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  1. I forget this topic sometimes. But I wrote in the other topic.
  2. No, this is not about Sony. Other publishers still support the PS VITA.
  3. I think there is a problem with your understanding. I said in the previous message that other independent publishers did not leave. Only this stingy firm cut its support for PS VITA. Read it and solve your own troubles. But you're a good demagogical. Congratulations.
  4. Don't Subtract the subject from its purpose. And don't demagogy. Explain to me why the support of the PS VITA, which has been supported since the beginning, has been cut off. They cut support with silly and funny excuses. This is where we get angry. I'll tell you why. They made enough money and kicked it at the earliest opportunity. Because now they have money and are known. So they are hypocrites.
  5. Do not divert the incident from its purpose. These people use people for their interests. Since you are so uncomfortable, I must have stepped on your wound. You can play the Fortnite. I have been playing GTAO, For Honor and RDO for years. By the way, my words are for publishers, so ratanywas. I have no problems with game makers.
  6. I made my comment on this subject below before. But I will write something again. This firm will finish itself. Because he pulled his support from the PS VITA console, which they supported for a long time. The reason is very funny. The new engine is not compatible. This is a lie. There are PS VITA versions of Reed 2, Thy Sword and Suareboys Bullies more other games released in NA and EU. But they didn't publish it to AS. Everyone wants to make money and it is their most natural right. But these people only aim is easy money. And they are not honest. If you're not a blind leaderboard member, don't help them make easy money. At least don't buy your games on the day they come out. Wait for a discount. The people who defend them are the people I mentioned above or they are getting and promoting the games for free. They must learn to be honest. Because other companies still support Vita. The reason they do not support is because they have introduced themselves sufficiently. Their arrogance has a reason. Because they have a name. "Ratalaikagames has made games, it is easy, and I must buy!" Show them that they are wrong.
  7. Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Out of the North (Original Soundtrack)
  9. I'm not arrogant. Other companies are still broadcasting these votes to the apple console for similar money. But while these people were already publishing, they now seem to have excused a global outbreak. Other companies started operating. Why does Ratalaika not go on? I want them to answer that. They do not answer the questions asked about this issue. So I ask this situation again to them through this site. This is not arrogance, but courage. Also, if you are not wondering why did you feel the need to write comments? Anyway I'm not wondering the answer. Because my goal is not to argue. I expect the publisher to respond to me and the people who care about this (if any).
  10. The person I tag here is the official of the company. I'm waiting for an answer from him. @RatalaikaGames If you think Sony is related to this issue, you should know that your knowledge is insufficient.
  11. This is already normal. And I have no objection. But why don't they sell it as a separate game? Just like the Sometimes You does. They don't need to sell them as bundles or cross-buy. What is the reason why I do not continue to support the PS VITA.
  12. I think this is the same as I wrote above. They used the PS VITA as long as it was in their interest(so as long as it makes money) . And at the first difficulty they left it to his fate.