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  1. First update. Just Cause 3 17% -> 38% 17/24 Main Missions Done, 1/3 DLC 100%ed Been enjoying getting back into this one. Its fun but certainly more a "short bursts" kinda game, jumping in and taking over a few bases is great, it starts to grind on you in a longer play session, especially with how flimsy Rico can feel sometimes. There's a lot of creative potential but because of that flimsiness, I find myself sticking with what works. Reached Act 3 in the story and 100% the third DLC (As its the one most easily accessed from where I picked up). The vehicle and weapon the DLC gives you is pretty overpowered. I've also been gathering more collectibles than I figured I would. After the story is done, I might well continue to mop up them and the miscellaneous trophies. The only thing stopping me going for the platinum straight away is knowing I'll have 114 challenges to perfect. I have also been playing some Persona 5 but no trophies there yet. They'll likely been weighted towards the end.
  2. Figured I'd join in for the new season to help get some of my backlog sorted. Just Cause 3: Story & DLC Missions Just picked up the season pass in the sale, figure that'll give me the motivation to get back into this one. Going to just start with getting the campaign finished up before I think about the platinum. Kingdom Hearts HD: Platinum Just have to do the speed run, no item changes and no continue playthrough. Shouldn't be too bad. Mafia III: First Playthrough Complete So much padding in this game and you need two playthroughs for the platinum. The story is good though so want to get through it. Bloodborne: D Rank Oh Bloodborne. I've put a fair few hours into it through the months I've had it and not achieved one trophy yet. So baby steps with this one. Persona 5: Platinum My personal favourite game of the year. Already finished the game once, now going for the perfect second run that'll hopefully get me the platinum.