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  1. I can't check since I dont own the game. This is their last tweet/retweet from 15th Dec 2022: Maybe they fixed the ambushes with the latest patch on playstation as well.
  2. Soundtrack goes hard. I really hope this game turns out great.
  3. Thanks for these specific details. I updated OP with your warning from the GTA V PS5 guide.
  4. I haven't heard or seen anything about this being an issue on PS4, though I haven't looked into it. My guess would be it works fine on PS4 and this is solely an issue with the PS5 version. You can check on R* Social Club website. Log-in with your PSN details and then you can check your progress/stats. It lists all the Mission, Strangers & Freaks, Hobbies & Pastimes, Miscellaneous etc. Taking a walk with Chop is under Miscellaneous. Also, as an update. There's a report that the method with switching characters only works until a certain point in the story and isnt possible after finishing the story or even earlier in the story anymore.
  5. You can no longer take a walk with Chop on the PS5 version, which would make the in-game 100% impossible. There is a work-around by saving the game with Michael or Trevor and then switching to Franklin. On a rare occasion he has Chop with him and you can play fetch ball. If anyone has encountered the same issue and has a different solution, please post it here. EDIT: Thanks to @Troz for more details.
  6. Patch is live and the two trophies popped without issues.
  7. Almost no info available for these trophies. You have to win one match in versus against at least 2 other opponents in each mode to unlock the next one. I did it against AI's, not sure if it also works against human players (would be much easier in local multiplayer obviously). After doing all other trophies you still might be missing the all paletts trophy. You have to play ~15 minutes in versus mode in one session. Just plug in a second controller and afk in battle mode.
  8. Update on Discord from dev. If this doesn't happen, I'll give up on this game.
  9. Update Victor Vran, Alchemic Jousts, Umbrella Corps, Woah Dave! and ESO done
  10. I dont know, a friend of mine played the game and let me know about the issue. I dont own the game.
  11. Elden Ring, the exploration is out of this world, a magical journey. Hyper Light Drifter, never has a game hit me on an emotional level that hard. Pure passion project.
  12. Whats the exclamation mark for, next to the platinum on some games? nvm DLC's that are not included I guess?
  13. Download your summary, there should be an option on the wrap-up. Then upload the image on any picture upload website, like Then just copy&paste the link from that upload in here.
  14. I am glad to not be the only degenerate here.