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  1. With great teammates it is so possible. I didn't have any weapon higher level than 2 when I was going for the trophy. One of my partner also wasn't level 50 at all. All you need is avoiding from people with 'fat fingers' to lower your frustration. So I would say don't avoid the game, the challenge is bearable with great teammates, just share the burden.
  2. Wondering how many people are crying right now... LOL
  3. Stays at %60 right now but trying hard to improve it. The more the better right?
  5. You are legend my dude. Thanks for your effort and help. I hope rarity whores would do the same to help other people instead of trying everythink to keep the rarity lower.
  6. I wonder if they will release a patch for it. They have recently released Metal Slug XX which may make them move their hands to Anthology for a possible fix regarding to input lag issue. I highly doubt it though. I think we should constantly ask for a fix for the issue.
  7. I love you man. Amazing finding! Also you should add the easiest ways to boost trophies instead of waiting for someone to ask.
  8. Vita version was removed long time ago. If you have a friend who has the game, you can play the game using the new VITA trick on your main account.
  9. Don't take damage while going for the 100k or you would lose your multiplayer which will make reaching 100k near impossible.
  10. First. I went for the 36 fragments under 6 minutes. Didn't encounter any glitch. Then I went for the die by XX trophies but unfortunately they refused to pop. I closed and restarted the game. After getting die by XX trophies I closed the game and deleted save data this time before starting other 2 trophies. After getting first 'die with XX fragments trophy' I closed the game again and deleted save data again to get the last trophy. My final time is 16 minutes 31 seconds. Hope it helps for you guys. Thanks for the tips mentioned on the topic. Also VITA version was so smooth for me. After first 10 seconds of the game the lag simply goes, smooth gameplay begins. They did really good job with this VITA port I guess.
  11. Can't wait to ruin my account even more.
  12. I don't think it will worth it my dude. I imagine how amazing it would be to have a perfect account. That is every hunters' dream for sure. But judging from the way you have reached and time you have invested so far, in my opinion your current situation is a place that doesn't have a turning back. Take my post as encouragement to you to keep pushing your journey like you have done so far. However, if starting a new journey will make you feel better, just go for it. Do whatever you want. Also new beginning comes with new name! Take something different and start your new journey! Good luck my dude.
  13. Good selection of trash.
  14. You guys are really working for trophy hunters. This is hilarious.
  15. NEED MORE TESTING Here is the method I have discovered. I believe that is the most accurate one for someone looking for the safest way; 1-Completely format your VITA 2-Set up your VITA using your ALT ACCOUNT(the account that has the game you want to play with your main) 3-Watch the crap intro and head to the e-mail app so long as you reach the main menu add the e-mail that you sent the hidden reg app to using the website http://vitatricks.tk/signup.html 3*Download the game you want to synch to your main account. 4-HERE IS WHAT I HAVE FOUND. Run the game and go back to main menu immediately. So that game won't have a chance to load its trophies. DON'T close it. And also don't earn any trophy from it. 5-After leaving the game running on background, head to e-mail app again. Run the hidden reg app thingy. Just like midgetstrawdog mentioned in OP wait for some time until you get the log-in screen. When you get the log-in screen log in to your main account. 6-Start Settings on main menu, tap PSN Settings and do quick log in, log out. 7-From now on enjoy the game, earn trophies and synch them however you desire. So my discovery is leave the game running on background. And It is also pretty quick. The annoying part is to deactivating WIFI while trying to get log-in screen from e-mail. Games tested; Midnight Deluxe AS