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  1. As far as I can remember, you can level up in the game and earn 1 Unlock Point for each level. Each ability needs a certain amount of Unlock Points. You can always remove the Unlock Points again and use it for other abilities. There is no limit to how often you can change. It could be possible, that you'll carry over your level and points. Then you could be able to unluck all abilities at once, when you reach a certain level. But dont count me on that.
  2. The game is not hard. There are a few spots, that could cause trouble the first time playing on hard, but nothing too hard. The No-Death can be done on easy, there are only 3 or 4 spots, where you have to be careful (mostly traps, that can insta-kill you) If you like Twin-Stick Games, it should be no problem at all. I have no clue about the 3 additional trophies, but they should be no problem, if you platted the main game.
  3. First of all, I only play games I am interested in. Trophies can make some games interesting, others boring as hell. Getting Trophies on "easier" games is always a nice addition to a mediocre or great gaming experience. I am surely not trying to prove anything to anyone with that. On the other hand with hard games (based on trophy difficulty), it is always great to challenge myself and of course I like the recognition and/or admiration it may get from fellow trophy hunters, I would be lying otherwise. That does not mean, that I go out and play any hard game, I can get my hands on.
  4. Cotton Alley Light and Dark for that sweet SMB Plat.
  5. MSGV Phantom Pain I Haven't plat it yet, but will soon. Too repetetive and boring. The plat will multiply this by a lot... at least it was for free.
  6. Maggot Boy was done very fast. Guess the many hours on Dark hell improved my Game a lot. Zombie boy could be done tomorrow/later. So far i have strats for all levels but i fail too much in the beginning, thus i Loose Motivation and concentration and i Start goofin' around. Made it almost to the end twice and died in stupid ways like always, cause i cant Keep my cool. Cant wait for Cotton Alley
  7. Damn, that Demon Boy was a pain in the ass. Managed to get Brimstone Boy fairly easy yesterday (jinxed it at the very last jump once ...) and thought about checking out the dark levels and which will trouble me the most. Then I ended up playing 5 more hours. 😁 So I got tactics for most levels and was really confident, except 4-5 (this first jump through all the sawblades was never consistent) and **** 4-19 with the slow elevator and "HellMouth"(?) on top (no tactic worked 100% of the time). After I managed out an order to play the levels, I went for the trophy ... and failed ... and failed ... and failed. The biggest mistakes always happened on the most easiest levels and always when I got near the trophy, my nerves and heart were my biggest enemies. The more I came to the last levels of my run, the more confidence I gained in actually getting this done. I played for 1 1/2 hours today and finally got it done. When I think back, playing through dark hell the very first time, I always thought to myself, how the hell am I ever going to beat this without dying? Well, today I say, thats how! I'll play Rapture later in the evening ... I hope, I'll be done with light world quickly so I can concentrate on dark world, which probably will be another torture.
  8. You need to collect the items in both Coop Missions, too. Pardon I dont remember the mission names at the moment.
  9. Boy oh boy, what a weekend. First I wasn't quite sure, if I should start SMB right away, cause I have still too many games in my backlog. But I couldn't resist that cute little redface with his evil smirk on my dashboard. I made it trough the light world, did the no death runs on the first 3 light and first dark world and completed Cotton Alley Light. I had such a blast and it is so addictive. Then I played The Kid Warpzone for like 3 hours in total .. What a Pain-in-the-ass. I hate the spikes hitbox, i simply coudn't get used to it, especially in level 2. I'll probably go for the rest of Trophies first, before attempting the next no death runs. I think it is amazing, that some people were able to platinum SMB in a few weeks, or even in a few days.
  10. I'm following this thread now for a while as a silent reader .. Super Meat Boy is on Sale atm .. bought it yesterday. If it will ruin my plan for a 100% account, so be it. What is a 100% account without any hard accomplishments anyway? I'm pretty sure, I'll be here more often in the future .. 😁
  11. Whao, it really seems like I had too much luck ... I had 2 or 3 legendary's with 12 sockets, after playing the game for like 15 hours in total. I finished the game once, then I joined people who play on Legend and are Level 30 / 300. Mostly Level 1-1 / 1-2.
  12. I am glad, that I am not alone with this issue. I started The Witcher 3 at prolly the worst point in my life and told myself to complete the game in a given time range, which was nonsense. I was completely overwhelmed by the games sheer size and things to do, that I did not feel to play it any longer. For example all the questions mark on the map .. I am the type of guy who clears off the map first and then proceed with the main quest, but you simply are not able to do that, because your level is not high enough for certain events. It is by no means a bad thing, but it confronts my typical gaming style. Or Item management... my inventory is bloated with so much crap and the confusing interface doesnt help much to sort it out. I prefer less is more in some instances. I'll just wait for the moment, when it makes click and I think to myself, that I want to play it finally. No matter how long the game will take. It does not run away, does it? btw. I completed The Witcher 2 twice for the 1000G back on my 360, so it is not the case, that I am not into the game and its story, I actually was really eager to play TW3 back then.
  13. Shadow Complex Remastered Achieve all Trophies (Great Platinum Title πŸ™ƒ) #27 Top 50 Fastest 100% Matterfall Matter of Skill #28 Top 15 Fastest 100% Both are decent 2D-Shooters, the Platinums require a small portion of Skill. Overall Enjoyment: 7.5 Platinums Difficulty: 5-6 (could vary, depending on Skill)
  14. I added a new link to the first post, with information about the new added games + some games will be removed from sale on 2 different dates. First removal will be tomorrow (06.01.12)
  15. I think it is possible to Play hardcore right away, but dont Count me on that now. But I would recommend to Play it 3 times. Except you have played it before on PS3 or with an different account. Hardcore is not really difficult but it can be really annoying at some Points in the game.