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  1. Here is a picture from EU 'Essentials' copy of the game which includes all DLCs; JP Regular copy;
  2. Try to zero fault ninja tracks if you are looking for a challenge. Or try grinding diamond for all tracks. Game already has everything you need.
  3. My guess is; while adding import feature to the game with the latest patch, they did choose sloppy way and used the codes or content of the patch they released for worldwide version of the game which later resulted in this mess. Seems like changing couple of region codes and applying the patch over it doesn't take time while removing the latest DLC's trophy files from the patch does! From my knowledge, patch files also contain trophy informations of the game. As far as I know, In Japan, Borderlands didn't released digitally but physically only which comes with a GOTY disk contains only the first 3 DLC packs. That means latest DLC can't be purchased until Gearbox makes a move. What a bad day for completionist and those who sold their copies.
  4. If It is an easy plat I am down to download even 1 TB my dude. Real trophy wh0res wouldn't mind numbers. 😎
  5. Not impossible but hard I would say. What I did was to pick a character carrying a shield and breach charge of course. What you should hope for is getting a map that has wooden building or many breakable walls in it, House for example. After picking your character, check the doors/breakable walls closest to the objective you are supposed to take/destroy/capture. Instead of rushing through objective I highly recommend checking upper floors or opposite depending on which floor is your objective on. In my case, objective was on 1st floor, as I have mentioned in my tip I checked upper floor hoping to find someone. And I did! Since I used character with shield my chances of downing him instead of killing was extremely high as only weapon you can use is your secondary weapon. -That's is why I recommend picking a character with shield- I did gently injured him. I was lucky as he was crawling near a breakable wall. I quickly ran to the opposide side of that breakable wall next to which he was crawling and planted a breach charge. Boom! Got it. After leaving this message here I got 3 more breach charge kills. 2 of them were the way I explained. And the other one was just a random plant to the wall in order to get access to objective. Luckily there was a guy behind it with really low HP. Sometimes you need luck as well. 10 hours of playing while trying to get achievement and other 2 hours with total of 4 breach charge kills. Don't lose your hope!
  6. Exit '3'. Something is fishy here.
  7. You don't need a list. Just check my profile babe!
  8. This is my first pre-order and I can't wait to play it before starting Fusion. Getting Diamond medal will be extremely hard if they rework on times with a day-1 patch as right now It is so easy to get a Diamond from Stadium tracks. For those who is not expert in the game, I highly recommend you to download the game first day and keep it vanilla. Other than that, I don't think game would be harder than Fusion as there won't be stupid challenges anymore. Inferno 5 too can be passed with many faults just like Inferno 4 if there is no restrictions or limits on faults you make. Long story short, game will be easier than Fusion for sure.
  9. I also want to see e-penis competion without stacks. Nobody wants a micro even if it's e-penis right babe? Let's make it happen. Gotta make that e-penis bigger right babe? Even Rich Piana approves.
  10. https://www.trueachievements.com/game/Alpha-Protocol/walkthrough
  11. If you are always that late, your gf must be happy.
  12. What did I get myself into dude... Not even want to mention how long have I been keeping the game in my console.
  13. Oh, what a great news. Let's support them by buying their games now...Wait what?
  14. How about freaking Battle For Middle-earth games?
  15. Only unobtainable in my profile right now.After seeing how they handled the trophy glitch in The first Crew game, i don't really hope for a fix. Let's see.