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  1. Nice! Would be a shame if of all people he/she wouldn't get it!
  2. It's funny to see all those recent players with 5% completion now 😂
  3. Also got it, less than 20 minutes ago.
  4. Yeah, I saw a message on another site of the likes too. Kinda shame that they didn't announce anything beforehand and a big fat shame that I was just too late to get this trophy.
  5. If anybody is still struggling with this, this might be useful also: I also had the problem of always getting spotted 4 times instead off the alotted 3. My 'solution' was to drop off the last platform when going to the open door at the left, instead off at the right which I did before, because that would become the fourth spot, as the sentinel "misses" you for a short moment when you're dropping past the platform.
  6. Yeah saw that too. Hopefully Curve takes notice of our messages and is able to get the servers running again so we can earn this legit.
  7. I used the contact form on their site:
  8. I sent them an email yesterday asking if there are any plans to get the server back up. Especially as the server for the first installment is still up and running. If I get an answer or am able to earn the trophy, I'll let it know here.
  9. For me this trophy didn't pop when it was supposed to either. I drove several races and qualifyings on oval tracks in Sport Mode, before I started grinding XP on Blue Moon with the KTM. After 827 km with the KTM alone, it still hadn't popped. I then went to Time Trial and drove the Tomahawk for 50 laps on Northern Isle Speedway and after I exited on lap 51 it popped... So somehow going to the Time Trail seemed to have unlocked it for me.
  10. In those cases it's pretty much clear that the trophy couldn't be earned legit I guess.
  11. To add to earlier posts: the game never asks from you to use manual, but like others said, it will be helpful to become faster. Mind you, I did practically everything with manual shifting (and a G27 steering wheel) except for rally events and the Vettel events. On the Vettel events I needed all my focus to drive, but the steering wheel will help you there.
  12. Nope. Fastest is, as far as I know, still the 4h of Nurburgring in Endurance. Over and over and over and over.
  13. Without looking at the profiles mentioned, what is a possibility is that someone had sent out all birds except the big red one. To get the trophy, all you'd have to do is sent out the last bird, it doesn't have to return. So if only your last bird was left (because you didn't unlock enough panels yet) you could earn the trophy by sending out the last bird, without being able to upload it to near.
  14. For anyone still struggling with score attack, two tips: 1. When the area starts up, pause the game. Now lean forward towards your tv screen till the point where the two diagonally floating text are out of sight and your VR screen is filled with the "PAUSED" text. Recentre the camera with the options button on the controller. You will be further away from the screen when you sit back in the normal position. When you resume and look to the side, you'll see that you're kinda at the back of the frame where you're "standing". Because of the positioning you've a smaller field of view to cover and can react better to incoming balls; 2. Just like with VR Luge, put your hands on the side of the VR-goggles. It came apparent to me that I had a lot of trouble to both keep my eyes on the incoming ball and steer the cursor with my head. By putting your hands on the side of the VR, you can keep your eyes on the incoming ball, while your hands do the steering, enabling you to rely on your hand-eye coordination instead of on your head alone. This way I managed to get my score up from a maximum of 4000 and a bit to 8300 in just three tries (5000, 1500 and 1800 points in the respective rounds). You might have to get a bit lucky with both your focus and the ball not accidentally going ape shit on with bouncing from the walls (which you with some luck can correct with a curve ball), but these two steps should help tremendously.
  15. The game doesn't keep count anywhere unfortunately :'( All the numbers you see people posting are just estimates... Edit: last endurance race almost done, after that one individual race in one of the extreme championships to go and I'm all done, but I'm saving this up for the #50 milestone Edit 2: finally finished it last friday 😍