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  1. If still available count me in
  2. These controls suck I cant select the last upgrade I need for a plane it just wont let me get there worst friggin game ever
  3. Not on the NA store yet either
  4. You think the games that get free upgrades to ps5 will have seperate trophy lists?
  5. Yea you will be good to go
  6. NBA 2k21 is not a free upgrade. It's only free if you buy the 100+ version
  7. Yea it's all figured out I just havnt gotten around to playing it yet. Originally just starting it would crash the system and no trophy list was showing up.
  8. It's not even on the psn yet in America
  9. Missing 3 fish for the plat about to give up
  10. 100% entails kill x amount of enemies, collect 3 caches and no deaths on each level. It's not to hard of a game so far havnt tried on the anything higher than normal mode. In my opinion it's a great game and was worth the 20 dollars.
  11. Anybody planning on writing a guide/walkthrough?
  12. It's on sale at limited run says it's available now
  13. Whens this release?
  14. Sweet ty for updating I had messaged them about it yesterday.
  15. Platinum is unobtainable. Full circle trophy is glitched and not popping
  16. The NA list isn't up on psn yet
  17. Well I'll pick it up and boost online with someone
  18. I have solbrain and I've had ppl message me trying to game share so they can play it. I also have all the others and purchased this one as well. I love me a shit game every now and then lol
  19. Whens this actually release?
  20. Just a bit of friendly advice. The guide is great but you should slow down when talking. I myself have a hearing problem and your speech rate made some things hard to catch.
  21. I say that every time I see the title lol
  22. I happen to enjoy the games and bought 1,2 at launch but will wait for 3 because between monster 2 and mxgp pro and 3 I've got alot of motocross to get too!
  23. They are all around the general area of the frog. There is a pile if rocks. By the water where 2 are located. 1 of them you have to fly around and knock some rocks down to get to it.
  24. I can see monster energy because 3 comes out soon but then why wouldn't they give the second 1?