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  1. Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick said in an interview for GamesIndustry.biz that games will be slightly smaller in the future. The development time is also to be shortened. In return, we will receive more post-release content. Source
  2. That's the news. I hope it's not true. Source
  3. Update Release Date 3 April 2020 The Collector Edition Screenshoots -------------------------------------------------------------- The cover designs of the game were leaked. It is almost certain that the game will be remake. According to rumors, even the release date can be very close. Source 1 Source 2
  4. Trophies don't show. What would be the reason?
  5. This version same as an AS? Or does it have a separate list?
  6. New Ratalaikagames Game? Yes, yes. These this topics are boring.
  7. On the Instagram profile of the American hip-hop group City Morgue, there is an announcement of cooperation between the band and Rockstar Games. Sounds more suitable for Bully 2. Source
  8. Asterix XXL 3 Collector Edition PS4 Unboxing
  9. Any progress on this? Is a pre-order opened for Europe?
  10. According to rumors, A new Crash Bandicoot game may be revealed this week . Source
  11. Is the Z uncensored? Because if I can't find it for Europe I will necessarily get the jp version. Is there also English in Japanese versions? Or is it just Japanese?
  12. And; There are 2 versions. Collector Editionand Z Version Collector Edition . TheRE 2 was too published like this. What do they mean? Does anyone knows?
  13. When is the European version announced? For Collector Edition. What are your predictions?
  14. Is there a reliable site where I can buy the collecter edition for Europe?
  15. Kalypso Media opens new studio to develop next-generation Commandos title. Source
  16. Again for those who have not seen Trailer and New screenshoots;
  17. The Collector Edition;
  18. Release Date 3 April 2020
  19. 10 trophies are missing from the ps4 version. Have the Online Trophies been removed?