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  1. There are or is a point in game when you should cloud save/ extern save. you probably need to finish until NG++ cause the other Gold trophy for all bosses defeated. I just finished my first PT and you get a Message afterwards. You can either Start your next PT immediately or return to the World and do other stuff first. You can always Start the next PT from the "Bonfire" in the starting area. You dont need to beat the endboss again. EDIT: It seems some areas cannot be visited again during endgame. Though Not entirely sure yet.
  2. The german version has GER, ENG and JP localization, so I guess you're good. Subs will most definitely be available in different languages aswell.
  3. A german gaming and reviewing website I usually check for new games, just released an update, saying they have to postpone their review due to the lenght and difficulty of the game. They were able to play the game for a few days now. (Probably last week/weekend) So far they gave the game a "hit-potential". It's hard to say, if other reviewers finished the game or not, but I think it doesnt matter that much, because everyone liked what they have been playing so far. I simply cant wait to play it tonight. Will you guys play it on Japanese or English localization? I kinda tend to Japenese though I havent played anything on Japanese before.
  4. I got the monastery done today, but struggled a lot yesterday. You need to use the enviroment, but first it needs to be changed. Regarding Treehouses, are you asking for a hint? EDIT: I saw you've already completed the Town. The Puzzle used in Town which resembles the Monastery puzzles can also give you a hint. I dont want to give away too much though.
  5. What does "as supposed" mean? As long as you fullfill the requirements to unlock a trophy, within the games possibilities, there shouldnt be a problem. You are the one who put time and effort into it and got the reward afterwards. Someone could come along and say "Since I am handycapped and only have one arm, everyone who doesnt earn this trophy with only one arm, didnt earn the trophy "as supposed"" or "I've used a different strategy so your way is illegitimate" Even if you just boost trophies, you still put time and effort into a game/trophy. However if you use shareplay, then all you do is letting someone else putting the time and effort into a trophy. All you did was giving someone else permission to do it for you. Sure you do you and so does everyone else, but I think there is a difference.
  6. I feel you, its a common issue for me aswell, youtube always thinks I want to watch the ending of a game, because I've watched one or two trailers. However there might be a solution that could help to avoid spoiler thumbnails. You have to clear your search history on youtube (if you use an account). It should lower the risk of getting video recommandations about a game you watched videos before. (Shoutout to gameranx for the tip)
  7. Raiden V is definitely worth a shot, especially if someone is not sure about Shmups in general. I've played one, two Bullet-Hell games but I always "feared" Shmups, and watching some insane playthroughs strenghtened that fear. Imo Shmups are more difficult than lets say SMB, though in the end it always comes down to preference. I also thought Trials Fusion was more difficult than SMB. After getting the plat in Raiden V, I became more confident and I plan to play Dariusburst Chronicles at some time, which seems way more difficult. I think Raiden IV and Ikaruga are one of, if not the most difficult Shmups currently out there, but I also dont know that many Shmups so I cant really tell. I'd love to play Ikaruga in the future though.
  8. My first game into the world of difficult UR plats was Nex Machina, which I would highly recommend aswell. The plat was super fun, the most difficult part of the game is not required for the plat, though the rest is still challenging. Furi is another great and challenging game. SMB of course, though some people would probably hate to go for the plat. Just Cause 3, but many people had a problem with the many challenges. The plat is not that difficult but was fun. OlliOlli2 Wipeout Omega Collection Titan Souls Dead Nation, I would highly recommend to play it COOP though. Raiden V, while the plat has some useless grinds, its a great entry into Shmups with a doable plat. If you like this type of game there are many more Shmups with even harder plats.
