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  1. after a month or 2 playing this i finally reached zone 3600 to end up not getting the trophy for it. I got to zone 4000+ and got the transcendant zone explorer in game achievement.I've ascended 3 times and got back there but still won't unlock I have now transcended and am restarting. I have a back up save though is there anyway to unlock it or is it totally glitched?
  2. Yeah ill save 50 gems and transcend again then immediately quick ascend to get 7 souls just hope im lucky on the ancient roll
  3. I'm getting about 129m souls a run now and can get up to lv2800 + it will be slowish progress but ill get there
  4. I transcended and put 10as in xylo 15 in ponyboy the split the rest between the others. I'll let you how I get on after today
  5. I have all my gilds on cadmia at the moment as I has them on samurai then atlas,tesla, banana I can unlock chiron but only get him to lv500 wish before dps slows right down
  6. I've transcended 3 times now and.get a decent amount of hero souls quickly. is there anything I'm doing wrong or leveling up ancients incorrectly as I cant seem to progress past level 2600. I play idle till about 2200 then click till I can't 1 crit kill stuff. I can transcend again for 40 ancient souls or respec for 90.661k hero souls. my ancients are (without relics) argaiv-3500 atman-15 bhaal-2000 dogcog-20 dora-15 fortuna-20 fragworth-3000 juggernaut-500 kumawakamaru-20 libertas-7000 mammon-5000 mimzee-3000 morgulis-4500k siyalatus-10.000 solomon-600 any help or tips on how to get to get to 3600 would be appreciated so I can finally finish this game
  7. Yes its based on dps otherwise it just farms some money.
  8. works likes a charm great find. Only way to get mercs back to normal is to remove them all and start fresh so my demigod level mercs will be toast