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  1. Star Wars Battlefront.
  2. Depends if multiple PS3s were used...he could of played on one and not sync then copied the save to the other console pop trophies and synced. Either way this is staying flagged.
  3. Depends how trophy triggers are coded for the game. For example he has a save that has 23 medals done and he gets one more medal. Depending how it is coded either 24 medals will pop or 24 medals and 8 medals will pop. Therefore, some platinum saves won't pop any trophies while some it pops all trophies at once. Really comes down to coding.
  4. Just worry about your own profile don't worry about others...its exhausting with all these threads about cheating. Using an in-game exploit or glitch to get trophies is cheating because its not how it's intended to earn it. Also if you want to throw the word exploit out there then using game saves and hacking are also methods of exploits by definition.
  5. This person could be a cheater. Its strange that he platinumed My Name is Mayo that many times for literally no reason.
  6. That's true old games saves could just be copied to any user. He needs to educate himself. Hahaha sit down old games didn't need to be resigned to work on any user.
  7. This is false first resigner was back in 2011.
  8. Call of Duty is just chaos online bro don't worry about being good. Most of the time you get killed as soon as you spawn.
  9. They should patch it then it just shows how shitty of a game it is...these glitches are since the beta haha.
  10. This is just encouraging cheating haha.
  11. Using the Rock and Fly Glitches on Friday the 13th people get so triggered hahaha!!

  12. I keep doing the rock and fly glitches and people get so triggered hahahahaha!!!
  13. Account will be deleted tonight.

    1. re_panos


      Why delete it?

    2. KRATOS_31090


      I have another one.

    3. re_panos


      Oh, lol, okay

  14. Just hide the game.
  15. Any new modes or maps? Oh wait hahaha!