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  1. I completed N++ last weekend. I had a blast, the game is simple but has enough mechanics to learn and use that it never got boring, even after around 1300 levels. Though only around a quarter of these levels were challening, the rest was usually first try done. The respawning in this game allowed non-stop gameplay which I prefer the most, no loading times, just press a button and retry. Now, one of the best parts is the OST. If you like 'Techno, Minimal' or whatever you wanna call this genre, you are in for a treat. The amound of tracks is also astonishing, it never really felt repetitive. They even included a 'skip to next track' button, which is awesome, but was only ever needed for one or two tracks, the rest are gold. Speaking of gold. The real challenge in this game is collecting gold in each level. Trophy-wise, it is only required to collect all gold in the tutorial levels, which is manageable. N++ could have been a straight 10/10 if they included a "collect-all-gold" trophy. Some levels are pure madness. The later levels, which are also more difficult (obviously) can take up to 1 to 2 minutes longer if you are going for all gold (normally a level takes between a few seconds up to a minute) and they usually make the level even harder by adding more obstacles, enemies, lasers, etc.
  2. Rive completed. Not much too say about it, fun game, trophies are okay, single-credit mode can be cheesed by uploading your save file.
  3. Verdun done and Tier 2 finished. Verdun was an 100 hour waste of time. It's the worst game I have played so far, I dont even wanna talk about it. Only good thing everything is boostable. Thanks to @Koro249 for suffering through this with me. As for Tier 3, I am going back to games I swapped out before or already started.
  4. Switching Hyper Light Drifter with Verdun.
  5. Audiobooks and video essays on youtube made it somewhat bearable. Unfortunately no faster way than Blue Moon.
  6. Better play a game that you know you'll enjoy. You have been unsure about playing NT at all, I doubt it would be a good choice for the 100th milestone. I vote for SMB Forever if you want a challenging 100th or Hades if you want sth you most likely will enjoy (though I havent checked the achievements yet). If you can wait with Nier Replicant then this might be a good choice as well.
  7. Which bunker do you mean? Is it at the first defence wave or at a later one?
  8. Yes! I feel like I've seen half the game but holy damn I am excited for this.
  9. The Colin McRae DLC. It has around 40 events which simulate real life events McRae drove, sometimes with really difficult requirements. I am not a good SIM racer and at first I wasnt even sure if I could manage it. I wouldnt put more than 10€ on the Bounty, for experienced SIM racer it shouldn't be too difficult.
  10. 5.000 Headshots is such a ridiculous amount. Are there any known strategies/spots to achieve this faster and easier?
  11. I was against NFS because it is more frustrating and at times unfair, but Dirt Rally 2.0. would be a great addition. The DLC is among my proudest trophies I've achieved on Playstation so far.
  12. Regarding XCOM2, I played and completed XCOM EU and EW on 360. The games can be challenging, but since you can cheese your way through, the challenge becomes trivial. Its unfortunate but it makes XCOM 2 not worthy to be on the list. Star Ocean doesnt require much skill as far as I know, just a lot of time.
  13. There is only one game that can be next. We both know it. You are just afraid of a truly challenging game. Nice work again though. 🍻
  14. Playstation dropped a Gameplay Trailer for Aeterna Noctis. It's described as a challenging 2D Metroidvania. It has resemblence with hit titles like Hollow Knight, Celeste and Ori. I am definitely looking forward to it.
  15. This looks awesome, never heard of the game before. I need to keep it in mind.