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  1. Hi Any tips for this trophy ? Best fighter ? Best combo ? Best move ? Thx
  2. no one to write to the developers?
  3. So any spot for a 19lb ? Maybe a regular Sockeye Salmon but where ?
  4. Hi, When you have catch all the legendary fish and you nee to catch a fish that weighs at least 19lb for the Survivalist challenge rank 9... how do we do ? Thx
  5. OK thx and where I can find "Exotic bird" I need meat of this for the first meat.
  6. Hi I'm trying to do the Herbalist #10 and I need to cook 11 meats. Somebody knows ? Ty
  7. Hummm i have done 3 mission ~ 25-40 mins and not respawn......
  8. Hi (Bad english inc) For the Herbalist #7 : "Craft and use 5 special miracle tonics" The recip is : 6 Currant + 6 Yarrow + 6 Burdock root I have the 3 locations for each plants but they are distant and I loot only 2 or 3 plants... I camp near the location and sleep 3 times but the plant don't respawn. Any advice for optimize this challenge #7 ? Ty guys
  9. Yeah I need to win in 3 places
  10. Hello everybody, (bad english inc) I'm trying to do the Gambler Challenges but I don't know how to play poker. I understand rules okay but this minigame is boring me as f**k.... any tips or whatever to fast done this sh**t ? Thx guys
  11. Hello everybody, (bad english inc) So I am at the chapter 4 but I don't have companion activities like fishing or hunting. In the story I have finished the mission when Bronte do a party. I need to progress in the story quest to unlock thes activities at the camp ? thx
  12. So today for this trophy the unique solution is the vita ? I knew I did not play this sh*t game
  13. SIRAP_P Demon's Souls Hi<br /> <br /> I dont know why this game is flagged. I have bought a PS3 only for this game car i am a BIG FAN of From Software games (i have platinum all From Software games) <br /> <br /> Thank you for reading me and sorry for my bad english.