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  1. Are later challenges that difficult? So far I've only completed the first 4 levels with all challenges done and given that you dont have to complete them all in one go, it shouldn't be that hard?
  2. Beating a dead horse here but I think it's pointless to argue about that crap anymore. Certain people have accounts that aren't even a year old and already have 2.500 plats. Even if all shovelware games would stop releasing as of today, the "damage" is already done and 99% of all players that don't play these games wont even come close to that count. Unless Sony intervenes, there is not much that can be done. Complaining and arguing on PSNP sure as hell has done jack shit in recent years. So better save your energy for something worth while.
  3. Update Another 2nd fastest achiever booked, hell yeah. 8) In Switch Galaxy Ultra you control a ship dashing left and right on several lanes, avoiding coloured gates and enemy ships. Even though I liked the concept in other games, there's one thing missing. It only asks you to pay attention to the visuals, no rhythm whatsoever. The game is very boring, the OST consists of 6 or 7 tracks and you have to play all 50 levels twice. Lovely. You don't need to perfect a level, you can mostly just tank errors and it becomes this repeated experience for all levels. Also, you gain speed but at some point you are too fast and have to manually brake and I really, really disliked this mechanic. In my opinion this does not suit this genre at all. Survival trophies can be cheesed in Multiplayer mode, I forgot the name, but its not called survival, still works though and is much easier than the actual Survival mode. Some misc trophies that should pop naturally while playing story mode.
  4. Given that the No die trophy popped after replaying the Sub-Chapter i was missing, I highly expect just replaying the chapter you killed a civilian is enough to pop the trophy. I suspect the game having a hidden track record of Kill Civilian: Yes/No after Mission completion.
  5. - ESO+ subscriptons grants you access to all DLC excluding the most recent one (High Isle). The other option is to buy all DLC's seperately. - Can't say much, a team is probably not mandatory but might help a lot. - No, ESO main game is free to play, but ESO+ can be purchased on a monthly basis and as mentioned before grants access to many DLC's + some other benefits, most notably crafting bag.
  6. Can we just appreciate the fact, that Sony actually acknowledged the issue? Like, people have been shouting that Sony gives a flying fuck about anything these days and yet here we are. Now lets hope it doesn't stop there...
  7. Update Killzone Shadow Fall done. Nothing particular to say here, it is a decent FPS that managed to feel a tad bit different than the usual. Multiplayer grind was ok, started early on with @Koro249 so we could spread the grind over several days. This concludes Tier 4 which isn't a thing but I also don't want to continue my endless Tier, so next list will be a clean slate again.
  8. Given that the game is made by the OlliOlli devs, I expect some decent challenging trophies. Definitely gonna grab the game Day 1. Price tag is 20€ and will increase at the end of August to 30€.
  9. @BlitzkriegHottie, rarely enjoyed reading an update that much.
  10. Yup, confirmed by members of the group chat, they can play again. Some have issues with their correct level showing up but only might be a server side issue and gets fixed or is already fixed. @quickfoozlle
  11. Devs confirmed on Discord that the trophy bugs have been fixed. Patch can't be released this week but most likely comes out some time next week or the week after.
  12. PARTY HARD & HUGE SUCCESS don't pop for me. Has anyone else tried these trophies and has the same issue? I don't know how Party Hard can even be missable, since you have to kill all enemies to unlock the exit. I searched the whole level for hidden enemies, I only found a locked door to a room with some weapons. Huge Success simply does not pop with the Mutator enabled. EDIT: I joined their discord and it was acknowledged. They try to release a patch by next week and it will hopefully be fixed then. As of 08.08.2022: Devs confirmed trophy bugs have been fixed and patch will release soon.
  13. You definitely doing sth. wrong then. It shouldn't take longer than an hour, the cooldown on the revive drone reduces the higher the level of the drone. Have you disabled all weapons and just teamkill - revive - teamkill and so on?
