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  1. Injustice 1 Platinum for PS4 is no longer rare to get ;) 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Happy


      I'd like to know about that myself.

    3. Sergen


      A previous status update he made was asking for a save for the game, I guess he's found that save and is going to upload it online. A lot of people who hack it are gonna make it look hacked anyway, so I wouldn't be too concerned about that. 

    4. KRATOS_31090


      @SergenIf they are dumb enough to use the just platinum save then yes lol which is why multiple saves are created. Btw the max level for Injustice in case anyone was curious is 519;)

  2. There's also a Youtube channel that contains videos showing how to pop trophies using those saves Some people just like to get as many trophies as possible by any means necessary its just trophy hunting in a different manner. Hackers end goal is to get every trophy for every game...which of course is practically impossible but they will always try
  3. Anyone get Energy Invasion? If its similar to Energy Cycle then it should be a 15 min platinum. Looks like there's 2 trophy lists too

  4. sounds like its a disc issue because i've never had this problem and i played that game alot.
  5. If you're going to cheat at least put in the effort and do it properly...

    1. hpknight


      Most cheaters are lazy losers. I wouldn't expect them to put effort into anything.

  6. Sony doesn't care and a lot of money can be earned selling trophies...typically people set up trophy shops on various sites with a list of games they can do including price. If someone is interested they message them, send them their psn login and pay via Paypal or PSN money. Once payment is received the seller will start working on the trophies requested...depending on the game its usually done within 24 hours. Once they are finished they contact the buyer saying its all done and synced and delete the user from their console. You can make a lot...easily $500+ a week...not bad for a side thing Paypal send as a gift is the best option IMO
  7. Its long as hell so I'll just post the essential stuff. Trophy Pass: Members will be rewarded with Sony Rewards points upon completion of earning specific amounts of trophies during PlayStation gameplay after the applicable member opts into the Trophy Pass. (Members must opt into this pass.) Trophy requirements and points awarded can be found on the Passes Homepage. Each Member may earn the Trophy Pass up to twelve (12) times per year. The Trophy Pass will not be awarded retroactively, and will only include trophies that Members earn after the date of the Member’s opt-in to this Trophy Pass. The rewards for completing the Trophy passes vary. The reward for completing the Silver Trophy pass is 100 Sony Rewards points, for completing the Gold Trophy pass is 250 Sony Rewards and for completing the Platinum Trophy pass is 1,000 Sony Rewards. The Trophy Pass may take up to five (5) business days to be fulfilled. Members must opt into this pass. Subject to complete Sony Rewards Terms and Conditions. The Trophy pass is a limited time offer that can be modified or discontinued at any time by Sony.
  8. Everyone please read this it answers all questions Only counts trophies earned after you sign up for rewards and you can only redeem 12 times in a year...
  9. if you want the list in order you will have format it like trophy 01 unlock, 02, 03...10, 11, 12..and so on.
  10. Only story-related trophies should have the same screenshot for all users.
  11. Where are you going to post all the screenshots online? You're going to need a lot of space...especially if they are 4k images...11 MB each trophy...
  12. it works takes about a day to receive the code. That's how I got Call of Duty WW2 in like 2 hrs
  13. its not a business like the guy said above but the exploit literally gives you unlimited PSN wallet funds so you can buy whatever game or dlc you want for free.
  14. lol Funny thing is that they just give you redeem codes for the $10 PSN cash so anyone could just hack trophies on as many accounts as they want and just redeem all the codes on their main account. Also you can easily sale the codes for a discount online.
  15. Takes about 15 mins to create PSN account, sign up for rewards, hack 10 platinums, sync, and fill out the "paperwork", anyone can easily make 40+ dollars an hr...