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  1. Campaign the usual. MP Squad Wipe might be 2v2 mode? Zombie Easter Egg and Misc trophies Dead Ops minigame might be a Bit more this time, might even need to complete it. Its a Top-Down twin Stick shooter, pretty fun.
  2. I bought the "complete Edition" of The Surge before the second DLC dropped. The new complete Edition is (was) called "Augmented Edition". Regarding Borderlands 3
  3. Sure, give me 5 days. Yeah Husky, what are you waiting for? After Crash 4, you do SMB, how about that? Did you expect it to be easy? But yeah, Koro recently sent me an interview with Edmund McMillen where he says that TEiN is (or might be) the most difficult game of his. Devs have been nice again.
  4. Glad to hear you enjoyed your time for a change. Solid review as always, keep it up. 👍 Regarding the "devs have been nice", I 100% agree. Like you've said, it could have been a 9/10 or even 10/10. To my shame, I've never managed to beat TLB on Experience difficulty, so just imagining it on Hero or Master... Did you have any shortage of feats to do? If I remember correctly, I just had enough "easy" feats to reach 100. I think 125 could have been much more difficult already, could be wrong though. Anyway, good luck and have fun with TEiN, I'll join you soon.
  5. Man, I am glad I havent bought the game yet. Currently playing the trilogy and the 4th installment is on sale right now. The Surge and Borderlands 3 did the same in selling you a supposedly full package just to drop some more paid content later on. Hopefully this doesnt become a trend.
  6. This will be more like Automata, Platinumgames is involved. Definitely better Gameplay than the original.
  7. Lets go! Looking forward to it. Might be not that bad like the first game.
  8. Gameplay Demo Release Date Trailer April 23, 2021 release date.
  9. This is great news, I havent finished the game yet. Might play the enhanced PS5 version for free then.
  10. @Arcesius Thanks to you, the plat does not show up in my top 5 rarest trophy cabinet anymore. You did good.
  11. Besides long loading times in the base game, I havent encountered any major performance issues. Moreover the Add-On apparently fixes the long ass loading screens and improves the performance over all.
  12. Since this is the most recent thread about the game, could someone tell me, if all trophies are still obtainable? From what I understand, the newest expansion changed quite a lot of things, especially the introduction of the game.
  13. I've seen a trailer and it reminded me of Pumped BMX since you can do tricks and stuff. I might be wrong though and the game could be fun.
  14. I thoroughly enjoyed your rebellious highschool story. Congratz on the plat and good luck with finding sth. new to entertain yourself. I think we've all been there before.
  15. This new Gameplay trailer flew completely under my radar. It always looked too good to be true. But now even Mick 'frickn' Gordon is on board. I cannot wait to see how the game actually will be on next gen, fingers crossed. BlyatShock