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  1. Mafia remake Genshin impact Crash 4 Star wars squadrons Monster truck championship Ride 4 Yakuza like a dragon Prince of Persia remake Immortals fenix rising AC valhalla Farcry 6 Watchdogs legion Kingdom hearts melody Little hope Call of duty cold war Hitman 3
  2. Yea i found it. For some reason it says it was released in august so it's not under new releases
  3. Has this released cause I'm not seeing it on the store
  4. This is the second game in his series same exact list as the first. Yes you can simulate all through a season for it to count. The hardest trophy is 10 online wins but with a booster (if you can find someone who has it) its easy.
  5. I just closed it for the night after hitting level 3. Have to sleep before work well check tomorrow
  6. Just hit level 3 trophy didnt pop
  7. Has anyone talked to the dev?
  8. Day 1 buy from me
  9. If still available count me in
  10. These controls suck I cant select the last upgrade I need for a plane it just wont let me get there worst friggin game ever
  11. Not on the NA store yet either
  12. Yea you will be good to go
  13. NBA 2k21 is not a free upgrade. It's only free if you buy the 100+ version
  14. You think the games that get free upgrades to ps5 will have seperate trophy lists?