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  1. Just do the Veteran stranger mission and you Will have the heavy fish
  2. This is correct, mine popped while taki g the gun from the old lady in the basement. Also went never inside were the loot is in the wall at the outside
  3. since i dont do 100% games mine is for completing injustice 2 at 0,49%
  4. The Witcher 3
  5. Yes it is doable. I did it 😁
  6. 35,43 % just trying to play big games or games that i like
  7. Those are only for leveling up. It's always the same at level 10 and 20
  8. They drop sometimes after a match. Doesn't matter what tower cause I had it in different ones. Just saying that cat call dropped in endless for me
  9. #1 #1 #4 #25 #30 not bad since i only played 20 games
  10. Opened loads of boxes and just got the ability dropped while playing the endless tower at the end of round glad this is over as I am profile level 72.
  11. Bioshock collection, those are great games, gonna play them real soon too the witcher 3 is also great, best game on ps4
  12. Rise of the tomb raider. Amazing game
  13. 35,85% happy with anything under 40
  14. l always went with normal mode so no idea if season hero counts but the hardcore counts for the dream team.