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  1. Hm, I mainly used Murakumo in CS mode, but not sure if it would be my first choice for a no hit run. Having the laser barrier is OP, though it might be not as useful on the new route. Anyway, it will be a long time before I'll get to the game, so I am not worrying about it rn. Are you going for it soonish?
  2. Collectibles .. please just stop putting collectibles in your game, that have no purpose whatsoever except for to be collected. I genuinely wonder when this trend started, which game is responsible for that crap every other game had to copy ...
  3. Where did you get that info from? Couldnt find anything related to number of players in COOP.
  4. Wer ist da? -- Stirb, du Schwein! Srsly though, the German localisation was the best part of the game, Koro and I died laughing every now and then. As a native speaker it just sounds obnoxious, but funny. --- Here's my update as well. Had my fun with it, though wouldnt recommend the game solo. Wont comment the game any further.
  5. @Ulfarund Thanks for the reply. I am not sure if I understand chapter select correctly though. You can load any chapter on any difficulty, but I have to choose my save files that were automatically created in each level. Is this considered chapter select? And how does the clean up work then? Do I just need to collect the missing ones and can quit to menue again, or do I have to complete the level for it to count?
  6. @Koro249, @Arcesius Personally, I'll wait for an official Trailer, but the news reignited my hope for this game. They wanted to show off this game last year in march at an asian(?) gaming event, but due to COVID it got cancelled. Haven't heard any major news since then.
  7. I just finished my first playthrough on normal. Checked the guide and not sure how to continue regarding the collectibles. I missed one or two per level. Doing an entire run in NG+ would suck and since there is no chapter select, I am not sure if doing the collectible run on heroic difficulty would be best. You need karma and crystals for upgrades anyway, right? So, question is, how have you guys tackle the collectibles if you didnt pick up all of them during your first playthrough?
  8. At first I thought so as well. I switched to Risk of Rain 2 and played it COOP but had a connection error first. On second try it worked though. Hopefully its just a PSN issue.
  9. Currently not able to connect to servers... on a friday evening. Awesome. Probably have to wait til Monday.
  10. Yes totally, I have the time of my life. Fast loading times, better performance overall, 3D sound, amazing graphic. Feels almost too good to be true until I wake up and realize it was all a dream.
  11. Thanks. I changed my mind, the most recent sale offered a nice addition to my backlog and I'd rather do an easier Tier 2 first. So no Ikaruga/Splasher for now.
  12. Pantsu Hunter: Back to the 90's finally on sale. 😍
  13. Finished my Tier 1 with Broforce today. Fun game in COOP, clean-up and Ironmode were okay. I accidently made it extra hard upon myself, by only having 2 Bros left at the very end. I didnt know you have to play 3 levels back to back, cheesing didnt work here. I'll post Tier 2 soon, I know 3 games for sure, I haven't decided between Splasher or Ikaruga yet and then one random game. Also, nice job guys, 3 bounties in one day. Keep it up! 🍻
  14. Yeah, looks like the next Masterpiece everyone cannot wait to play.
  15. I only found one, wasnt a no hit either. And yes, the routes look much worse than QUZ.