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  1. Can you only transfer from PS4 -> PS5 or vice versa? I've seen other games not let you transfer back to PS4 which doesn't really make sense if some games auto pop trophies automatically when transferring to PS5.
  2. It's ironic that Microsoft (Which has way less games than Sony) are the ones actually implementing backwards compatibility. You would think it would be the other way around. Hell Microsoft are even making some games run better on current gen. Sony somehow seems to keep making dumb financial decisions when it comes to pricing things. They've had decent sales on the ps4 yet prices on the ps3 were overpriced when compared. They completely killed the majority of people buying a Vita because of memory card pricing. They are now closing ps3/Vita stores because the games never go on sale. They either need to add all older games to the ps now library, or implement backwards compatibility.
  3. yeah I just realized this after reading the requirements that you need to do the first 3 smaller tournaments first. Thanks!
  4. Dumb question. In order to do split screen with lower level character as host, do you need to create a separate profile on your ps4 and then level that character or can you just do it with a guest account?
  5. I'm having problems just finding matches during certain time periods. It just times out saying no matches found.
  6. I haven't really been keeping track but probably over 60 or 70 now. Wanting to collect all the outfits keeps me playing and it's still fun when you win.
  7. I was in a party with both other players and they were helping me out on the Hex map. But I think I had connection issues which might have been the cause.
  8. So I just won 2 Hex games and didn't receive the trophy. I'm in a squad with 3 people. Anyone else have this happen to them? So one person had his settings changed to offline. He switched to online and I got thr trophy right after. Not sure if that's what caused it or not.
  9. For the people finding it hard to quit out, I'd suggest practice quitting out so that you have muscle memory for it so that when the time comes you can do it more reliably. I also would freak out for games like block party when I'd get pushed over at the last set of jumps and barely have time to quit. I ended up completely avoiding those games, even perfect match since someone can slingshot you off. This is also why I would avoid games that can get you eliminated quickly. By the end of it I was able to quit even on 2nd to last set of floors on Hex when a guy fell on me when I was on my 4th win streak.
  10. I finally got this damn trophy! I literally beat this other guy by jumping to the last tile. I think the only reason I got this is because I forgot how many wins I had and just stopped caring. If I knew I was on my 4th win I'm sure I would have been way too anxious to win. I think my wins were a combination of Fall Mountain and Hex like 3 times. I skipped games I could immediately get knocked off just for the sake of playing safe. The exception was slime climb unless I couldn't beat the crowd. I also quit out of team games if it got too close within 10 sec. Thanks for all the help everyone else has given and tips along the way, cheers!
  11. Lost probably my 13th 3 game streak because of last second hoarders. Oh thats after having to leave probably 8 other team games before that. The devs can go fuck themselves
  12. Funny to be hearing people say not to worry about getting a trophy that most have gotten due to other means. Not to mention which will be patched soon.
  13. This has to be the most bullshit trophy I've ever tried to get between all the lag, server errors and getting fucked over in team events
  14. I think I'm cursed with this game, gotten a 3 win streak like 9 times now. My last game I got put in the very back of slime climb and couldn't make the 2nd jump because of so many people and couldn't quit in time.
  15. Ive probably had a win streak of 3 like 5 times now. I have around 24 or 25 wins now and the first 2 or 3 will be easy and then the pressure gets to me. Just had a 3 win streak and lost to team tails game when we went from 8 to 3 in like 2 seconds