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  1. I have two of the plats. So am I worthy of criticizing "game" devs, that exploit compulsive behaviours and try to make a quick buck out of it? I am sorry for you guys. You probably enjoy a few of those games, but most probably not. You can say as much as you want, but I hope you're still being honest to yourself. And before anyone comes at me. I also have some issues. I'll buy games even though I still have a handful of games I bought a year ago and havent touched yet. But I know that I bought them because I was interested in the game itself and not the trophies that are attached to them. Yes, they are a nice bonus and I like to collect them, but you'll never see me buying and playing a game I had absolute no interest in.
  2. I've seen some footage before and it really peaked my interest. Plus it has a few UR trophies, which I am always down for. You've already cleared a few difficult NT trophies. Just keep at it, watch videos or read the wiki or forums. It takes time, for sure, but persistance is key. Thank you.
  3. Well, thanks for bringing back attention to this topic. I'd really love to know when auto-updates for all 4 million people gamers tracked come back. All recent games (goes way back til early 2018) dont have accurate stats. I've said it many times and say it again. I update people above and under me in the leaderboard, some of them have played their last game two years ago, with the issue 'Updating Soon'. After updating, most of them still play games in 2019.
  4. I am totally on board with your statement. I've worked in a children's home for a few months and inbetween was christmas. Most of them (age between 5-9) got some fancy electronic device, be it fake cellphones with games on it or other stuff. It definitely became harder to get the kids to play sth. else, do sth. else. or even listen to us. Regarding smartphones, I am not really educated on the topic of short attention spans and I really cant say, if my attention span suffered over the years. But what I've found out about myself, that too much information about everything, which is nowadays easy accessable via the internet, made me more anxious. You know, reading everyday about do this, do that, dont do this, dont do that, crisis here, crisis there. It can make you mad. Now take little Timmy, eleven years old, no moderation whatsover on how much and what he consumes on his smartphone, and it could do great harm. I've recently heard in a youtube video, that the younger generations become more and more nihilistic. Why believe in anything at that point. The world is fucked, politician are corrupt etc. etc. (just to make sure, this is not my point of view, but I can see where it is coming from) On the other hand, there are also many bright and intelligent young people out there, who use social medias and the internet in general to make the world a better place, take FFF as an example. But I digress.. I'll start my new job next month, which includes going back to school. I'll be with people who are five to seven years younger than me, so I am interested to see, if there will be minor or major differences in life-style etc. and if, how those will look like. To get this thread a bit back to topic, congratz Cassy on your newest TR plat. So this game was your nemesis on your old account? Now that you have conquered it, would you have still abadoned your old account if you had finished it back then? I just bought Invisible Inc. and I saw you got the game in your backlog aswell. Are you planning to play it anytime soon? This game seems to be right up your alley. Also you asked what games you should ditch from your backlog a while ago. Though I wont recommend ditching it, but Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has this "awesome" Breach mode, which requires online connection. The servers had major issues last year, which only got resolved this year in January. So I would recommend, if you want to play it, play it earlier than later.
  5. Beware though, if you are too low on HP, lets say 1/8, you shoot rockets so fast, that they will explode in your face and will kill you. Happened to me twice while fighting the throne.
  6. Well, Nuclear Throne and Enter the Gungeon are somewhat similiar to Binding. I would also recommend Nex Machina.
  7. I am using a desktop at home for several reasons, but I have to admit that I am using the phone more. And I get that there are issues. I myself usually waste a good chunck of hours before sleeping just binge watching shit on youtube or elsewhere, which results in less and worse sleep, which leads to a shitty next day. But you cant condemn the technology if its the people who cant handle it right. Smartphones make life much easier and thats good.
  8. Make sure to get the complete Edition, but I would skip Blood Dragon, except you want some more UR trophies. @NeoMesjasz Well thanks man, now I also get JC4... Havent looked up the price before. Also its ID ends with a 0, perfect for the gaming by numbers event.
