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  1. have you played this game on PS3 before? because it’s a shared trophy list between the PS3 and PS4 versions. that’s the only thing i can think of on why it’s not popping for you. if you have played it on PS3 before, scroll through your list of trophies until you see it and there ya have it. if not, then wait until your trail ends and then it might pop when you are playing with paid subscription. 😁
  2. yeah this boss fight is effed up. even on easy mode, it took me about 30-40 tries just to develop a good pattern on dodging and weaving and performing good combos with Atreus’ lightning arrows combined and spamming Runic attacks when she is vulnerable on top of using Spartan Rage only when close to death. using a resurrection stone with full spartan rage when resurrected helped alot too. practice and patience will be rewarded......especially if you are *this* close to throwing your DualShock 4 at the TV like i almost did lmao
  3. the gold trophy for “Console collector” has an Xbox and a Game Boy in it lol
  4. in an alternate universe, this would be a cool double pack for them to do as a Black Friday/End of Year Sale but i highly doubt we would get this anytime soon. one can dream though 😄
  5. ah that was such a great trailer! and apparently, according to Nomura, we’ll be getting a longer trailer on September 18th
  6. yeah the bonus games are free until later this fall (one of then is free until October and the other is free until November, dont know which is which but you get the idea lol) 😁
  7. im glad im not the only one who caught that 😂😂😂😂😂
  8. no. just all of the Twilight Missions that are listed in the trophy guide. any other Twilight Missions that you see that are higher than level 145 are not required for the platinum 😁
  9. the Level 40 booster might have to be for another character. if you already used the Level 25 booster, then the Level 40 booster is for the other character. try creating another character and then get through the tutorial again and you might get the Level 40 booster at the postmaster for that new character, if that makes sense
  10. Red Cold River - Breaking Benjamin a.k.a. my favorite Breaking Benjamin song
  11. love getting platinum trophies <3

    1. zzJACKEDBEASTzz


      You have a lot of games without platinum :(

    2. cadbane1995


      i know, it's a shame lol