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  1. Hey everybody, could someone please power Level me to level 50 or even higher? My game crashed yesterday and now my save file is corrupted. My Level 37 char is gone and I cant see myself doing everything from scratch again. I would pick a level 30 char from the main menue (available since the new DLC) so I guess that would shorten the time to level up by a fair chunck. Thanks in advance PSN-ID: Mori-101
  2. No problem. I dont think there is a Limit. However from L1 on, it can happen that you accidently destroy the Portal, before it gets activated, because it gets chaotic very fast. I cant see any other reason for Portals not being there.
  3. You're telling me I need to be creative to get them?
  4. Where can I find those? I need them in my life.
  5. Sony certainly improved their Line-Up. Great games, unfortunately I own both already.
  6. The games usually get announced at 3:30 GMT (UTC) - so in 4 minutes
  7. I am definitely excited to see how the game turns out. Still not sure if it'll be a Day One purchase or a purchase at all.
  8. Ah okay, thanks for the info. I am usually not a fan of making saves, but only because it Always takes fucking ages to open up the Cloud saves. Does anyone else has this issue aswell? It sometimes takes roughly 5 minutes until I have Access on all my Cloud saves. Anyway I guess it makes sense to make a save. It would be terrible to have a good run, just to get screwed in the end again. While we are at it, is there anything I have to pay Attention to on the endless runs or can I Play them like the usual runs? On my Expert Plus run I ended up with Cloaking RIG III and just rushed the map, rewind and get out of the missions as fast as possible. Does this still work on later stages in Endless? It could be possible, but I am not entirely sure. I think in Hard mode you can go in Vault 1-2 and farm it there. However getting there is already a pain in the ass. But what are you trying to do now? Do you want to farm ammo or do you want fo farm Energy? You can go either way, if you want to farm Energy you have to Play with Y.V. in hard mode or loop in normal mode to get the proto chest to spawn and choose the Crown that hurts you when Opening chests and giving you Energy for it. Do this until you reach Level 10 and go to Y.V. Mansion. If you want to farm ammo Drops with gun gun, Play with robot in hard mode or loop in normal mode. Of Course you Need a melee weapon for both ways, since you Need to destroy the green balls.
  9. So far I just found this on steam, but it should apply to the PS4 Version aswell. Quote: "As already said Divine Edition is Definitive Edition (which includes Standard Edition) + some digital extras (art, pictures, soundtrack). These extras have no effect on the game itself."
  10. Nah, I did it aswell and it was a pain at times, but it was worth it. I did that when we played Slender back in the day. I just ran and didnt bother. But it doesnt really help me nowadays. I probably just need to man up and get through the games. I usually start with Banks and International. I've tried Derek once but I wasnt able to use his teleporter and abondoned the save alltogether. I found out about the Killer Combo on my Expert Plus PT. Cloaking RIG III is OP and even better with the other stuff you've mentioned. My biggest issue is with Monster and getting his ass around the map in the final mission. With rewinds its okay, because I can lure and sacrifice my other agents. Also finding the rooms is sometimes a pain in the ass.
  11. Damn you're right, I better correct that immediately.
  12. This sounds like a fun event and for that reason I am in: 1. Invisible Inc 2. Dariusburst: Chronicle Saviours 3. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus 4. Divinity: Original Sin 2 5. Splasher 6. The Evil Within 7. Ikaruga 8. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 9. Outlast 10. Outlast 2 11. Darkest Dungeon 12. XCOM 2 13. Enter the Gungeon 14. Badlands 15. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel I leave Crypt out, because lets be honest here ..
  13. Yeah, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus on 'Mein Leben'. Other than that I could dive into Alien: Isolation again. I have abondoned that game for roughly two years (played it one hour this year). I probably puss out again and leave it for two more years. I dont know why I buy scary games I am too scared of to play. (Looking at RE7, Outlast 1 & 2, TEW 1 & 2) btw. can you give me some tips or advices for Invisible Inc. Iron Mode on Expert? I've tried it only once so far and reached the final Mission, but failed miserably.
  14. I havent played the game yet, but watched a PT (first two/three missions). I can imagine, with a good sound system, your neighbours think its wartime. Besides the awesome sound, one of the missions was disturbing to say the least. "No Russian" left me cold, but this was almost too close to reality for my taste. I would wait for a price drop though, if the story (and COOP) is the only thing you are interested in.