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  1. this was a little weird since this platinum didn't pop but after syncing it a few more times, it ended up showing up in my trophy list, thank you for all the help, i really appreciate it!
  2. yep i played episode 1 on ps3, and then i did episode 2-5 on ps4 via ps now
  3. hey can someone help me? if u look on my profile you'll see that i have every trophy unlocked except for the platinum, the platinum wont unlock and i dont know why, is this a glitch? if so is there a way to fix it?
  4. Hey so I’ve done 2 playthroughs of this game recently And both times I made sure to get all 5 assault rifle upgrades, and still the weapon specialist trophy didn’t pop, so am I missing out on something or is this trophy just glitched?
  5. Well KH isn’t exactly the most friendliest to newcomers but if u really don’t want to go and play all the games u can watch this story summary and thankfully he breaks it down to make the story a lot easier to understand
  6. Hey guys I was just wondering if it’s possible to get the peace walker trophy by letting The End Die By himself like how u can just wait a week or so and he’ll die during his boss fight?
  7. Thx a lot guys for all the tips, these seem really helpful. Hopefully I’ll finally be able to get past chapter 2 lol
  8. Hey so i've been playing through dark cloud 2 for about 3 months now and in the beginning it was pretty easy but ever since i got to chapter 2 ive been dying over and over so i was wondering if anyone could give me tips on how to get better at this game?
  9. Hey so I’ve been trying to get the trophy burning vengeance and I tried both throwing him through the fire and shooting a fire arrow but both of them kill him instantly so I can’t even use the shadow kill or an actual execution
  10. Thx a lot! I really appreciate it! I finally beat fanorana although I’m now stuck in Morris however it is substantially easier but I ended up rage quitting Lol
  11. Any one know how to win a game of Fanorana at the homestead? I’ve been trying for hours and I still haven’t gotten it
  12. Marvel Heroes Omega
  13. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
  14. My first ps3 games were Ratchet and Clank Tools Of Destruction, Sports Champions, and Uncharted Drake’s Fortune
  15. Wait really? I heard that if u buy TTK it come with the other 2, I hope that’s right otherwise I’m gonn have to buy all the doc’s for a second time