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  1. I appreciate that but I already have the game and no intention of serring up a EU account.
  2. As a native new Yorker I can confirm they say fishies. Cant be entered into contest cause I'm in the US but this is cool of you.
  3. Worst piece of crap ever I've asked for a refund
  4. Do you have a link to your guide?
  5. Soon as I saw no trophies were added I deleted it
  6. It's not officially available yet. Wait until release day which is 1 day and 11 hours from now and then when you put the disc in the digital version will be available for download.
  7. When I originally played this I played up until the first boss then for 3 days all I did was go through the first area then rest respawning enemies over and over to gain some levels made a big difference in the difficulty I think
  8. They are updating the game and changing the required amount to 1000k.
  9. Using the full turbo was not the first trophy you got. Using full nitro was. Turbo unlocks later in the racer levels its 2 different trophies.
  10. Yes see my post a little further down
  11. It just dawned on me that Vince probably doesnt live there but with the fresh flowers on tanya's grave he was probably just visiting.
  12. He was the kid from the beginning who ran back Into the burning house. Probably developed some sort of psychiatric issues, ending up back in little hope manifested his psyche to imagine it all. What I wanna know is if the town was so dead why was Vince still there?
  13. It's not bad but it is weaker than medan. Felt much shorter as well.
  14. I like the setting and idea. Possibility for more action. Little hope was kind of slow.
  15. Is this getting a western release or should I import it?