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  1. Same thing is happening to me and there's no way to delete media unless you do it from YouTube itself which doesn't apply in this case. I guess it is some sort of bug?
  2. If you mean glitches, yes, you can replicate all of them with the current patch installed. They require a bit of practice though.
  3. For anyone interested 1) Yes, you can use cheats like Infinite ammo, super health, bullet gibs(one shot kills), fast rails, etc. to get through the game and earn every trophy, except the one which requires you to finish the game without using cheats( I recommend doing this on your 1st and easy playthrough while getting the "green" ending) Just DON'T use the "Unlock everything/levels" cheats. 2) For the bonus objectives, play on Normal as there is 1 objective which cannot be done on easy, and aim for the best ending(Blue/ full bar) Make sure to do all the objectives before finishing each level. I missed two and didn't get the trophy at the end of the game, even though I chapter select the ones I missed. 3) Endings: Red/low heroics bar: Kill every civilian you see and ignore bonus objectives. Yellow/ medium low: Kill civilians until your bar gets yellow and try to maintain it. Green: Just your average playthrough, you might kill a few civilians and complete some objectives but that's it. Blue/ full bar: Complete every bonus objective and kill less than 5 civilians, but you should aim for 0 tbh. I did 5 playthroughs total, each one taking around 2 hours. Good luck!
  4. Do you have a guide for the objectives and all endings? I'd love to start this game but can't find a good guide for these trophies.
  5. No, unfortunately. The devs seem to be working on a fix though.
  6. Yeah, same here. It crashes as soon as I start escorting the armored vehicle.