 ( 2) increase high damage POISON SLEEP CONFUSE ECT for SHANTY and try have a weapon with add poison +3 or other effect. use two wizard companion job , and SHANTY with the gizmo job you can use potions mana EVAN + SHANTY potions mana 2 x potions mana is a must. 3- Craft the lightning sword for EVAN 4- Craft the wind spear for CECILIUS 5- start farm in the lair of the lost lord dungeon floor 80 and farm 500 orb pink , open the chest at floor 90 and you have all the time one golden item it's can be a spear with add poison +3 for SHANTY / CECILIUS , or one gold axe with very high power damage and power magic , the effects added are random it's the only problém Use EVAN for FIRE / WATER/ LIGHTNING with weapons have the abilities increase lightning , water of fire if possible Use CECILIUS for DARKNESS / WIND For mission 27 the last mini boss just use a weapon with the weakness FIRE WATER OR the weakness he have and just hit the boss , i have do this way and easily win with 4 minutes left before the rank S. Use wizard companion 90% time you fight , it's fast win with magic power +2000. My EVAN and CECILIUS reached +2250 magic power. Good luck , total time +50 hours for farm level 150 , weapons , items. This DLC have bored me. The platinum is great and very cool i very love , but the DLC are the hell for 95% DLC i have on other game. i think devellopers always add very more difficult in DLC.