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  1. You do not have to say your name. I report your message to psnprofiles. 😎
  2. Exactly! 😎 You are be jealous?
  3. My method does not cause froze. You just have to be slow. I won the trophy with this method. Others who want to win can try. The method works. And perfect.
  4. Billionaire Trophy Very Easy Way,
  5. That method is problematic. They are frozen during the game.
  6. Follow we. Friends us your Suggest.
  7. Yes, you will have to start over.
  8. I have the Dragon. If you have a request, I can help you at an appropriate time.
  9. I collected All Bricks but not unlock trophy. I have unlocked all the bricks, plates, tiles and slopes. Solution; You need your physical game. Stop the internet connection. Set up the game. Do not install any updates. It is not already installed because there is no internet connection. And re-collect. Trophy will be opened.
  10. It was bad. I buyed it yesterday from the German Store. The euro is quite expensive.
  11. 563? Is the German store right? Game is true? Is this what I have to buy? The German store has not been changed yet?
  12. Lost Grimoires 2 : Shard of Mystery - %100 Platinum Walkthrough (All Rose symbols ) Follow we. Friends us your Suggest.
  13. Abyss The Wraiths of Eden - Domino with Finish(%100 Platinum Walkthrough) Follow we. Friends us your Suggest.