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  1. This person could be a cheater. Its strange that he platinumed My Name is Mayo that many times for literally no reason.
  2. That's true old games saves could just be copied to any user. He needs to educate himself. Hahaha sit down old games didn't need to be resigned to work on any user.
  3. This is false first resigner was back in 2011.
  4. Call of Duty is just chaos online bro don't worry about being good. Most of the time you get killed as soon as you spawn.
  5. They should patch it then it just shows how shitty of a game it is...these glitches are since the beta haha.
  6. This is just encouraging cheating haha.
  7. Using the Rock and Fly Glitches on Friday the 13th people get so triggered hahaha!!

  8. I keep doing the rock and fly glitches and people get so triggered hahahahaha!!!
  9. Load save...make the trophies trigger...hold down PS button...once you hear the first trophy pop quit game immediately...wait x amount of time to look legit...start game and pop another trophy repeat the process

    1. Hemiak


      Alternatively: play game, trophies pop legit. 

  10. Account will be deleted tonight.

  11. Just hide the game.
  12. Any new modes or maps? Oh wait hahaha!
  13. You don't get what I said...the majority of people who pay for trophies buy them to look legit. Sony wouldn't be blind they can read all your messages. If you're going to report someone why don't you just report them why do you have to tell the person you are going to report them..see that's a threat.
  14. How do you do that? What buttons do you press?
  15. People can give you edited legit timestamps for an entire game for $5 majority of people do that route instead of paying ridiculous amounts. Remember saying you are going to report someone is a threat and you can get suspended or banned.