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  1. Funnily enough I thought I had a massive spoiler from Google autocomplete when I searched for something unrelated on the day of release, but this particular search must have been from a fake leak as it didn't happen at all in the game. Great game, and I'm glad I managed to avoid all the spoilers.
  2. Yep, massively disappointed. Doom 2016 was a revelation for me that I loved every second of, so this game was one of my most anticipated of the year. Unfortunately it seems that to avoid complaints of "more of the same" during development they threw as many new features as they could think of into the game, and then didn't actually remove the ones that don't work well with each other, or were just plain bad. For instance, the limited ammo is a good way to force experimenting with different weapons, however pairing this with a cooldown on the chainsaw to replenish ammo (along with all the other cooldowns for flame belch and grenades) turns what was a game of frantic firefights into micro-managing these cooldowns at the worst possible moments. Likewise the Marauders could have been a good enemy in a game where fights are about patiently waiting for your window of attack, but are just plain frustrating when shoehorned into fights full of other enemies that require constant movement to avoid their constant attacks. The game definitely has moments where it shines, but they were often short-lived and soon replaced with an irritating platforming section or a frustrating brick-wall of an arena fight.
  3. Four Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Jeremy? Four?! That's insane!
  4. I had two or three at a time running for me too. Took a couple of attempts for me to do the challenge, but they do take long routes to escape so it's not too difficult, just save shockwave ammo for any that look like they're close to escaping.