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  1. Dont worry, we'll get this done easily. :>
  2. I must be shit at the game then. As a Cop its okay, but as a racer, I suck ass. Cop AI is ruthless and Racer AI is either Rubberbanding or driving like the next Schumacher.
  3. This might be an odd question, but could you explain why? I watched it a few months ago, but it didnt fit with me. It's not even the fact that the anime is over 30 years old, I love Cowboy Bebop which had its 20th anniversary last year.
  4. Nvm, should have read the thread first.
  5. 8-16 hours is reasonable with double XP.
  6. Thanks for the info. Finally a decent dynamic theme again, after I missed out on the TLoU2 Theme.
  7. I am currently playing through the Cop campaign. After each speedlist the All Drive intro starts playing and I cannot skip it, let alone disable it. Does anyone know a solution to this? Couldnt find anything on the net.
  8. @HusKy Look at that! Wouldnt that fit perfectly next to your "The Bunker" trophy pic collection? I would say give it a shot.
  9. How dare you? Now I feel awful.. nothing would stop me from playing COOP games with you.
  10. Wait, you havent played TLoU yet? How dare you? Maneater looks fun, but wont buy it til its on sale. Gaming wise, I plan to continue Monster Hunter World and also finish the Bioshock series before TLoU2 releases.
  11. Nice to see a console release. Watched horheristo's videos and it seems like a challenge.
  12. I watched a dozen Playthroughs and picked the best tactics from each. Having seen all levels so many times, I actually had not that many issues while playing. Though I died too many times in New Orleans, somehow this Chapter didnt work out for me. When I finally got past NO, I also got the run. So I played Venus and Ausmerzer just once on Mein Leben. Biggest fear was to fail "the jump" on Ausmerzer.
  13. Congratz! I 100% feel you with Australia. The last event was made (slightly) harder, and it made me go mad. Those fences are pure terror.
  14. I was considering to make it my 100th plat. The decision wasn't easy, either Mayo or W2. But my inner German won the battle. Welp, 200th platinum it is then. Will be a huge achievement.
  15. Screenshot isn't working for me (I am on mobile) Maybe Skins or some weapon kits to make stuff "a bit easier"? I am not fan of MTX, so lets see where this leads to.