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  1. Around 10 years ago, I've pretended to be a girl on a free MMORPG named "Silkroad". And then there was this guy ... he was really "kind". Definitely a different experience.
  2. I'll be up at ass o'clock in the morning to watch the Sony Conference. Also really interested in Cyberpunk 2077.
  3. Part Blood Dragon, Part Machine, All Cybercommando (currently at 1.85%) Enjoyment: 3/10 Difficulty: 5/10 Trials of the Blood Dragon was a huge disappointment. The game has little in common with Trials Fusion (or Evolution). There are many (not fun) on foot sections with horrible controls; shooting sections on both - foot and bike sections; grapling hook, which was kinda ok. There is not a single track, that I would consider more difficult than a 'medium' track on Trials Fusion. RedLynx tried something new, I can acknowledge that, but in my opinion completely failed. If you liked Trials Fusion or Evolution, stay away from this game. It is not worth your time. Platinum strain (currently at 16.83%) Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 4/10 A few years ago I stumbled across the OST from 'TTP' on youtube. It was such an amazing piece, that it stuck with me. 'TTP' is a puzzle game where you have to complete trials to collect sigils, which help you to progress further in the story. The trials can contain Jammers, which can open doors; red and blue laser beams which can open doors with red and/or blue locks, boxes and air turbines; sometimes there are also drones which move around and can block laser beams or mines which move around and can kill you. The game starts really easy and never becomes frustrating hard. Only a few of the very last levels are a bit more difficult and took me longer. I would highly recommend to play the game blind first, a cleanup run is done pretty fast afterwards. The story is fine and tackles some interesting questions like "what is a person" or "what is consciousness". Just don't expect something groundbreaking. Ascension / 2000th Trophy (currently at 2.02%) Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 7/10 In Titan Souls you play as a boy with Bow & Arrow and your only skill is a roll + sprint. Your goal is to kill several Titans, each is different in terms of skills and weakpoints. One hit and you die, but so do the titans on their weakpoints. I really enjoyed this little gem. The OST is great, the fights against the titans are fun and engaging and when first playing blind it takes some time to find the best strategy to kill each Titan. The trophies are challenging, but fun to do. Since the game can be completed in less than 20 minutes, it never becomes frustrating. But I have to admit, that I feel a bit dirty after using the cross-save exploit during my Iron Playthroughs (you have only one life). If you enjoy games like Dark Souls (Boss Fights) or Shadow of the Colossus, I really recommend Titan Souls to you!
  4. Destiny 2 ---- please dont advise Titan Souls
  5. Hitman Still not sure, if I should buy it.
  6. I'll buy Bound .. silly me didnt get it, when it was on PS Plus Maybe Thief and Soul Suspect .. but first I'll check reviews if they are worth it.
  7. I didnt think about which tricks I would perform on the next grind or jump. I just made sure, that my combo lasts from start to finish. Get used to some tricks/grinds and try to perfect manuals and grind switchs. Revert manuals are not a must, but definitely can help. Also make sure that your last landing is "perfect" or your combo points will decrease drastically.
  8. Well, at least you can drive a bit slower and safer on Multilaps, because the gold driver makes enough mistakes over 3 rounds. As long as you dont mess up huge jumps and / or need to restart a checkpoint which throws you back 5-7 seconds.
  9. Trackmaster (Currently at 0,89%) Trackmania started as a really fun game but sadly turned into a complete annoyance during the red series but especially in the black series. While Lagoon and Stadium were mostly the fun parts, Valley / Off-Road was absolute terrible. Canyon was okay. My biggest issue with the game were the random moments, where I simply could not do anything. I am all for difficulty, but some parts where just insanely random, like the wall jumps on Track #178, leading to 6 hours of trying until I got the gold medal. This will be my last racing game for the next few years, except a new WipeOut comes out. This game showed me again, that I am simply not made for racing games. Don't get me wrong, this game is not terrible or bad, but just not my genre. Enjoyment: 6/10 (3/10 during Black Series) Difficulty: 8/10
  10. Im only guessing here. I have had a Game once, where the guide warned about Collecting collectibles via Chapter Select before Finishing the Game. Dont know which Game it was, but since then Ive Never done that again. At least you can Replay on the easiest difficulty.
  11. I finished gold on 179 & 180 yesterday and both took me less than 178. So glad, that valley is finally done. Have to say though, that 180 was hard, but not as annoying as 178. I guess lagoon and stadium will be much easier and more fun.
  12. Why are people always getting so serious when it comes to music (taste)? Just listen to what you like, end of the story. Dont get it, why people care that much, that "popular" music is not their taste. So what? That does not make you any special, nor are others "weird" or "stupid" or whatever for liking it and most important, it doesnt harm anyone. "Querbeet" or in english "All over the place" is my taste in music, I dont limit myself by disliking and avoiding different genres. You could miss out your potential most favourite songs/tracks.
  13. Well, sucks to be me, cause I am not really good at driving games, so nailing that line is more troublesome to me than it may seem. I know about that, but it did not really help me through this track. Usually I get a feel on something like drifting certain spots after several (or dozens) of attempts, but when it comes to these walljumps, I am just lost. At least, I am still able to gold these tracks, even if it takes me several hours.
  14. Anyone else had just a great and fun time on Track 178? I mean, these wall-ride-kinda-jumps are just ... so fucking great. Probably spent 4 or 5 hours yesterday, just to gold this track. I mean, what were they thinking? Is there anyone, who figured a way to do the wall-ride-jumps consistent? I probably drove the track more than 300 times and I still dont know exactly what I need to do to proper land these abominations of jumps.