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  1. I'm having issues with the combo trophy. Have 2 characters with the item that's suppose to trigger them a additional 5 percent and I've only trigger it 2 times and both times it was the same character that did the combo.
  2. Nothing like Fortnite at all. More like bordlands. Campaign has you drop in a level and complete goals and fight bosses. Get better guns and skills from leveling up repeat. I've not played pvp. Campaign is solo or coop (bosses are hard solo though).
  3. Go to in-game menu and turn the online off so your always offline and do another lap with each required car. I just got the plat the day of the patch.
  4. Well atleast now Babylon's fall isn't the worst game of the year
  5. I enjoyed it alot. No glitches through my entire playthrough and a easy platinum. Would have made a great series and the toys were actually cool. You can buy digitally and not need any of the toys.
  6. It is for finishing ahead of teamate 4 times. There is a glitch where the boxes don't tick or it doesn't register but still unlocks the event so best advice is just keep checking.
  7. I know your English is bad but that's not what it says. I've got the plat it's probably for beating the teamate in 4 events.
  8. The goal is not for the teamate to win
  9. Theres a demo on PC and it's not good. Tempur your expectations...
  10. So how do you unlock the last 2 characters?
  11. Is it easy to win or hard like ride 4 and 21? I just want something casual that I can win each race
  12. Can be done in 1. You play as 6 different characters all trying to get to road 96
  13. Well shit I'm out...I don't stack regions but if they give me a copy for vita or ps5 I'll play it again.
  14. Love the game need to find a good group though. Randoms suck I'm super early in and having trouble progressing and Everytime with randoms they play it like call of duty.
  15. I could be wrong but I have heard there is 1 list merging the 2 lists like uncharted, however for the preload it's downloading 2 separate games 1 at 21gb and 1 at 31gb so it is 2 separate games it seems.