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  1. Stopped playing this on the vita over a year ago. The plat seemed out of reach for me cuz I never thought I'd get a diamond cup. Randomly decided to play a few challenges yesterday for shizz and giggles and couldn't believe that the elusive diamond cup was now in my possession. Got another 800 or so points to grind which I'm more than happy to do to get my 3rd plat for the game. In conclusion: Today is a great day!
  2. Question for people who got this trophy already: For the trophy Above the Average, do you need to simply finish each level on nightmare or get all medals in nightmare difficulty? I'm hoping it's the former!
  3. I got to the nightmare stages on the android version.Was tough but very do-able. I just hope "complete" means beat the level and not achieve all the goals because some of those later nightmare stages were extremely tough. Overall though I preferred it much more than anniversary. Much more customization and overall a longer, better game. So excited it has a plat! Day 1 buy for me.
  4. You're a legend! Thank you for the help, I don't think I ever would have seen that! Now I just have to find ONE blue orb somewhere near the beacon of simplicity!
  5. I'm nearing the the end of my collecting for the game. I have just have one map collectible to get. The map is beside the activation for the 'turtle' titan but there's a gap between me and the collectible that I've no idea how to get across. Has anyone here got it yet? Does the path eventually become available? I need to know! Cheers!
  6. If it just needs to be sapphire I can take my time with the level. I feel like I'm rushing it and making stupid mistakes.
  7. I just got the silver trophy. If you get all the boxes, you get the clear gem and the trophy. I'm assuming the gold trophy is for completing the time trial. I'm guessing gold or better like the other levels.