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  1. I don't know the game and I am puzzled how Würstchengulasch is connected to it. But I am glad it did sth. for you. Sorry dont mean to derail the thread
  2. I can't open your spoiler tag Husky. When I click it, my page jumps to the top. edit: Welp, as soon as I posted, your spoiler tag opens for me.
  3. There's still some uncertainty how the upgrading from Cursed Relic to Divine Relic works. I'd also advice to speak to the ghost next to the graveyard and make sure that his dialogue is exhausted. It is also not clear when the icon of the Relic changes, it could be the case that only after a certain amount of bosses (also depending on which difficulty) are defeated while the Relic is equipped, the icon changes. One other note. The Divine Relic doubles the damage, it spawns a spirit of your character and also shoots when you shoot, making the S-Rank on a boss on Isle IV easier. I'd recommend Esther Winchester (High-Noon Hoopla) boss, because the Divinie Relic still randomizes your weapons. Against Esther Winchester you only have your normal bullets and bombs, so the randomizing effect has minimum effect on your performance and minimizes RNG. You can also easily get the no-minion kill trophy there, since only her first phase spawns 1 minion at a time that can be killed.
  4. I beat the final boss, the Chef, on Regular difficulty with the Cursed Relic first and the trophy did not pop. People confirmed you can beat any bosses in the game, main game and DLC, to get progress on the Paladin trophy. I am going to edit my post.
  5. Checkmate - Defeat all of the King of Games' Champions - You'll come across a ladder on Inkwell Isle 4 that leads into the sky. There you meet The King. Talk to him and complete all 5 challenges/beat all 5 champions. You only have your jump and parry ability available. A King's Admiration - Defeat the King's Gauntlet - The ladder location will change after you completed all 5 challenges/champions. The second ladder can be found close to the boat you arrived with on Inkwell Isle IV. Talk with The King again and you should be able to pick the option "The Gauntlet" below "The Queen". The Gauntlet asks you to finish all 5 challenges back to back. You start each challenge with 3HP. Hearty - Have 9HP at one time - This trophy makes no sense at the time of writing this. Equip the two-hearth charm for +2HP, spin your character 3 times to get +3HP from Djimmi. Now head to King Dice from the main game. I found this to be the easiest way: Make sure a heart is on Spot 3. Hit the dice so it will stop on 2, it is the easiest boss to beat without getting hit. While fighting you should have 9HP, make sure to not get hit. After the fight, hit the dice so it will stop on 1 to land on Spot 3 to get the extra heart and unlock the trophy. You don't need to beat the boss on Spot 3, the trophy should pop as soon as you hit the dice and land on Spot 3. If the heart is not on Spot 3, just press options and retry/restart until it does. A Horrible Night To Have a Curse - Survive the nightmare - I am not 100% sure if you need to equip the Broken Relic (It is a charm), which can be bought from The Shop for 1 Coin but that is how I did it. You'll see a graveyard on Inkwell Isle IV and 9 tombstones. You have to interact with 3 tombstones in a specific order. To find out the correct order, head to the north of the Isle and speak with the 3 characters on the podium. Each character gives you a hint, which tombstone you have to interact with. The order should always be: 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place. In my game it was: 1st place said something that includes: Up right 2nd place said something that includes: Up left 3rd place said something that includes: Up (middle) The order differs from person to person. After interacting with the tombstones in the correct order, you can enter the nightmare and have to defeat a secret boss. The boss works like this: Paladin - Obtain great power After surviving the nightmare, the Broken Relic turns into the Cursed Relic. Now you have to equip it and defeat all(?) bosses on Isle IV. I cannot 100% confirm if you have to defeat all bosses. I'd recommend doing the final boss last if the trophy has not popped by the time you defeated all other bosses. I am pretty sure that one boss was missing when the trophy popped for me. It is confirmed that you can beat any bosses, main game and DLC to get progress towards this trophy. You basically power-up the Cursed Relic everytime you defeat a boss. It is also confirmed that you can do it on Simple difficulty, however the progress is slower and you have to defeat more bosses than if you do them on Regular difficulty. One can assume beating bosses on Expert unlocks the trophy earlier then. Cursed Relic makes you start with only 1HP and randomizes your weapons and everytime you stop shooting it changes. My go-to weapon was the Crackshot, you can fire it in any direction and it acts like a homing bullet with very good damage. Just shoot-stop-shoot until you get it, just make sure to not stop shooting too early. One other important tip: Your first, third and sixth parry will always give you 1HP, so make sure to get those to avoid early deaths. Cooked to Perfection - Get an S-Rank on a stage of Inkwell Isle IV & The High Hat - Defeat a boss on Inkwell Isle IV without killing any of its minions The Divine Relic doubles the damage, it spawns a spirit of your character and also shoots when you shoot, making the S-Rank on a boss on Isle IV easier. I'd recommend Esther Winchester (High-Noon Hoopla) boss, because the Divinie Relic still randomizes your weapons. Against Esther Winchester you only have your normal bullets and bombs, so the randomizing effect has minimum effect on your performance and minimizes RNG. You can also easily get the no-minion kill trophy there, since only her first phase spawns 1 minion at a time that can be killed. --- There are two coins that can be collected, one can be found in the tutorial of Ms. Chalice, the other coin is located behind The Bakery. You can get there via a hidden path which can be found behind The Shop heading left. The other coins are rewards for completing The King's challenges/defeating the 5 champions. (see Checkmate) --- This is by no means a complete guide and with the coming days, more info and helpful tips might come up. If you still need to finish the main game, the new character Ms. Chalice might make your journey easier. She has a double jump, invincibility roll and always starts with 4HP instead of 3HP. The new weapon Crackshot is very good and does not require aim.