  9. This month is filled with threads that blow up in negativity. No wonder this thread follows this trend, your post is literally inviting it. First of all, if you intend to write an opinion-piece, how about changing the thread title to sth. that makes it clear, like for example "I think your rank means nothing" Opening your thread with "The title will probably offend a few people who like to stack a lot of games" gives the impression that this was indeed your intention. So was it? Stating that this is "just your opinion" would have been mundane if you had chosen a better thread title. Then you go on and on about how leaderboards and ranks are useless and mean nothing but you never really state why you think so, except rankings equate to quantity over quality. There is also a lot of talking about yourself what you did and what you dont do anymore. People dont care about you but themselves first, they dont care that your rank is 7000 and that you've never tried to get to that rank, they dont care that you'll quit trophy hunting when you are around 10k-12k trophies with around 300-400 games (btw why can this be admireable, but going for the "high stage" can't?). They do care however when you tell them that sth. they care about is supposedly useless and if they see nothing than just ranting, no fair arguments, no real good reason for this thread to exist, then this is how it will always turns out. Ending your thread with "What do you all think?" isnt doing anything. If you had started your thread that way, it would have been a different story. Engaging the reader from the start instead of giving him a rant he had no interest in to begin with. Why do I care and tell you this? Because I am getting sick of reading threads like this over and over again. To be fair you are not the only one who creates these type of threads, and the people feeding the heat arent making anything better, trying to amass likes with edgy posts. Though you are somewhat consistent with these threads. If you are really interested in a dialogue, then maybe you should rethink how to tackle "hot topics". Instead of talking about yourself, how about asking questions to people who do care, like "Why do you care? How did you get to this point? What motivates you?" - You'll realize, people will react differently. Also someone offered you to talk about it on a podcast. Why not do that and start a more civilized conversation that way. I dont want to come off as patronizing, but may I suggest you a book that could be beneficial to you (and a lot of other people). And to finally answer your question what I think about it (if you want to know): I dont care that much about them anymore, mostly it comes down to time (and money in the case of trophy hunting, though I've seen people lending games with each other to minimze costs). I've been on several top pages in games like Far Cry 2, MW2 & MW:3. I liked to see my name up there, often people started talking about me in game chat and I felt some kind of pride or what effs. I usually compared my played time with players above me and felt good when I saw that I needed less play-time to reach the same amount of points/wins etc. You know how it always ended up? People started hacking or boosting the LB's and I got lost somewhere deep down. Nobody cared and I began to not care as well. Then I played CoD competitve and cared about Gamebattles LB but that ended sometime as well, though these LB had more meaning to me than ingame LB, because they represented good teams/players instead of how much time (money) someone had invested, Do I get worked up about other people caring about LB's? No. I know how it can feel to climb the LB, the satisfaction it can give. Do I care about the LB on this site? Not really. Sometimes I look up my LB-rank and compare how many plats I have compared to other players on my page but its not like I am getting some sort of positive feeling from it. Its just looking and then I go on with life.
  10. Yeah me too, preordered the game. I'll have days off from work from thursday till April. Cant wait!
  11. MGSV:TPP, without a doubt. The game was in my Top 3 most played in that PS4 video and I probably didnt enjoy 90% of that time. It was the most awful experience I had on PS4 and there is nothing that comes close to it (so far).
  12. I am getting stressed out by the fact that there are constantly new releases I want to play, but havent even finished the previous installment; DMC5 - KH3 - RE2. I complete less games than I buy games. Just in 2019 alone 6-8 games have already been released that I am interested in and there are more to come (18 games that are not listed on my profile [released&not releasesd] + 32 games I still need to finish) So when I play older releases like Batman right now, I get super stressed out when I fail at sth. that usually is not that hard. That leads to rushing things and not really enjoying the game for what it is and more errors/fails which lead to more stress ... you get it. That there are also a few 100h+ plats I still need to tackle doesnt help either. So TL:DR increasing backlog messes with mindset and ruins experience on older releases and leads to trophy-rushing = more stress
  13. You can just exit the game, dont press respawn, just close the application. The game doesnt count the death and you can continue where you left off.
  14. I didnt get the Shun the gods trophy on Fe in Valhalla mode. Did it in story Mode now. Am I right that the "fist" symbol represents the usage of God powers? I also watched a replay; I didnt use any powers. Edit: Got the plat. I had to do all God related trophies (no damage and no God powers) in normal mode.
  15. Do I get the Shun the Gods and no hit trophies also in Valhalla mode? Would spare me some time on normal mode.