  9. A Hat in Time and Invisible Inc. And the story of the never ending backlog continues.
  10. Haha, thanks for the clarification. I think I know who you are talking about.
  11. The Witness was an awesome game. I also had so many papers and notes at the end but it felt so satisfiying to figure out all the solutions by myself (well most of them). Those later sound puzzles were ridiculous and I had to look it up. While I am probably younger than you (I am 26), I still needed to figure out a lot by myself back then and guide books were still a thing. I myself had no internet at home until I was eleven or twelve. And yeah, those intruction manuals were the best. In my anticipation to play the game I always read them to get even more excited. The Talos Principle is probably my most favourite puzzle game I've played so far. I remember finding out about the game on youtube because I listened to the OST first, which btw. is pure divine. But yeah, I also didnt care to find the stars on my own. Some were so ridiculously hidden. I also skipped through the DLC, somehow I didnt care about it that much and just wanted it to be over. But I enjoyed the secret levels the most, if I remember correctly those unlock after collecting all stars. Yeah, you can use tweaks in Brutal mode, but I suffered through it without those. Futuridium EP Deluxe has a Flappy Bird mode. Yeah, fuck that. I am glad you were able to leave that behind you. I can relate a bit though. I never had it that intense, but some tendencies towards wanting to be perfect are there. I used to say I have OCD, but after seeing what real OCD can be, I am rather normal. btw. I looked up CJ syndrome, but I am not sure I found the right thing? Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease is the only thing google spits out and from what I've read its really dangerous and in most cases deadly. Well, gl & hf with that. Hollow Knight is a must play, rather sooner than later. You also get to play the UR plat version, lucky you, though you probably dont care about it that much. I appreciate that, but I have to dissapoint you. Though I consume almost all my media in english by now, I am terrible at writing (& talking) and it would take me too much time to maintain a checklist. SMB & Trials Fusion, because I wasnt sure from the beginning if I could complete those games. Every other game I've played so far, I had no doubt about getting the plat/100% eventually. I would ask you the same, but since I've read your recent checklist post, I guess that would be a mundane question.
  12. That makes sense. The reason I followed your thread back in the day, was actually because some interesting discussions about everything and anything. I thought about making my own checklist, but I always come to the conclusion that it would end up a barren wasteland. Its rare that other people are genuinely interested in others progression. You manage to make it interesting, even though our tastes in games are different. What was your most difficult game you have played so far, lets say: in this generation and overall in your gaming career? Also, this makes me always smile again. Okay, no worries. Did you only play around 40 games on that account or weren't you a completionist before? I saw you've mentioned earlier that Tomb Raider was the last game you played on that account, but what ultimately made you create a new account and start from scratch? Well, in my eyes you're pretty good, but I also have no clue about art and like Arcesus, I am a potatoe when it comes to drawing (or art in general). Have you ever tried freelancing? It seems some people can make some good buck with it and maybe it could lead to some juicy opportunities? But marine biology sounds great aswell. How about getting in a submarine and draw the wonders of deep sea life? Anyway.. I must sound like a broken record by now but kudos again, that you actually doing the Arkham City calendar days legit, but I also understand your reasoning. Suffering through the same combat and predator challenges 4 times back-to-back sucks big time. btw. how comes that you are rocking that Hollow Knight Avatar for so long, but havent played it yet? I guess you fell in love with the gorgeous art style of the game?
  13. I've been lurking for almost a year now, I think its time to break the silence and get myself involved in this thread. First things first, kudos to you Cassy, for establishing the most active checklist on this forum. I wonder, do you know what made your thread distinguish from a lot of the other threads? I've took some time and flew over the first few pages and it seemed active from the get-go. Anyway, I really enjoyed your XCOM diary entries a few months ago. I've played and 100%ed both XCOM games on the 360 back in the day, but I save-scummed and exited to the dashboard like a berserk, so again kudos for your commitment. Somehow I cant get myself to continue XCOM2 though, it feels and/or plays different; I dont really enjoy many of the time limits/round limits. However, I've heard that the expansion kinda gets back to the older games and is more slow-paced, which I would prefer more. I hope you dont mind me bringing back up a topic you've mentioned a few weeks/months ago. Regarding Breaking Bad: Then, I wanted to ask if you mind sharing your old account? I'd like to take a look on it. Also, thats a really good drawing. Is this just a hobby of yours or do you make a living with it? I am missing an entry for 0 aswell. My only candidates so far are Nino Kuni II and Ace Combat 7, both games I didnt intend to buy, at least not for full to half price.
  14. I appreciate your effort you put in this event. Thanks for that!
  15. Sorry, missed that part somehow; I understand.