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  1. Two episodes in and I'm invested. I do like the differences too but I think two really good lines from the game so far have been left out. It's Joel's line "Don't do this" and Tess' "You know there is more here..." line to Joel. While the show works without them, I personally think having them in would've been that little thing better. Anyway, I'm enjoying it.
  2. MOH: Warfighter on PS3 and Star Trek Online on PS4. I'm only in need of 1 more lore item in the 2409 lore list (8.8) and I need a handful for the New Romulus one, mainly from chapter 5. But I'm at a point where I keep getting duplicates and the rest not being available on the Exchange or the price asked is astronomical like 100,000,000 EC.
  3. Hi, guys. I only need these 3 lore items now: Path to 2409: 8.8 New Romulus: 5.6, 5.8 Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm no fan of shovelware either but I don't think this is necessary.
  5. This is an awesome list which I will definitely be making use of, thank you. One question though: will you eventually expand to also include 100% titles (like the 2 Sam & Max games or the two Monkey Island games), or is there someone else working on that?
  6. I guess we're all now waiting for the feline variant of this game, eh?
  7. RIP, Killzone. Now only Killzone 1 on PS3 is obtainable. I was very fortunate to be able to get all online done in KZSF and standalone Intercept done. I meant to go back to Mercenary but by then the requirements for Aces High was almost inhuman so KZM will join KZ2 and KZ3 on my list of unobtainables. Honestly, I really only have myself to blame, I shouldn't have started KZ2 and just focused on KZ3 alone and well, I had KZM since 2019. Oh, well, c'est la vie in a trophy hunter's life, I suppose. Crossing fingers for a KZ remaster of some kind in the future, while I go and get Head in the Clouds in ACIII before that server shuts down. Might aswell just finish ACIVBF while I'm at it, I guess.
  8. OMG, I spent way too much time on our family's Commodore 128. A mate's older brother also had an Amiga 500 and since I now have both machines, I need to fix them up and get them running. The Amiga is something I'd really like to explore more. What I really love about it too is that it's so versatile so if I wanted to, I could run Atari ST and 68k era Mac stuff on it aswell although I might need an accelerator just to be sure. Did I mention that I love Commodore stuff? That said we also had a ZX Spectrum which is a great machine too. I'm really into retro and there are some other machines I'd like to get my hands on too. OK, blabbering over.
  9. No, it's still too new of a device to me. I barely consider the PS2 nostalgic/retro. To me the limit is pretty much the Pentium III > Pentium 4 switch and all consoles that belong to that generation. Probably makes me sound like an old fart but oh well...
  10. Thanks, guys, for the tips. I should have checked the accolades but I didn't. What I ended up doing instead was creating a new Romulan character and after finishing In Shadows the trophy popped. So it's probably not a glitch but just me missing an accolade. I will look through my other Romulan character and see if I can figure something out. EDIT: You were right, one of the accolades on my original Romulan character had in fact not unlocked despite the Mission Journal saying that I'd completed the mission. I then replayed the mission and it now it unlocked. So that's what I should've from the get-go but oh well.
  11. Another potential bug in this game: The trophy "In Shadows" hasn't unlocked for me. I've looked through a few things. First off, I have completed all chapters in the "In Shadows" mission. I did some reading and apparently "Temporal Ambassador" used to be part of "In Shadows" but is now in a different mission list. Well, I checked and I have completed that too on the same Romulan character. I even replayed both the final mission of In Shadows and Temporal Ambassador but still, no dice. Anybody know anything more about this?
  12. Made a new post to update.
  13. For a truly XBOX only title, I'd need to do some digging but I really wish that Quake 4 (which in the XBOX version included Quake II) was on Playstation. Hellblade 2, let's just go with that.
  14. I don't think it will be very much different from what it is now: Some games will have the same trophy list for PS4 and PS5 while some will have separate ones for PS4 and PS5. Like, I wouldn't be surprised if the Jak trilogy will get a 4th stack on the PS5, for instance, and surely some game will be PS4/PS5 just like how Destiny is PS3/PS4. So, nothing new under the sun is my prediction. Could be wrong but I'm fairly certain I'm not. As for cross-version autopopping, that'll very much depend on the game developer. If Destiny 2 gets a separate PS5 trophy list, those will surely autopop (just like how they do when you go from say PC to PS4), and I'm also fairly certain that a good amount of GTA V/GTA Online's online trophies will autopop aswell (again, like they did when you could transfer your character from PS3 to PS4).
  15. The bundle is nice but there are two sound issues that some people may have noticed: The SFX suffer from this weird pitch shift which you can hear in very early versions of Doom 1 (the shareware version of 1.2 is one example), and I don't know which MIDI emulator they used but it seems to be the worst of the lot but OK I guess there's not much to do about that. Other than that, it's probably the best port of Doom on any console ever made. (bold statement, I know).