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  1. Is it gilson b. Pontes bad?
  2. Cheats dont work at all
  3. Million dollar cheats disable trophies?
  4. Crossroads sucks. This is based on the kids show. The dialogue is horrible the racing is ok. I do wish it was a little longer but at the same time don't. The tracks stupidly set up and theres 1 weapon that's annoying as hell. Easy plat and online can be done solo.
  5. If you start on one platform let's say ps5 then play the PS4 version all your progress is there but no insta pop and vice versa.
  6. Can't find it in the store
  7. I have the same issue I preordered on ps4 months ago and can only download the PS4 version and the ps5 beta.
  8. Warning the ps5 version is broken it won't let me move at all. Ps4 version worked fine. What's weird is instead of pushing x to start on the ps5 version you have to push circle. Then it's not responsive to the analog sticks. Tried deleting and reinstalling 2x restarting console and 2 different controllers.
  9. Sports set to one goal. Put the 3 CPUs on a team and keep trying till you score first.
  10. I've already seen people in rooms just idling because you still get some coins for just being in a race.
  11. Don't get last guardian just wait till you get a ps5 and get it in the plus collection. I got duskdiver in this sale and I don't know how I missed this game it's great.
  12. Not a free upgrade. I purchased on ps4 and it's asking me to pay again for the ps5 version.
  13. Why isn't he wearing a mask we are in a pandemic
  14. That's not it. If it was I wouldn't be grinding out the last trophies on chaosbane atm or taken the 8yrs to plat diablo. I think its more the game set up for immortals. I like the exploration and combat but hate the puzzle elements and there seems to be alot of those that never end and they are required to move forward in the story.
  15. Oh there are definitely studios and directors I follow that I will buy and play right away. And I'm glad someone else doesn't think GTA is the end all be all ( the only one I enjoy is vice city). But I get weird when gaming. Most recent example being immortals fenyx rising, it came out I purchased it and played it for a couple hours and enjoyed what I've played but every time I go back to it I get bored fast and move on. It's no fault of the game idk why it's boring me and it probably has to do with me wanting to be uniterupted and just sink into it. I even bought all the dlc.