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  1. I remember I used Pulse for it. I was staying behind wooden door blocks or wooden walls while watching the enemy with special gadget Pulse has. When I saw blinks on the detector which means there is an enemy close to you or coming to you depending on the movement, I pulled my gun and fired hoping to get the enemy. And actually that worked most of the time. I wish you good luck.
  2. Seems garbage weekend rather than Platınum.
  3. We should start 'bring it back' movement and spam the developers like there is no tomorrow. I can't believe the fact that they revived challenges. Much respect to Ubisoft and for sure ll--KAMAL--ll for not giving up for months and his dedication.
  4. I am on the same boat. I do have season pass as well but store doesn't show the dlc 'free'. Freaking Buggysoft is doing their job again.
  5. My favs: -Doc for Defenders, Blitz for Attackers.
  6. Don't worry. I have used it already. You can milk bitcoin from my PC which has 1080Ti. No worries.
  7. I haven't clicked a link that fast before. Thanks for all your effort. Oh by the way PSNP crew are working on useless implementations, right? LOL.
  8. Is there cross-play between PC and PS4?
  9. There is nothing you can do and you will not be flagged. Same level glitch also exists in Sacred 3 and even in Need For Speed : Shift. I have earned all the level trophies respectively, just like hundreds of other players. You can level up to highest possible without even trying or starting the singleplayer, exatcly as same as your case. Don't be paranoid and enjoy the game.
  10. Go home. You are drunk dude.
  11. With 16 PS3s and 16 copies, it takes 1 day. With 24 PS3s and 24 copies, it takes even better, only 12 hours. Jokes aside, don't risk it buddy. You seem late for it.
  12. It should be or It will be flagged? Aren't you guys the ones put the hammer to profiles? Even you are not sure about it. Is that really hard to come up with a solution for this case? One member I talked to said Run like the wind is whitelisted and he confirmed he was still on leaderboard, other said it is indeed flaggable whatever the situation is. What is the truth though? In my opinion there should be a rule about that. And actually 'people who left the RLtW trophy as last will not be flagged if their timestamps for rank trophies are legit' is a great rule for an exception. That way we would now that person completed all the online legitimately in a private lobby and left the RLtW last. Aren't you guys instant flag for example Darksiders II PS3 players who illegally obtained /CFW the only trophy that became unobtainable after the shutdown? Same applies to other shutted down games as well. Yes, you do put the flag hammer. Then same should also apply to GTA5 as well. If you imply that all cases are flaggable then start flagging those who earned RLtW after April 2017. There should be an official announcement for it. Or even a site suggestion or a poll should be made whether this trophy should be whitelisted or not. Really tired with all those inconsisted replies from everyone. This is just a mess now.
  13. Got the trophies using physical copy. Man, It was terrible with 30 FPS but the missions were quite easy to get 3-stars. I am happy that those stupid trophies can be obtained like this. Who the hell cares about claymores?
  14. With that info those trophies are obtainable with the base version of the game which is amazing. Thank you. I will be getting physişcal copy of the game as soon as I can leaving the 'gold rank' trophy as last. Get 10 claymore kills in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Get 10 frag grenade kills in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Win 10 games as a squad in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Plant the defuser in 10 Bomb rounds in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Disable the defuser in 5 Bomb matches in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Destroy 20 gadgets in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Get 5 kills with a DMR Get 5 kills with a shotgun Get 5 kills with an AR Get 5 kills with an SMG Get 5 Flawless Victories in Ranked Win 100 Attack rounds in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Get 5 kills with a pistol