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  1. It should be or It will be flagged? Aren't you guys the ones put the hammer to profiles? Even you are not sure about it. Is that really hard to come up with a solution for this case? One member I talked to said Run like the wind is whitelisted and he confirmed he was still on leaderboard, other said it is indeed flaggable whatever the situation is. What is the truth though? In my opinion there should be a rule about that. And actually 'people who left the RLtW trophy as last will not be flagged if their timestamps for rank trophies are legit' is a great rule for an exception. That way we would now that person completed all the online legitimately in a private lobby and left the RLtW last. Aren't you guys instant flag for example Darksiders II PS3 players who illegally obtained /CFW the only trophy that became unobtainable after the shutdown? Same applies to other shutted down games as well. Yes, you do put the flag hammer. Then same should also apply to GTA5 as well. If you imply that all cases are flaggable then start flagging those who earned RLtW after April 2017. There should be an official announcement for it. Or even a site suggestion or a poll should be made whether this trophy should be whitelisted or not. Really tired with all those inconsisted replies from everyone. This is just a mess now.
  2. Got the trophies using physical copy. Man, It was terrible with 30 FPS but the missions were quite easy to get 3-stars. I am happy that those stupid trophies can be obtained like this. Who the hell cares about claymores?
  3. With that info those trophies are obtainable with the base version of the game which is amazing. Thank you. I will be getting physi┼čcal copy of the game as soon as I can leaving the 'gold rank' trophy as last. Get 10 claymore kills in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Get 10 frag grenade kills in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Win 10 games as a squad in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Plant the defuser in 10 Bomb rounds in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Disable the defuser in 5 Bomb matches in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Destroy 20 gadgets in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Get 5 kills with a DMR Get 5 kills with a shotgun Get 5 kills with an AR Get 5 kills with an SMG Get 5 Flawless Victories in Ranked Win 100 Attack rounds in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer Get 5 kills with a pistol
  4. Did you try it? Could you confirm please?
  5. They advertised the game as a part of Warhammer 40K universe. 40.000 kills come from the name of Warhammer 40K. Creative, right? ­čść
  6. Run like the Wind is whitelisted and safe to obtain as far as I know. You won't be flagged. Comformation from a mod would be nice tho.
  7. Roses are red Violets are blue I f*cking hate you Killing Floor 2
  8. Good luck. For some levels I do recommend Vita but that doesn't apply to the whole game as the biggest step is to getting used to the controller. Changing platforms between PS4 and Vita will be a burden after some time especially when you try harder levels aka Worlds. I do understand playing on Vita is comfortable while lying on your bed but It might kill that 'professional' mood which is extremely needed for the game to be accomplished. So I would say play the game on PS4 all the way if you can and get used to the controller as soon as possible. Also Steam is great for casual playing. My playtime is over 100 hours on Steam and did my whole speed running process there before hopping to the PS4. Helped me a lot as while playing on PS4 and Vita I was pushing myself to the trophies which did cost me to fail runs over and over again. But on Steam I was just running casually since there are no 'trophies' to get. ─░yi ┼čanslar dostum. E─čer trophylerin senkron olmas─▒n─▒ istemiyorsan PS4 ├╝zerinde bo┼č bir yeni USER olu┼čturup PSN hesab─▒ eklemeden trophleri almaya ├žal─▒┼čabilirsin. Ald─▒─č─▒nda ise PSN bilgilerini girersen trophler hesab─▒na senkron olacakt─▒r. Airplane modu ile u─čra┼čmak zorunda de─čilsin. Vita'da oynamak bana sorarsan zaman kayb─▒ olacakt─▒r sana ilerisi i├žin. Sevgiler. Tekrardan iyi ┼čanslar.
  9. XBOX Users reported the fact that some trophies auto popped when they booted up the game which means progress made before the update carries over. Same can happen to us PS Users as well. Even if this will sorted out and whitelisted by the moderators, those who don't want to see messed up timestamps should be aware of this. And for the list getting 5 flawless victory in ranked matches and 10 claymore kills would be the pain in the ass. But instead of stupid grinding I would prefer that list all the way. Edit: Played a match and got 3 pistol kills. NO AUTOPOP.
  10. Is Vita still a thing? ­čść
  11. Here is a picture from EU 'Essentials' copy of the game which includes all DLCs; JP Regular copy;
  12. Try to zero fault ninja tracks if you are looking for a challenge. Or try grinding diamond for all tracks. Game already has everything you need.
  13. My guess is; while adding import feature to the game with the latest patch, they did choose sloppy way and used the codes or content of the patch they released for worldwide version of the game which later resulted in this mess. Seems like changing couple of region codes and applying the patch over it doesn't take time while removing the latest DLC's trophy files from the patch does! From my knowledge, patch files also contain trophy informations of the game. As far as I know, In Japan, Borderlands didn't released digitally but physically only which comes with a GOTY disk contains only the first 3 DLC packs. That means latest DLC can't be purchased until Gearbox makes a move. What a bad day for completionist and those who sold their copies.
  14. If It is an easy plat I am down to download even 1 TB my dude. Real trophy wh0res wouldn't mind numbers. ­čśÄ