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  1. Thanks Extreme! I messaged one of them and I hope they get a chance to check it out and see what I do!
  2. Yeah I seen folks saying that without many repeat offenses an account can stick around with many illegitimate trophy sets. So even though it's a lot of work I want to make sure it is done properly! : ) Thank you for the info!
  3. Yeah I seen a few folks saying that in another thread. I just figured they had thier hands full, but honestly this account is rough so I really might need their help!
  4. Thank you very much. It is a shame this is going to take me all night to properly report, and that I don't have many of this 30+ hour games finished in less than a minute. Jeez, some people have such nerve : D Thank you so much for the quick responses! Tis very, very appreciated!
  5. I'm afraid I don't see it, is it on the individual trophy or just on the whole list? Ah no wonder I can't report Binding of Issac: Rebirth plat in less than 1 minute....Well I guess I have to go through and hope he plays good RPG games then! hahaha
  6. I'm afraid it's down again everyone : ( It was a very,very quick period with the servers up!
  7. If anyone can let me know what the proper way of bringing up some almost certainly modded, and edited trophies I would love to go through a members profile and make sure all suspicious activity is brought to someone's attention. Thanks ahead of time! : )
  8. I personally have uninstalled twice since launch. So many game-breaking bugs, especially in co-op sessions. Despite the patch, many problems have not been fixed. Also, it has lead to other issues trying to trade items in co-op and not have them removed when I rejoin them in a later session. It is a damn shame though, as I love games like this and I was really excited to take it on with a friend!
  9. Nobody ever got back to me about request, anyone out there have that sneaky mirage?
  10. Yep i still need 3 trophies that require online, and one that requires 5 other players...May never get plat at this point...
  11. I Still need this are you able to trade? : ) Looking for :Maduins PSN: LurchSkywalker Thanks!
  12. I am hoping for good news regarding it! :3
  13. I got it, thank you though!
  14. Found a random, sent them a friend request. Downloaded their skater, and then edited it. Trophy popped.
  15. When does it start? I want the loot anyways! : )