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  1. FuReStaR Dante's Inferno First off, I'd like to state from the start that both these flags were done by a person who goes by the psn id DOESS77. The reason behind them is purely a personal conflict between us and nothing more than that. Obviously these are just empty accusations without any proof behind them. The reason shown is the order of the trophies, but none of these trophies are out of order or unlocked in dates that would imply they're not legit. A few months back, I began completing a few of my unfinished ps3 trophy sets. Starting with prince of persia, brutal legend, castlevania: lords of shadow, and mortal kombat, and eventually got to dante's inferno. I got all trophies except one between october 26th and october 28th. It is a known fact that the servers were shut down somewhere around november 23rd 2016 to january 31st 2017, but I only came back to finish the final trophy in late february of 2017. None of the trophies are out of order and none of them were obtained during the months when the game's servers were down. There is nothing ilegitimate about this trophy set. Dishonored Again, the reason displayed for the flag is the order of the trophies. Another game I stopped playing for over a year and came back to cleanup a few trophies on later on. I can't find any trophy that's out of order or overlaps with any other game played. Furthermore, every score for the dunwall city trials is uploaded to the game servers and present on the leaderboards. There are some scores close to top 10 ranking, and no other person on the leaderboards has scores similar to mine, which also proves there was no use of save file resigning exploits. If necessary, I can add a member of the flagging staff so they can check this information for themselves.