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  1. 40 dollars? For three trophies this game can sit on the fence. Gearbox is milking this for everythings it isn't worth. This should of been a free update.
  2. It's worth noting that on exophase 3 trophies have been added to the XBOX One version. From what i gather the devs have only added 3 new trophies to the free upgrade for the PS5, leaving them out of the PS4 version. Hopefully that stays the case, because I'm not into caring about going back into this game to pay for 3 more trophies to 100 percent it.
  3. Down under.
  4. Is this out tommorow?
  5. What's the point of removing the hud to take a screenshot. Why not just put a photomode in there.
  6. This games trophy list all in all was just exhausting. Overall loved the story as i did back in 2002, loved some of the visuals but wow, the bugs are ridiculous. I was getting audio reverb, screen tearing, brightness difficulties, pop inns, motion blur. This all being played on a standard PS4 with a high end TV, i guess i was one of the unlucky ones. Never buying a game from Hangar 13 again.
  7. Lending Library is bugged for me, collected all black mask issues, no trophy 😑. I stand corrected, you've got to get all pulp magazines.
  8. I can confirm as long as you don't pick up the journal before killing Minnie, this can be done at any point. I found a save before the journal, went back to Ambrose estate, killed Minnie, got back on the ship to travel to Gorgon and Lucien pops up on a transmission.
  9. I appreciate that bend studios are dishing out free content, but they're sort of going backwards with it. New Game plus should of been made available alongside the first Survival difficulty or not at all. Why you have to bring in two more difficulties baffles me. The core of the game isn't rapidly going to change, this isn't an RPG. If they were to add in extra story content for free then I'd be praising that. But this isn't even getting creative, it's just re hashing content that already exists and slapping a few trophies on it. Uhhhh I'm all Days gone out.
  10. Using that and the video route i sent should definitely help. Still might take a few hours but at least now you'll be hitting that mark. And you'll find out how badly the R2 button sticks causing all sorts of problems. I hope the next controller for the PS5 sorts it out. No point buying another one, it'll just happen again.
  11. I mainly used the button switch because the R1 button has no sensitivity, so you press it and it goes in all the way. With the R2 button you find out to go full speed on driving games in particular, you have to hold it down hard and even then it doesn't react. I found this out trying to do running sequences on AC3 to get 100 percent sync. I watched videos and for some reason the guy who i was watching had his character moving a lot faster than mine. Then i thought my controller was buggered but searched forums and saw i wasn't the only one with issues. The amount of wear and tear that goes into pressing R2 just destroys the sensitivity on a lot of people's controllers it turns out.
  12. See above for the edit about See above in my previous quote for the edit about the ramps. If you cant find the button layout on the PlayStation settings let me know and I'll go through it with you and turn on my PS4 so we can guide you through it together. See above quote on this page to find out how to access the button layout from the PlayStation desktop settings menu. Also if you're having trouble killing freakers then i found out having the front end of your bike pointed towards them whilst waiting for the aim to focus helps. Normally i'd fire two or three shots, if i missed then I'd stop shooting and wait for the next freaker up ahead to focus on. That way your not always trying to shoot that one freaker with your gun pointed behind you whilst passing the next one right in front of you.
  13. On the PlayStation desktop go to settings, Accessibility, Control scheme ( Button layout .) Then go to custom and you'll see the button layout. Change R2 to R1. Now that will be your drive and R2 will be your button to shoot. If you've got an issue with your ramping do what i did. When you start head straight in front of you and make a jump of the ledge down towards the first checkpoint. Then to your left towards the second checkpoint you'll see an even bigger ledge with a few trees on it and the checkpoint down below that. Drive of that and you've got yourself 2-3 points for that sub already.
  14. And if it helps i also changed my R1 button around to drive instead of shoot. I've learnt that the R2 is unreliable when running or driving in games. I learnt that the hard way on AC3 remastered. Switching up the buttons on your accessibility menu will allow you to drive your motorcycle faster. Im not the only one who's R2 button is unresponsive to sensitivity.
  15. I finally got gold by using this alternate route. I jumped the first two cliff edges and lined myself up on the same ramps he was using. Once i got to the freakers i tried drifting whilst timing my shots to kill them. If you focus on them and get them out of the way to silver it leaves to time to focus on drifting. This route made it easy for me not to worry about the jumps so much and inbetween drifting and killing freakers, my multiplier stayed up just enough for me to get the gold medal on that sub challenge. I failed this run a few times till i learnt it properly. But by far the easiest one to go for.