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  1. As someone who has 100% on Asura's Wrath and has bought all the DLC, I would certainly recommend purchasing the Chapter IV: Nirvana DLC. It ties up all the story's loose ends, and the game really doesn't feel complete without it. The rest of the DLC is nothing noteworthy, unless you really want the extra trophies.
  2. Will be disappointed to hear this if its true. I've been slowly playing through my PS3 backlog, and not being able to buy DLC for the games I particularly enjoy would definitely suck. But until Sony confirms this, its all just unsubstantiated rumours.
  3. So we're nearing the deadline. Does anyone know exactly how much time we have left? Asking for a friend.
  4. The regular leaderboards have been broken for a long time now. They were sort of working for a couple of weeks there, but now they're broken again. The friends list leaderboards still work fine, though.
  5. Although a lot of other people are going to be thinking that this next week as well. The score required might stay low, or it might go even higher. It's impossible to guess at this point.
  6. I'm guessing this week will confirm whether going over 100 000 points will glitch the trophy or not. Although I think you guys pretty much confirmed it was something else.
  7. Oh yeah. I'm already aware that the servers only record about half the games. But it sounded like people were having trouble with the trophy popping up at the end of the week.
  8. Sort of a random question, but you guys were saying something about sync issues earlier? Is that another problem to worry about with this trophy?