  6. Did the ladder location changed for you? I climb the ladder right next to the ship I arrived with on the Island IV. When I talk to the King it shows me all champions and under "The Queen" it says "The Gauntlet"
  7. You have to talk to the King again. There will be an option to go "Gauntlet". It's all challenges back to back with 3HP. Luckily they refill after each fight again.
  8. I just beat the final boss with the cursed relic. It reduces your HP to 1 and randomizes your weapon every time you stop shooting. Unfortunately it does not unlock the Paladin trophy. I did it on Regular. I can't see myself doing it on Expert atm and honestly don't want to spend too much time on it and end up not getting the trophy. I am going to try the Gauntlet with the Relic on. Nevermind the charm does not apply to Gauntlet.
  9. To unlock the "A Horrible Night To Have a Curse" trophy, you have to equip the broken relic (bought in shop for 1 coin) and interact with 3 tombstones on the graveyard. 1. Up right 2. Up left 3. Up middle. The order is given by the 3 characters on the podium, from first place to third place. Just in case: You earn coins by climbing up the ladder and completing all the challenges. There is also one coin in the Ms. Chalice tutorial (Recipe book) and one coin is hidden on the map behind the bakery. Go to the shop and there is a hidden path behind it to the left. You can also go left behind the graveyard but it leads to the shop pathway as well.
  10. Yes, this worked. Equip 2 heart charm, spin to get the extra lifes from Djimmi. You have 9HP entering King of Dice. The third spot had a heart, I first landed on spot 2, it is the easiest boss to get a no hit. After that I hit the dice on 1, landed on spot 3 and got the trophy.
  11. Anyone else having issue getting an A rank on final boss of DLC? I know there are two people who have the "All A-Rank" trophy. Even though I get 3/3 in every category and beat the boss under 2:30 I still end up with B+. I use the Djimmi to get 3 more lives and the Dash charm. Also 9HP has not unlocked for me either, haven't tried dice kind yet though.
  12. War Tower has nothing to do with the 4 currently unobtainable trophies, does it? Or does that mean if War Tower is also not available there are more trophies that are not obtainable? Sorry, but I have not played the game yet and I want to make sure I dont get into a bad spot if they ever decide resurrect Invasions for a day and I miss out on other trophies I should get as well immediately.
  13. I don't argue the fact you can get trophies on any difficulty setting in games, I even welcome it because most harder difficulty settings are poorly adjusted, example NieR Automata which I started on Hard difficulty only to move down to Normal during the later stages of the game because it became unbearable and not fun anymore. The devs behind Dead Cells however decided to put trophies in the game that challenge the player to achieve some impressive feats. That was the developers intention with introducing said trophies. I'd never go out of my way and tell developers to change the trophies to be more or less challenging. Yes I might be dissappointed at times but that's it, I don't expect anyone to tailor their trophies to my expectations. Now they introduce assist mode, which again is totally fine and even welcoming but at the same time they are defeating the purpose of the trophies they once decided to put in the game with the one addition of lowering health etc. If they decide to make their games and trophies easier in the future, that is totally fine but people have already put a lot of effort and time into Dead Cells trophies before assist mode was a thing. Yes, people still achieved it the "hard" way and nobody can take it from them but let's be honest here, people also like to show off their proudest achievements. Heck there even exist a trophy cabinet on PSNP. Yes, not everyone is like that but it would also be wrong to argue there are none that like to show off. Imagine Crypt of the Necrodancer, one if not the most respectable platinum trophy to exist to this date, would receive an assist mode, lowering the difficulty from a 10/10 to a 5 or 6 out of 10. Even though the few that have achieved the platinum before assist mode did it the "hard" way, are now indistinguishable from the ones that would do it after assist mode was introduced. If I put myself into the shoes of those few, I would always have the urge to make sure it is visible that I did it the hard way, because I put so much effort and time into it. Edit: Seems Crypt might get a new console update that makes save scumming possible. lol If one doesn't really care about all that, of course it does not affect them but there are people that care and it is simply unfair to tell those people "yeah, tough luck, deal with it". We, the few people that are very vocal about every game getting easier and trophies loosing their "value", are being told over and over again we should just accept it, we should stop gatekeeping, we should stop our elitism, not realizing they do exactly what they want "us" to stop. Just because your daughter finds Rata games challenging and your wife has trouble remembering what buttons do what, does not mean they deserve every trophy or developers should tailor their trophies to them, after they decided to put challenging trophies into a game. Trophies in video games used to be about accomplishments and seeing it degrading more and more to gluttony is just sad in my eyes.
  14. I see, sorry for the misunderstanding then. I view EZPZ games as predatory which led me to understand your post differently. Almost all of us are, not sure if it is okay though. I guess it depends on how we are chasing it and to what extend. I'm glad to hear that. Granted the word addiction is almost always used to describe a behaviour negatively. "Obsession" would have described it a tad better I guess, but that's on me.