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  1. there is no bug for me for trophies while i played it. 0 bugged. maybe lucky...
  2. The intel trophy it's why i dont have started the hunting on ps4 ( i got platinum ps5 alien fireteam), oh i hope it's not ending same as dragon fin soup , a glitched trophy is never repaired... i hope it's patched , because i love the movies alien i am fan. but why 4 month after the release game it's not patched?
  3. i found the really things up the difficulty is the not regen hp. in call of duty you have a regen of health ( slow but you have it) in battlefield too. i dont like the system of 1500 points of life , of course you can start with the tanks cards and have 1500 life points bonus , but in insane difficulty with the lower pack of medikit is reduced it's not a big bonus you have to start with card tank. the thing they have to patch it's the ability to pick up more medikits , example , you have 1400 life you atteins the area with the medikits you can pick up 2 or 3 medikits on you. the challenge card i hope they give good really good cards can help in insane , but it's in my dream , i think they limit everything , example we have the card regen life but with -80% life , the dlc weapons have negative effects too. i think in the future they add things but with a malus negative and one positive. the insane and the extreme difficulty is the only problem on the game it's too hard. the others difficulty are good.
  4. There is no hope for this game future lol.
  5. Nothing is missable for trophies. The first ending you dont have choice you win automaticaly , reload save and you have two choice one for win the normal ending again and one for go on the true ending , at the end of the true ending you have two choice one for each trophy true ending that's all.
  6. a new patch for have 50 more bugs coming? no thanks lol.
  7. the problems i have is - lost rare cards because the game loading screen you lost your players online and start with the bots alpha/ béta. - door block your way at the beginning of the mission the only choice you have is to leave the mission ( lost again your rare cards) - you can lost people online too while in a mission and lost it at the end - lost the mission because you cant press the button for continue the story in the mission 2.3 with the button to destroy the synthetics. - bug no sound , bug weapon infinite oh i think i have forget some of the bugs. it's not funny but it's seems the game dont want you gain exp. Maybe it's volontary , but i always lost my cards exp 2.25 when i put one... or one health is 2X up. i think i am leaving soon the game and wait for a patch , but i dont see a good future for this game... It's very rare i am very angry on one game. Yes i can play with noobs , bad players , loosing and dont complain , because people are playing bad or good i have to respect this. The bugs? yes i can stay calm when i see one bug yes sure... But when you have one heavy rain of bugs ruin your pleasure. NO NO NO. sorry but really the best you have to do is pass your way and dont play this game. Yes for finish i am one fan of the movies aliens , the only good game you can have is Alien isolation but all the other are injuries the alien franchise , all the others games alien are full of bugs and crash.
  8. this fu..... game is heavy buged and crashing people , DONT BUY IT. i am calm in normal time , i know some games have bugs , but when you have a tons of bugs destroy your pleasure to play it's one hell... DONT BUY IT!!!! for your life for your good.
  9. i dont have see the save share system PS4 / PS5 in game maybe they add it later ( on some games it's month's later they add it) i want to ask for search random players ( not friends PS4 PS5) there is only the way you have 1 minute for found players? and 40 seconds later they add you bots? because i found negative to have only 40 seconds for found players. the game is fun and cool but at this time it's the only negative point i found on the game. Why they dont have put a system where you have free time for found players? and add the bots only if you is bored to wait. 40 seconds it's too short.
  10. i have buy it and i plan to play it tuesday the day of release, but i work some time. and play other games too. the 10000 kills trophy is going to be long. the difficulty maximum with only 1 raise for 1 player is hard too. Maybe one 300 hours platinum. or not. i am a fan of aliens movies , i have buy the game. but i have more hope one alien isolation 2. the 1 is very great and cool.
  11. Hello there is a trophy guide for this game? i dont found it on the web.
  12. i have doing the trophy for one friend with the share to play thing. take me two hours , because wtf weiss lost 70% life in one stagger but use fast the ultimate attack just after enter phase 2 with only 30% hp left.
  13. the key for win is have 3 ring fury on all the players cloud / tifa / aéris and tank with tifa some matérias are good for stagger / parade. and play 95% time tifa hold R1 spam circle for dodge the red attack head boss , you see vulnerability on the head of the boss if you succes here you spam tifa 4 x square with one attack up the stagger fast ( powerpyx give the name). one very good tip i have found alone , is put the phase 1 boss 95% stagger , here wait you have two transe attacks ultimate the tifa and cloud , try have aeris 2 ATB , and now put the boss in stagger spam the tifa attack up fast the stagger 2 times press triangle here you see around 200% stagger boss , launch the judgment laser 2 ATB aéris , launch the ultimate attack cloud , spam tifa attack up fast tragger and when you see the boss stagger 30% launch the 2 nd ultimate transe tifa ( if you doing this the boss lost 70% life in one stagger) phase 2 is invincible physic damage , you have to play the cat and the mouse same the phase 1 , tifa tank , but try to attract the boss far away aéris ( weakness phase 2 boss is he take time for run on aéris if she is far away ) here you have two attacks you can do , if aeris is far away switch aeris and spam square for up fast the ability switch again tifa for tank , launch the elemental ice max or thunder max with aéris and cloud , and if you doing this , he die fast.
  14. Hello can you upload your game save PS5 for start one PS4 game with the PS5 save? or it's only PS4 to PS5? and not PS5 to PS4? thank you.
  15. why there is no trophy list ? released? my counter count only 17 hours to wait for play.