  14. How about we all start to develop shovelware and see what happens? Sounds better to me than just complaining about it everyday.
  15. I had the same issue with a trophy in Elder Scrolls Online. Give it some time and it will fix itself. In my case it was maybe an hour.
  16. Update This is gonna be a longer update because I have completed 7 more games since my last update. Shiftlings: I played this with @Arcesius and first thing, finally a game that properly tracks all progress while playing COOP. Usually we encounter some issues when playing COOP games, be it progress not tracking correctly, trophies only popping for the host, etc. You play as 2 alien-like creatures that are tied together via a cord. One alien is always small, can jump, can go through tight spaces, can interact with levers, jump cannons, while the other alien is always huge, can pull the small alien with it, can stand on buttons to activate them and act as a trampoline for the small alien. With a simple button press the roles can be changed on the spot, often necessary to progress the level. The game has 5 worlds, each with 10 levels. Each level has 3 collectibles that often require some going out of your way. Each world introduces new mechanics while carrying over previous ones. I enjoyed World 1-3, World 4 and 5 just started to piss me off. The game has platforming sections, while not getting it right what makes a good platformer. The hitboxes for the fat alien are atrocious, often getting killed by electrified gates without even touching them. The switching between big and small alien can be done by both players often resulting in confusing situations; I guess that's the point, be better at communicating but I often found myself annoyed. I prefer COOP games where I can still control my own actions and not be influenced by every single input someone else does, if that makes sense. Trophy-wise. Play the game once while getting all collectibles, do some misc stuff, then speedrun each world individually. Each level can be completed seperately and a world has not be done in a single run. The times are very forgiving, often with 4-6 minutes to spare in a world. Race The Sun: You control a solar-powered spaceship, dodging various objects on the way such as laser beams, other ships and other stationary obstacles, while gathering pick ups that can be used in game, all while the sun slowly sets on the horizon. The game ends either when you hit an object and the ship gets destroyed, or when the sun sets. Downgrade the game to 1.00, use an exploit and basically get every trophy without any difficulties. Not much else to say here. Laser Disco Defenders: A fun and short twin-stick shooter which main gimmick is that every bullet/laser you and enemies shoot stay in the level bouncing off from walls and posing an additional threat. You have to beat the story 4 times, once with each character. The characters only differ in movement speed and starting health. The slowest starts with the most hearts, while the fastest starts with only one heart, but every character can pick up hearts and get to 5 in a matter of a few levels so there is not a real downside to play the faster characters. There are also 4 pick-ups with a one time use: A melee sword, very OP, a vortex that sucks in all lasers in your vicinity, a machine that allows shooting lasers for a short period that will disappear after the timer runs out and a slow-mo while aiming. You also have equipment, 3 for head, 3 for torso, 3 for feet, each coming with different abilities but most are useless. Story has 15 levels, all very short, with level 15 being the same boss fight for every character. There's also an endless mode. If you like twin-stick shooter I'd recommend it when its on sale for 2 bucks. Entwined: You control 2 entities, an orange fish with the left analog stick and a blue bird with the right analog stick. Each can only move around on their respective side. The goal is to collect power-ups to fill up the orange and blue bar while avoiding obstacles. When both bars are filled up you initiate a fusion sequence and need to avoid some more obstacles to make the fusion happen. After that you enter a small open area where you can fly around freely and collect some more power-ups without any dangers. Rinse and repeat 9 times. Everything is very simple and easy however the challenge mode (endless mode) and its trophy asks you to unlock all 5 levels and the fourth one is pretty challenging, took me a couple hours to reach the point requirement. Okay-ish game, was free with PS+ extra so can't complain. Velocibox: You control a box in a kind of endless runner. The box can move left, right or switch to the opposite side you are moving on. Your goal is simple, avoid