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  1. @HusKy ❤️ You're doing good work here. I also love the barely visible button in the top left corner to update your profile, while being on your profile site.
  2. I enjoyed playing HD with you, too and while the grind will take some time and we probably will play some more Sessions together, I am looking for to play Diablo 3 with you in the future. Regarding Downwell... well it sucks, but like I've said before, you'll get it done soon, for sure. Btw. The spoiler tags are fine on my end.
  3. I cant really give any advice, because I could never replay and reearn all my trophies/platinums without going mental. But if you think you'll enjoy the road ahead, go for it.
  4. Hollow Knight is currently on sale, so attention everyone: buy the game!
  5. I am guilty of that. Though some games were good or had better installments, e.g. Batman, I think I went overboard and purchased way too many AAA-games just because, and later on realized that some of those games arent really my cup of tea. I feel you, the fact that the PS5 is roughly one year away stresses me out for some reason and my backlog isnt even that large compared to many others on PSNP
  6. Hey @Sly Ripper, as you can see, we voted on the most requested suggestions from the past couple months (& years). As it stands atm, Backlog on Profiles is the most requested one, followed by colour-coding unattainable trophies and fixing auto-updates for all profiles. I would like to ask you, are these suggestions possible to fix/implement and would you do so if possible?
  7. I would guess for well informed gamers, its not mandatory to have an E3. The fact Sony didnt attend this years E3 shows that. Next year, before releasing PS5, they most certainly use E3 to push it for the masses and get anticipation sky-rocketing. Regarding games. Just take a look at Ubisoft conference. One friggin game had gameplay. The rest was cgi, movie crap that basically showed nothing. Bethesda, besides DOOM, was on a complete redemption tour. Still I love to watch E3 and just get some hype, even though I know the sad truth, that many games will be disappointing.
  8. Nice review, would read again. 10/10 I think the player base on here is so low because of no auto-updates. Seeing youtube videos with over one million views on HK gives a more optimistic view. Though, yes its still an underrated game. The price tag is simply ridiculous. Silksong 100% pre-oder/day 1
  9. Unlikely, even during the night I had lobbies reaching up to 9-10 players. I played GT:S ~ 2 1/2 months ago. However I am not sure, if matchmaking is different in Australia than in Europe.
  10. I was always intrigued by city-builders, but figured that it is probably better to play them on PC because M&K. However Frostpunk caught my eye back when it first got introduced on PC and after watching some gameplay, I think its worth a shot on PS4. Senior Lead Designer of Frostpunk said this: "From day one we knew we wanted to bring Frostpunk to consoles. At the same time, we didn't want it to be just a port. We wanted Frostpunk to feel like a native console experience, so we redesigned pretty much every game element to work intuitively with a gamepad. Among the new, console-specific UI changes we have an express menu for quick access to most common building actions, easy to use choice-wheels, top-down view for precise building placement, upscaled icons, and much more. We truly believe it will become a new benchmark for the genre on Xbox One and PlayStation 4" Has anyone played the game on PC already and if so, what's your opinion on the game?
  11. Rime Thanks for the giveaway.
  12. The only thing about dummy accounts, that bothered me in the past, when people create dozens of dummy accounts and clutter the fastest achiever list with them. Anyway, I am not paying much of attention to fastest achiever anymore.
  13. Sorry, should have been clearer about this. I didnt plan on closing the poll, actually I didnt know this option was even available. The poll can be used by Sly, to see what suggestions are the most wanted by the community. I think, one week is long enough, to at least get a picture of whats actually the most demanded right now, so Sly can decide if he wants to give us a statement about those suggestions and if there is a chance that they could get implemented or fixed. 1. I'll try or make sure that he gets notified about this thread at least. Maybe he saw it already. 2. I dont know
  14. I would like to give it a week, some people may be in holiday or had no time to check it yet. Well, yes it could mean nothing, but I think its worth a try at least. Maybe Sly already has a list about all the changes and suggestions that were presented in the past. Maybe he cares / maybe not. I would be very pleased if he could at least give a short statement on all the suggestions that are presented here, if they are possible and can be expected or not. That would at least end to some extend the repeating of the same suggestions.