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  1. I gave it a shot as I fought in all of them and sure enough I had lost that match and didn't retry. So because I didn't win it didn't count. So I got the trophy now so I'm good! Thanks!
  2. So I'm kind of in a bind where I'm missing three fights in the Gladiator Games. I've beaten the game and did almost all of the other substories (I have completed 67 out of 80) and have been farming chips and IDL, and nothing has happened. I restarted the game and nothing happened. I beat Toki, all of the races, maxed out all relationships in Bartender Ken and Merchant Ken and still nothing. I'm at my wits end and I'm afraid I won't be able to plat the game with my clear data. Any help would do. If I'm missing anything I would like to know. The fights I'm missing are: Crowd Favorite Deathmatch Electric Deathmatch Ultimate Inmate Battle (S-Rank) Here is what I have done as of this post: My Games Rank is S My Character Level is 70 I've defeated all of the duels I have beaten the game on Normal and Easy (Grinding out other trophies before I get to Extra Hard difficulty.) Completed 67/80 SubStories I've followed the guides and nothing seems to have worked. If anybody can help, I'd be much appreciated.
  3. A game can't "give" or "owe" you a platinum. That not how this works. This is like you turning on your PS3 and I hack and delete your Save data every time you turn it on. It becomes an annoyance and a waste of time. Couple that with your actual responsibilities and it would effectively ruin your gaming experience. And when you start your response with "I am not defending this guy's actions in any way, but...", chances are you're going to defend him. :/ The plea of "Devil's Advocate" is a defense tactic in itself...
  4. I'm honestly starting to think you do not understand the construct of time and adult responsibilities. Let's paint you a picture: I'm a manager at a retail job, my hours are 9:45am to 9pm (sometimes later if an inventory truck arrives). By the time I'm home I'm either dedicating at least an hour to wrapping up personal things and monitoring my kids or I'm too tired and have to be asleep anyways to get up in the morning. Now I have to do this 6 days a week (kids are an everyday thing). Holiday season is here so I have to spend all of my time making sure my store doesn't implode and my staff isn't burnt out. Now I don't know the lives of others here on this tread, but I'm sure they have other responsibilities as well. So let's say that I'm trying to plat Warhawk "legit", I wouldn't be able to obtain it legit, due to: Work Children Adult responsibilities The above would NOT let it be possible if I would attempt it legit and wait for people to join as you so put "a dead game". Even if I were joining your buddy's server, I would still need to boost as I wouldn't have the time and energy to learn AND be competitive in WH to earn the plat legit. There would just be no way. What you are asking from people (and let's be honest, demanding through cyberterrorism) is VERY unreasonable due to the deadline that has been given by Sony. It is not in no ways possible to obtain WITHOUT boosting at this point. Did I also mention there are 24 hours in a day? You can't be this naive for the level of skill you actually have. If it is possible as you so claim, then just reset everyone's stats back to zero? You know why you won't? Because it isn't possible, realistic or feasible.