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  1. Tried it in the end, got the UGC mission trophy. I guess it's just ambiguous wording on Playstation's part. This thread can be closed/locked now.
  2. The description of the PS Now trial states that streaming games "Do not support user-generated media functionalities". Does this mean I can't access UGC missions so won't be able to get 100% by streaming this?
  3. Always happy to see free trophy DLC for a game as fun as this, especially one with co-op. Really hoping they'll continue adding new levels or announce a sequel soon. The trophies look pretty easy, if you can handle the traversal and that time-limited one isn't too strict then it should be a breeze
  4. I've just created a new session to get Renaissance Man, as well as the 2 co-op trophies. Feel free to join! Edit: All trophies done now
  5. Nice. Yeah I've started my first playthrough and I see what they're like now, so easy to leave for NG+
  6. I like getting 100% and platinums at the same time whenever possible for games with DLC. So which trophy would be easiest to save for when I've completed all DLC? I was thinking of unlocking all but one of the main game skills and then unlocking the final one in NG+ after doing everything else. Would this be possible? I'm not sure if skills and - more importantly - skill points are carried over to NG+. Cheers!
  7. Ah okay. I couldnt find anywhere that confirmed if my progress on those would carry over or if I'd have to get all 23 in NG+. I suppose it's not the biggest problem to leave them all and grab all 23 later in NG+, so I'll probably do that. Thanks for the reply
  8. Hi, I'm trying to create a Gaming Session for Brutal Legend, however when slicking the 'Game' dropdown the list is empty, and the page throws the following error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/php/modalGamingSessions.php on line 25 Is this only happening to me?
  9. Huh, thought I'd done that ages ago. Cheers!
  10. Edit: Got the trophy
  11. I see, thanks for the clarification. So it's probably gonna be tough to get through it in 5 minutes if I have to control both Atlas and P-Body. If I got a friend to also family share the game to a new second account, I could connect to that and circumvent the 5 minute time limit issue, could I not?
  12. Since I'm a steam noob and only created an account for this game's platinum, can anyone explain the 'family sharing' account thing? Am I right in thinking I can: Create a new Steam account (Account #2) Use family sharing to link it to my main Steam account (Account #1) Account #2 now effectively 'owns' Portal 2 and can download/play it on PC Account #1 can now play co-op from PS3 with Account #2 on PC Does this now mean I can get 'Professor Portal' solo, playing on Account #1 (finished co-op) on my PS3 and Account #2 (no progress) on PC?