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  1. I will like to join the event. (Survivor Rank) Sorry forgot to add that.
  2. Omg I cant wait to play this. Looks like a fun grind
  3. Yes I have restarted my name once. Only because the name i had just didnt fit me it bothered me. I like having something represent me and this is it now.
  4. I am playing mainly two games hard currently. PS3: Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls PS4: Dragon Age Inquisition
  5. Totally wont die. I think me and my avatar would be great friends. ­čśÄ
  6. My avatar is something I found on tumblr I just really like. Gas Mask Girl FTW!
  7. If I really enjoy the game I dont mind playing the game again and stacking.
  8. Thank you for this. Picked up this theme right away. Going to make my dash all cute.
  9. Good morning ChaoticBeauty, thxs for visiting! See that you are new, so welcome!!!


    1. ChaoticBeauty420


      Good evening Ergoproxy-Decay and thank you for the welcome to the community. I havent really socialized as much need to work on that more :D 

    2. ShonenCat


      Nice catch there, Doc! Haha, welcome to the community, ChaoticBeauty!


    3. ChaoticBeauty420


      Thank you ShonenCat for the welcome to the community :D