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  1. And remember. Dont be a filthy casual. I would advise to just play the game for a while to get used to it. Watch videos to see what weapons and Mutations are good. Like I've said the daily will be piss-easy after a while. I just rewatched the Video, tip 3 is a bit outdated. Sharp teeth is bad and Gamma guts is okay but better with scarier face (enemies have less HP) because they nerfed it.
  2. I actually did, I am glad to have you as my first viewer, lol.
  3. These are minor mistakes, but back on the X360 when I just started out, I've played Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. The game achievements required you to reach No.1 on 3 different leaderboards.. yeah f* that. A way to boost that was to own 4 Xbox concoles, 4 gold memberships to play online and then 6 hours/day boosting for the next 6-9 months. Goodbye sweet 100%. Also played Hasbro Family Night, and Scrabble was only available in the UK and US, worth 200G points. Clinging for too long to CoD games, from CoD 4 til Ghosts. Getting my backlog out of hand is also a mistake I should have avoided. I am at around 40 games now. A year ago I swore that I wont be exceeding 15-20 games.
  4. Well, its done. Got super lucky, the portal to the lab spawned on a weapon chest which included super crossbow , so I was able to switch it with Bazooka after turning to skeleton. Shovel & Supercrossbow + long arms and trigger fingers as the first two mutations. If I had fucked that up, I would have been mad as hell. Plat is just a matter of time now.
  5. I figured it is the most difficult trophy. I completed all crowns with one char yesterday and I had less trouble with it than with skeleton so far. I know about both cheeses, the one in 6-1 is out of the question, I just farm 1 level there and then continue, because like you've said it takes ages. I forgot about L1 1-2 proto chest, I've seen a video about it. I guess I'll come back to it, if I have no luck with getting it otherwise. Also I have to get there first, best run so far was L1 1-1 ... Anyway, thanks for all your recent input.
  6. I saw a post on reddit where gun gun dropped in the lab @KaKrackle Sorry to bother you yet again, last time I promise. Have you any advice for Skeleton? I swear this trophy makes me mad like hell. I had my best run yesterday, where I reached L1 1-1 and was lvl 5 but the cops just suck and no fast feet or whatever the mutation is called. I use the Oasis skip, but I am not sure if thats the best way to go for it, since I usually have bad weapons when I become skeleton. I also use golden Bazooka with Melting.
  7. I think a bit more transparancy about what goes on behind the curtains wouldnt hurt anyone and would also stop several people asking everyday when what is going to happen. Just a thought.
  8. Yeah, most dont auto-update anymore. Every now and then I check people above and below my leaderboard ranking, and some of them havent been updated for a few months somtimes even years. I manually update them and they are still playing games to this day, meaning many games have inaccurate statistics.
  9. I am really interested in Rage 2, a mix of DOOM and Mad Max, count me in. I really enjoyed the Open World of Mad Max, and from what I saw so far it seems similiar. I dont know about any DLC plans, but I would wait for a price drop anyway, and if it comes to it I would wait for the complete edition.
  10. The Witcher 3 XCOM 2 Prey Blades of Shogun First two games are roughly two years in my backlog, the other two around 1 1/2 years.
  11. I had that combo with Steroids yesterday, but with Super Crossbow instead. Needless to say I almost Looped twice. I think Meelee Weapons make the game much easier, because you can deflect/destroy bullets. btw. how did you get a golden disk/nuke launcher? I know two ways so far, one with robot and gun gun and the other with Y.V. in hard mode reaching level ultra and going to his mansion.
  12. Well... @HusKy at least we can chill then. But I wouldnt have minded 'Mein Leben' difficulty.
  13. Reaching 7-3 is enough.
  14. For anyone still wondering, the fastest way atm is shown in this video (credits to Calem MrNazreen1992): This grind takes way more time than in the earlier versions of the game. I am at Level 42 and I still need to grind around 40-50 hours.
  15. Thanks for reminding me to buy Archer! Loved the show on Netflix but would be a damn shame when they pull it from there and I cannot watch it again. Not home atm, so no pic from me. Anyway, guess this is a good place to ask around. Does anyone know where I can buy Samurai Champloo [UK preferably] Blu-Ray (New)? I am getting somewhat desperate now. Amazon is a dead end somehow.