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  1. As you level you will get more. At level 40 i had 4. At level 50 i started getting them regularly. Also as someone else said trade up.
  2. Going through the rivels should earn you some. They are orange. Must equip them.
  3. It takes two is fantastic for married couples. Play it together and forget about trophies for a while.
  4. Sounds like you both need to make time and play through it takes two together!
  5. Ive put a good amount of time into it and here is my thoughts. The dialogue isnt so bad and i keep liking frey sometimes and other times disliking her mainly for her attitude. You can turn the random dialogue down so its not so frequent i havnt done so cause cuff is actually really funny. The combat is fun and fluid but its slow to unlock at first and then when you can you habe to activelly seek out new spells to keep it fresh. The movement is great and ive had no issues with it. The graphics are a mixed bag. The environment is awesome to look at but character models close up look a little off. There is so much side content between quests and different types of collectables but half of them serve no purpose. They dont give xp or mana or unlock spells they are just there so if your ocd about collecting things its alot of running around to collect stuff just to do it. The game forces you to do the story before it will allow you to go free roam which is kinda a bummer in my opinion. Overall im enjoying it but its not a game thats gonna win awards or be talked about months from now but its good enough to turn your brain off and just play. Im not upset i spent 70 on it but if yor strapped for cash and dont mind waiting then its not a must buy at release.
  6. You have alot of catching up huh? I bought 2 more last night and then counted how many ive yet to play and it shanes me to sat i have 30.....30 games to play from them!
  7. That was me! With you
  8. I bought the ps5 version digital and it says both are included.
  9. I found a benificial possible glitch for the money. After collecting the one at the beginning of the workshop chapter worth 10 you can quit to the main menu and restart the chapter over and over again to recollect it and it counts as collecting 200.
  10. Its ps4 as well. When it preinstalled it asked me which version i wanted to install the ps4/5 version.
  11. Just confirmed you have to play against 11 different people all in one session so not even just 11 dif people.
  12. Im currently at the final story mission and will gladly run someone new through the game or will need help with the final boss.
  13. Are there only the 5 areas in the early access? Like Moana, frozen, wall-e or do more open up once you do those 5?
  14. Assist mode voids all trophies. No one has the plat because one side quest is bugged. There is no need game+ so everything has to be done in one playthrough and there is a point of no return.
  15. How do you check route tasks or which is the easy way to get that trophy