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  1. Yes! I feel like I've seen half the game but holy damn I am excited for this.
  2. The Colin McRae DLC. It has around 40 events which simulate real life events McRae drove, sometimes with really difficult requirements. I am not a good SIM racer and at first I wasnt even sure if I could manage it. I wouldnt put more than 10€ on the Bounty, for experienced SIM racer it shouldn't be too difficult.
  3. 5.000 Headshots is such a ridiculous amount. Are there any known strategies/spots to achieve this faster and easier?
  4. I was against NFS because it is more frustrating and at times unfair, but Dirt Rally 2.0. would be a great addition. The DLC is among my proudest trophies I've achieved on Playstation so far.
  5. Regarding XCOM2, I played and completed XCOM EU and EW on 360. The games can be challenging, but since you can cheese your way through, the challenge becomes trivial. Its unfortunate but it makes XCOM 2 not worthy to be on the list. Star Ocean doesnt require much skill as far as I know, just a lot of time.
  6. There is only one game that can be next. We both know it. You are just afraid of a truly challenging game. Nice work again though. 🍻
  7. Playstation dropped a Gameplay Trailer for Aeterna Noctis. It's described as a challenging 2D Metroidvania. It has resemblence with hit titles like Hollow Knight, Celeste and Ori. I am definitely looking forward to it.
  8. This looks awesome, never heard of the game before. I need to keep it in mind.
  9. Nice, saw some gameplay from Dunkey and Horheristo. Just beating the game will be challenging.
  10. Looks great, soundtrack is right up my alley, more gameplay mechanics. I am really excited about this one.
  11. Thats great to hear. Good luck! Also, I love your profile pic. Pure nostalgia.
  12. Congratz! Thats definitely a tough one to complete. Id love to play it, but dont own a PS3. Though it boggles my mind, I dont know or cant imagine how you are suppose to practice these two levels. Where do you start, what do you pay attention to? There is so much going on, just watching someone else playing it hurts my brain. Id probably just yolo'd into the madness dying over and over without actually finding a reliable strat. Copa, not a plat but "merely" a Silver trophy.
  13. DOOM 2016 & Eternal
  14. If this turns out to be true, just a quick reminder that Zombie Army 4 did the same DLC BS like Borderlands 3. First Season Pass does not include all DLC's.
  15. This info should be highlighted, it can easily screw someone over. Good call Husky.