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  1. when i've buyed from ps4 the game, i've tried to download on ps vita too, but though the game is present on the store, i can't find it on the downloadable content and if i try to download it from its page, i can't press on the download button it seems, is this the same thing that happen to you?
  2. Ok, I think I'm a little bit stupid, because I didn't remember that you have to complete all the requests everywhere to increase the %. In fact, I was missing a delivery in each of the three zones. Thank you very much for the help!
  3. Obviously not 😁😄😅😭
  4. I've already done all the delivery requests, but they're still 0% on the D.N.A. tracker and now i can't do nothing. It's seems that on ps3 there was the same bug. Any idea? I don't want to play the entire game another time only for this.
  5. now they are.
  6. now, in italy it's working (vita).