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  1. Actually if you make all of your substitutions and one of your players get the red card you will get less players in the field. And they can still win. That's how life is. If you're good you're good with or without help. That's why sometimes the AI makes the game harder in co-op.
  2. ....when I got offensive? and I'm interac ting with this post because I read his stand on the subject. As he also read mine, and we're still disagreeing. That's what having a conversation is like. Not my fault if he's behaving like a spoiled brat :/
  3. That's what I've been trying to say... And he even got mad when I called him a Trophy Elitist TM lmao
  4. Watch out or he'll call you a troll as well. Or that you can't read, or worse.
  5. Right back at ya, buddy~ He also ignored and de-valued my opinion sooo guess we're even. He even called me a troll for flupps sake.
  6. Are you threatening me??? Will you report me? I'm so scared. Thank goodness I didn't do anything wrong. Now who sounds like a troll?
  7. For someone that stated that wouldn't lose sleep because of something like this you're still complaining. It's incredible. A casual player who still wants a trophy has the right to get it even if they're in co-op or solo. For each their own tastes. Sure, it's your opinion but the moment you publish it on the internet there will be backlash. This is a public community after all. And I don't know, it doesn't seem to me that I'm the one not understanding what it's being said. This is a trophy hunting site and still there were people defending trophies unlocking with co-op. It has been said again and again. But in the end I'm the troll. Yeah, right.
  8. An observation that many would rather agree with my than you. At least based upon reading the comments. Aren't you making only an observation as well? In the moment you said "lock trophies on co-op so they try again in solo until they get it" IS dictating how someone should play it. Basic logic, man. Also "Look at me im a trophy elitist who hates fallacies and people who disagree with me hurr durr".
  9. First: I already gave you arguments. Not everyone is a trophy hunter, and YES you're being an elitist if you think a DEVELOPER should follow YOUR WHIMS about trophies and co-op when you're clearly outnumbered. Also other people also gave you plenty of reasons as well so why don't you go back the thread? Second: I unfortunelly read what you're saying and I still don't agree with you. Let people choose how they wish to platinum a game. Who are you to decide for them? If they want to do it alone, then they'll do it alone. If they wish help for co-op then let them get help. Third: If defending this is a dumb move, so be it. But it doesn't change the fact that you're still a trophy elitist
  10. Get real, not everyone is a trophy hunter. And I'm not even talking about this site, I'm talking in general. Even proplayers out there don't care about those Bling Rings. So yeah, as someone already said: "get off your high horse". Btw why don't you play Kingdom Two Crowns? 90% of the trophies only unlock for P1 when doing co-op. See, I already contributed more than you for this conversation
  11. Said the trophy elitist that thinks that trophies should be locked on co-op. But dont mind me, I'm just a dumb player that wants to have fun and help my friends. I'm such a sad clown poor me.
  12. "I'm not against co-op, I'm only against people having fun with it" Seems legit :v
  13. Shhh keep quiet or the tr00s will get you
  14. Anyone who thinks that you can't have co-op with your friends or other people because you're a n00b or otherwise probably doesn't have many friends. Try some casual games, like Storm Boy or My Riding Horses. I bet those will make you chill the **** up.
  15. Meh. Gonna wait then. Good luck folks!