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  1. Everything is working just fine its just a matter of getting enough events in the future
  2. Bulletstorm Full clip edition in 5 days and 14 hours Mortal Kombat X and 100% in 6 days and 7 hours
  3. You need you let Tina fire the Cannon.
  4. 35,67 ill try to drop it under 35 but still ok if it isnt
  5. It's already Forbidden in Belgium and the Netherlands, and i think you r 100% right.
  6. Dragon age inquisition
  7. Im also curious about the weapon Arya wants to be made. She is getting more badass every single time
  8. I like the way you think it should be with Points based on some kind of rarity
  9. No idea, still doing the dlc 1 by 1
  10. Only 1 difficult timetrial for the gold trophy with the Koenigsegg, its doable for sure
  11. Just be aware that if you want the 100% in bikes you Will have you play the original driveclub too, since 2 DLC of bikes are car related
  12. Just do the Veteran stranger mission and you Will have the heavy fish
  13. This is correct, mine popped while taki g the gun from the old lady in the basement. Also went never inside were the loot is in the wall at the outside
  14. since i dont do 100% games mine is for completing injustice 2 at 0,49%