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  1. You need to get to level 11 or whatever the max level is for every ability , let's say 300 stuns with stun drone or 400 cloack kills
  2. Patience, it's probably overloaded at the moment
  3. Yeah 1 walk-through for everything, I Was only missing some skyrail kills but that you can do on chapter select.
  4. FF 7, not too long and easy if using the god modes
  5. Firewall but I don't own a vr
  6. Dying light
  7. Injustice
  8. Dark souls 3
  9. Motorcycle club 😂😂😂
  10. Injustice, it's to hard for the most anyway
  11. From what I know from a friend is that if you download the game today you get the bedrock edition which means that some multi-player trophies are not attainable. Only if you have it downloaded before it went to bedrock edition you can still get those trophies
  12. Stardew valley
  13. The last of us