obstacles and collect 6 cubes to progress to the next level. There are 9 levels, with the last being a true endless runner. Your goal is to reach level 9 in ranked mode, meaning no-deaths allowed. Practice individual levels is possible in normal mode. While each level has fixed obstacle patterns, they are still randomized. That means sometimes tough luck and what feels like unfair deaths. I was able to get consistent at 1-4, 5 and 6 were RNG hell and 7 I only reached a couple times before finishing it. 8 is a freebie where you can just move straight. Overall a run can be completed in roundabout 2 minutes. @Arcesius the perfect game for you. Cosmophony: Oh, what a lovely and enjoyable game. You control a goddess heart though 5 levels avoiding obstacles and shooting triangles to the rhythm of Drum and Bass soundtracks. No RNG BS just gid gud and learn the patterns. Level 1-3 are fairly simple, 4 starts ramping up the difficulty and 5 goes nuts. After a couple hours and a good night sleep it was manageable and felt really good to complete. I'm hooked for more, probably gonna start Superbeat: Xonic soon. @Arcesius I highly recommend Cosmophony, though not sure if the music will piss you off. My 5th level run: Not Not: A Brain Buster: Lastly, a puzzle game which demands quick thinking. You control a human on a cube, you can go in either of the 4 directions. The cube tells you where to go and you have a few seconds to react to the command. Starts off simple: Up, Down, Down, Right, etc. then it introduces Not Right, Not Left, etc. then colours, then coloured text like Yellow. It adds more and more variations. There are three difficulties, Normal, Hard, Extreme and around 10 rows, each introducing a new variation. Normal requires 30 steps, Hard 40 and Extreme 50 and you have to do each without dying. Hard and Extreme add more confusion, so instead of Not Right, you get Not Not Right or Not Not Down and Not Up. Extreme adds another layer with Not Not Not and other shenanigans. I was able to do every row except the last one without pause exploiting. The last row introduces The Liar, so whenever a cancel icon is on a command it is actually the opposite. So: Not Not Down would normally be Down but with the cancel icon it is actually Not Down. My brain was mush after a while. Then there is challenge mode, you need to reach 200 steps without dying. My record was 120 without pausing. It introduces the variations from "story" mode one by one while progressing but also decreases the time you have to react the closer you get to 200. - Whoever manages 200 steps legit, you are indeed big brain.
  17. Might be the developer testing if trophies unlock after patch? I have no news, nothing announced on Discord either. Nevermind, I didnt check the PS4 stack. Just tried it on PS5 again, still doesn't pop.
  18. Meanwhile Demon Souls and Bloodborne cry in the corner
  19. I see. Well still great month imo, already played LN but THPS and Yakuza I love to add to my library.
  20. Sorry but are you complaining about the line-up for August?
  21. The maintenance is over and online is available again.
  22. Just a quick heads up, currently the game is not playable via online mode, this effects only one trophy in the entire game which is Foursome. The online mode is in maintanence since the 19th of July according to some members of the official VV discord server. Apparently this has happened before and some say the devs might be unaware of the "maintenance". I check everyday if the servers are up again and I will update this thread if they come back online or any other news are known.
  23. Info from a group chat I am in "According to a Reddit user, FDev responded to his ticket and said that they have a fix and will implement it with an upcoming update. That may mean update 13 scheduled for august but it looks like a fix is in the works."
  24. Update What can wrong with a game having several Ultra Rare trophies and a price tag of 2-3€ on sale? Well, let me tell you. I had no idea what to expect when I started The Bit.Trip, only knowing the character from a guest appearance in Super Meat Boy. The game is split up in 6 mini-games, Beat & Flux are pure garbage because they control via sixaxis control motion and it is too sensitive and not fun to play at all. Core is the most difficult one out of the 6 and at times unfair to learn patterns that no human-being can react to the first time or even the 5th time playing it. Fate is the most fun, it is a lite shmup on rails, not too difficult. Runner is what most people probably expect from the game, it's a classic 2D platformer auto-scroller Void is the easiest one, it was ok to play. Overall I'd not recommend the game, it is more pain than fun. @Dzware, @Arcesius