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  1. I remember that I invited you in it. Great boost with you. Hope this game stays online cause it's really good
  2. Dreams, 1 more to go
  3. ARKHAM Knight
  4. So if I want the hit man 3 list at 100% I need to buy hitman 1 and 2 or how does it work? I'm not interested in the lists without platinum. Can somebody explain?
  5. It will say 1.09 and the file you downloaded is a little bit smaller
  6. Thanks for the help today, much appreciated
  7. ARKHAM asylum
  8. Bioshock
  9. Dark souls 😅
  10. Demons souls ps5
  11. The witcher 3 ,just because it's my favorite game.
  12. OK now I want to play this game
  13. Cyberpunk, impressive list btw