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  1. For those trying to downgrade Uncharted 4 Digital Deluxe(?) EU release. CUSA04529
  2. I haven't seen anybody comparing a competitive sport to meaningless, visual trophies. You don't disappoint me. Please send that mesaage to Activion support as well asking for a fix and please supply this exact message. I am actually wondering how hard they will laugh their asses out after seeing your message. You still manage (do you actually say that? they could easily get the first plat if they did care. Do you really give credit to that as well? Do you feel good to have beaten early copiers who don't care about trophies at all.) to beat them in ''trophy olympics'' because they don't care about trophies at all. This is only you care about being ''1st in Ethiopia''. So It is not hard to say that you always find a point to skyrocket your elitist taughts. Does your dog also sit when you say him to sit? Then that is good for you. But my dog doesn't sit until I show him a bone. Am I cheating? I mean I could teach him how to sit by my voice but I used short way. Am I a cheater? LOL. Also I just wanted to give tips about how to be seen as bad-ass in this gaming community. Go speed-run some games and show people what you are capable of. I am just helping you to reach the highest level of your elitist personality not trying to change the subject.
  3. You should work on that then. There are many people used veteran glitches already. Don't you feel bad about already seeing all those cheater on this website? We have just different opinions. There is no need to counter anything when I talk to someone like you. I can't say anything to a person calls those used veteran glitch a cheater just because he believes that is cheating. LOL. Also with your ''1st in Zimbabwe'' records, what I meant to say was those are not even accomplishment at all my dude. Anyone who can get early copy can beat you on that. But I am sure you will edit those to ''1st in Zimbabwe without getting early copy. I sit on the couch waiting for the release and finished it so fast that even I look 5th on the lb those guys are early copiers, so please look at my spot and give me credit. Thx.'' But that wouldn't fit to your signature as there is not enough space for that unfortunately. It is just as pointless as saying I power levelled to level 60 on Tomb Raider without boosting it. But you guys boosted it so I mean, ok... Who cares? What doesn't surprise me is a person giving that much credit to a visual images aka trophies calling all people cheater just beacuse they used a glitch. However, I would say good job on other rank 1 game leaderboard accomplishments. Forget to cut those parts. Jealousy? Sure. I am %100 percent certain the fact that I am undoubtedly undeniably jealous. He is right for sure just like people think like him. Trophies are meant to be a challenge (depends on skill) and entertainment at the same time. I can give credit to that. But someone being not capable of getting a trophy can also have fun using a glitch in game. Maybe that is the way he has fun. Everybody gives different meaning to trophies and we shouldn't judge that. I am deeply sorry If I sound mean but I also think that there is no need to be that harsh to those who is not capable of doing something. Help people, spread love. That is freaking it.
  4. Let's say I don't care trophies as much as you to say people ''If one struggles to get a trophy, they don't get the trophy.'' But if there is a glitch then they can go for it. I also help and helped many of my friends to get their trophies from some of the hard games. You should calm your elitist ass as you don't look bad-ass at all. Seeing you put in-game glitches and actually cheating trophies in a same case, I really don't have anything say to you. I wish you happy life with the accoplishments(!) below. Oh this is the first guy who platted the MW2 Remastered in UK. I can't believe that dude. What an accomplishment. I wish I knew someone that can provide the game early so that I could reach the same level as you. (I am sure many people thinks that way and laughs to that list just like me.) Don't forget to put those to your CV as well. Oh my god. LOL.
  5. That is right. It is coming for Nintendo 3DS and PSP GO.
  6. My statement actually implies I, like many don't care about trophies that much. Trophies are an addition to your entertainment. If one struggles to get a trophy in a game when there is a benefical glitch, can just use it and get his trophy. And in my case I also used the glitch and I WILL be using the glitch for CoD4 as well even if I believe I have enough skill to get those. That is simple as that. Would mentioning it make me a cheater? Who cares if one used a glitch that is actually present in game, just enjoy the game however you want. I just can't stand seeing cry babies crying over a god-damn glitch. Same happened in CoD4 and also 2019's MW Spec Ops missions that were patched recently. Oh guys, can you hear that? if you use Veteran exploit, then you don't deserve that platinum.
  7. People are free to play however they want on their way to platinum. Post is on point for those want to use it. Your post is indeed pointless, why post like this.
  8. What!?!?! Was that it? Where is the freaking design and gameplay at least. I freaking hate this pos company now. This evolutinary speaking ear canal documentantion could be done in a college or behind the doors of the gaming companies. 600K watching just to see freaking SSD implimentation. Are you kidding?
  9. That was what I was telling to my friend yesterday. My life is incomplete without the stupid trophies they add with updates. My future is blank without seeing my list drops to %98 with every update. It is hard to breath without downloading the game over and over again after every update. Hear our voices Tripwire!
  10. After this message I am certain that i will be using Debug menu to get the shit out of trophies like I did in Jack and Daxter 2 while having extreme fun. I am so sorry if that feels unfair to you. LOL.
  11. Where is my 'never pre-order' squad?
  12. There is an easy way to fix unobtainable trophies which is creating new account. Simple
  13. Top 3 games: 1. Trials Rising - 111h 2. Call of Duty Black Ops III PS3 - 45h 3. Tom Clansy's Rainbow Six Siege - 40h Days played: 115 days played at 505 hours clocked. Longest streak at 8 hours. Total: 1852 Trophies earned - 86 - 669 - 525 - 572
  14. I have had a lot of fun while going for the 'Top Roach'. I also helped my friends to get it as well. That was a great challenge that make me help everyone who is still struggling with it.
  15. I also used that guide on my way to platinum. With the order you made, without losing time, I managed to get all the collectibles in no time. Thanks for the effort . It was so helpful.