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  1. they always add DLC with speed run's 100% collectibles , with 3 hearth ( no upgrade's) so you is sure the 100% for this game is hard in the future.
  2. me too i have think to delete the game for this , but not now because i have people have ask my help , and i try help today but i think it's hard to found the players we want i quick search party. People jump on what's is new ( DLC , add's on) it's why they play NICHOLAI and with the attacks he can use for easily wipe the survivors. i have take pleasure to hunt the trophies on this game he is cool great fun ( before NICHOLAI lol).
  3. I think but i am not sure because everyone want to play NICHOLAI. for me as survivor my fights VS MASTERMIND are NICHOLAI NICHOLAI NICHOLAI SPENCER NICHOLAI NICHOLAI NICHOLAI DANIEL NICHOLAI NICHOLAI NICHOLAI. Turret automatic / Turret fire / Turret automatic / Treet fire survivors dead's time party 2minutes and x seconds. next .... and next... it's boring , i dont care to loose in normal time but tobe killed like this 90% time you play it's really boring. And my last trophy i need is the trophy with 4 survivors special weapons... Good luck for me and Good luck for who try the meldkit trophy...
  4. i dont understand why they added nicholai with this stats , it's very rare my party start and win vs him. 90% time it's vs mastermind nicholai and they party during 2-3 minutes wiped too fast.
  5. no need nicholai for the trophy it's on the basic game mastermind. ANNETTE / ALEX/ DANIEL / SPENCER.
  6. thank you for the tips i have win the trophy gold mastermind , with level 3 -5 -6 -10. Yes when i play i found good ideas. i wiped one party with a spencer level 3. But i have see teams are very work on destroy camera / moving at four players , or team split x 2 on the area for found more fast the key items. one month after the release have more chances now to found skilled players. And i think a mastermind level 10 or 15 is not very good.
  7. i can never win a mastermind match i am VS survivors are 90% time level 21 -57 some are level 104 , i use turret , armored zombie i deploy i control but for what? he is killed with flame trower / grenade stun / grenade , when i deploy zombies armored they are killed like they are nothing , and 90% the time i see survivors they split in the area for found fast the key items for go the next area , it's a pain to win with mastermind , i am mastermind level 9 , but i smell i am nothing...
  8. me too , not all the time but sometimes have a lag party impossible to open doors / kill monsters. And sometimes i found fast one party sometimes i take 5-10 minutes for found one party , i fear for the future of this game. It's a good game i love it , but the lag and the long time for found one party is hard to take. Yes we pay for ps plus and we are the servers lol. sony too have to do their work.Capcom too...
  9. i confirm you can press start pause if you die and push the restart mission it's reset your death to zero , the only thing to focus is the grenades / melee ennemy they do very very big damage and you probably die if a ennemy hit you with melee , the problem is too many ennemies in areas , it's easy to forget one ennemy can kill you very fast. and you cannot leave one level for continue again , you have to do the level full without leaving , if you take a break and back later on the mission you have stop , reloard the mission because it's count as a checkpoint if you leave the level from start and push continue on menu.
  10. great new , i love the assasin creed games.
  11. hello it's possible to have copy of the revival prayer and chakra matéria? if yes how ? or you can have only one ?. Thank you.
  12. i have take only two try for win the final boss on inferno difficulty , dont wait he attack , you can attack fast before too. wait for dodge it's up the risk for die , but sure you can focus too on the attacks the boss doings , he do only two attacks and one of the two attacks he do is a death attack because if he hit you he multiple hit / auto kill you on 3 hit's. one other tip is use the rocket launcher fast and try to destroy the more balls you can with 1 rockets if you target multiple balls , he is more fast down the boss. And i repeat the best is to attack fast the boss while focus , dont wait he attack you or you die a lot. Good luck.
  13. i dont understand why there is no list trophy updated or added on PSN PROFILS one day before the release of the game.
  14. Thank you but i got the platinum long time ago.
  15. Me i want delete the game from my PS4 but... I have take 4 days for download this patch update 86 GO. so people think they stop add dlc trophies? or have a rumor or news they add in the future mode trophies dlc? Because it's the hell to download a 86 go update while you take 4 days ( 28 hours) for download it. Oh yes i have love the story campaign , the trophies are middle difficulty for me. But the dlc are always hard ( spec ops or zombies in past COD games). i hope they dont add more trophies. Battlefield V i have remove from my PS4 one year before and 0 dlc added. I hope this way too for this game.