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  1. It's a ridiculous theory that makes the entire game pointless built out of pure spite by the a chain of internet posters playing whispers with complaints. It's only not the worst theory about a 'better ending for Mass Effect 3' because the sheer lobotomy of the Dark Matter Theory exists.
  2. I've had the game on my list for a week or so, then I saw this message today and rushed it immediatley to get the trophy, managed it 40 mins ago. Took 3 attempts and accidentally killing 3 other captains because I rushed the tutorial and were'nt paying atention to my actual target.
  3. All the zombie trophies can be done solo in offline, it's just a lot harder. The only ones that require online are Blue Ribbon, Get your Left Foot Wet and Get your Right Foot Wet from the main game.
  4. The first few times I removed limbs or faces with the shotgun or rifle I winched, still do when I'm aiming at a torso and parts fly. Whenever I blow someone up (usually firing an explosive arrow into a group) and it seems to shred the skin and flesh off of everyone still tends to get to me. Me caring about dogs lasted until the 3rd time I missed a head shot on them and lost half my health in the ensuing gun fight and more trying to melee the dog which kept counter jumping me. After that I was out for blood whenever I saw one. Truthully I only took that long because my dog had recently died, otherwise I'd have snapped after the first time.
  5. There is a glitch you can use to fully upgrade all of your equipment (sling, equipment and alchemy) at the start of Chapter Ten. The only requirement is that you are able to craft a number of a certain type of ammo. When you get to Chapter Ten, exit to main menu and re-enter it through Chapter Select (needs to be chapter select). When the Chapter's title appears hold the touchpad, when it starts the equipment menu should be open, keep holding the touch pad (when Amicia finishes talking if you can walk witht he menu open it's working). Press and hold R1 to bring up the ammo crafting menu (you can let go of the touchpad now), the upgrade menu should be open now. Use the left stick to select and upgrade you already have and the right stick to select a type of ammo you can craft a number of. Begin crafting the ammo and before the crafting completes move the left stick to select an upgrade you don't have. This should unlock the upgrade. You can fully upgrade everything doing this though it will take any materials required for the upgrade you actually have. This works as of 01/03/2020 and unlocks the trophies.
  6. I've seen online that you don't need the flamethrower to get this trophy but I've set 30+ ships on fire and still not got it. Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone know any solutions?
  7. I've heard that you can use the demon egg air drop to get more if you've cleared all areas but I haven't tried it personally.
  8. The game itself is not hard, missions are simple, there's plentiful options to destroy your enemies and apart from getting lost a few times I never really struggled. 100% is the make or break due to the tedium. I'd say 3/10. There's 400+ stunts to do and they get really tiring after a while, only a few are a bit tricky (despite what it says you can use the boosted wingsuit for the wingsuit stunts) but the sheer number is too much. Do not try and do them all at once just pick groups hear and there. I've personally been doing 20 or so during each session. Weapons and vehicles will all unlock from doing stunts and clearing missions so don't worry about them. You need to find every location, but really they can be found pretty easily using a map online and just flying across the map in a jet. Some of the feats are poorly worded but are easy enough to do. Don't bother with instanced missions to unlock mods, you'll get enough points from missions. Due to my playstyle I never had this problem but getting to level 14 chaos can be a grind especially after clearing all regions. There's videos online for good grinding spots/methods. The DLC is pretty simple, it just takes a few tries to figure out the best car and route to take for s-rank. I'm a terrible driver in games but I didn't need to work too hard. The only slightly annoying things are the ar tigers but you can find them online. There's only 15 challenges so it shouldn't take that long to do
  9. Runs are the best place to take out 25 cars as they will constantly be getting in front of you and respawn quickly. I found the best car to use is jeep with SMGs and rear grenade launcher. Just keep shooting and drop grenades if you think one is behind you and you should get it easy enough. The trick to getting s ranks is to keep moving to the next target but don't rush as you'll miss them. Runs are easier than Ranpages because they are linear but if you play the Ranpages you'll eventually find a route where each area leads into the next. Also shoot or run over flags, they are only worth 10 points but they build up your multiplier really quickly and typically have a line before a grouping of targets so you start with an increased multiplayer for big points. Another trick is if your car is about to blow up, jump out and let it explode/roll away and you'll be able to press circle to reset. This resets your vehicle at full health and replenishes ammo. It also doesn't cost points in Survival. Though it tanks your multiplayer and disables your weapons for a second or two (you can still run targets down) so don't use it unless you need to.
  10. The lines from travelling through Mementos definitely count. It popped for me today and I was stunned, I've only had Futaba for the Greed Palace and 1 1/2 trips through Mementos. I've yet to go to Sae's Palace besides the first plot entry. I didn't really grind lines besides letting myself get ambushed by red and yellow enemies before I out level them.
  11. A week and a half of playing between Persona 5 breaks when I got frustrated and I have all the trophies except the departure mission. Thanks for the save👍
  12. Mine accidentally updated to 1.28. Do I have to delete and uninstall everything and try again?
  13. I'm having problems starting the game. Whenever I try to begin comrades it let's me pick my character but then gives me a message about the stand alone version, asking if I want to play it, it press no and it kicks me back to the menu. Does anyone else have this problem?
  14. So since I've bought the digital version of the game but haven't downloaded the game yet I won't be able to 100% it without buying a physical copy of the Royal edition so I can use the voucher to get the DLC date and using a PC to downgrade the game to version 1.26 so I can use it. Is that about right.
  15. Ones I'm definitely going to try to Platinum Ratchet: Deadlocked - 0% Dragon Age Origins - 0% Dragon Age 2 - 0% Fallout New Vegas - 0% Ico - 0% Shadow of the Colossus - 3% If I'm incredibly optimistic and going for Platinum but not 100% Call of Duty: World at War - 29% (I suck at zombies)