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  1. Cute cover photo!

    1. Mesopithecus


      Haha thanks ^_^  Not sure many people would agree that it's cute though :D

    2. MidnightDragon


      It's cute if you like alligators and/or crocodiles.

    3. Mesopithecus


      @MidnightDragon That's true :D  I live like a 5/10 minute drive away from several different wetlands areas that are perfect for gator spotting. 

  2. Also it needs to be remembered that DLC can destroy your 100% time and those who didn't play the game are in better position. The true value to measure this would be time in-game, but it's not shown on PSN unfortunately. I recently completed Guacamelee 2 and I'm on 11th fastest position, despite playing game doable in 15-20h over a week, because pointless DLC was added (just costumes, no new levels or challenges) and most platinum achievers lost the quick 100% because of that.
  3. Finally got this f&*!er on Vita before going to sleep
  4. Okami HD, I'd recommend this masterpiece to absolutely anyone, even if he's not into games like this.
  5. This is what happens when you're lured by 2.16% plat rarity, 3/10 difficulty and "only" 17 hours to complete.
  6. Doesn't shield power-up alleviate all damage from anything? Grinding to 99,999 points in multiplayer is still required to platinum, and you can spend these points on power-up in the *campaign*.
  7. This is exactly what I needed to do. No words can describe how I'm grateful, you helped to end my torment.
  8. SlimeSan, "SMB x Celeste" platformer with less than 200 owners for both eu and na regions. Cheap and great game for people who like challenge and don't care about graphics.
  9. Well, you're probably right. Maybe "shitty" was too harsh word to use, I just don't like when online trophies require so much effort (I still love TLOU and have done singleplayer portion of the game with pleasure). But calling Spyro flying levels impossible by seasoned trophy hunter is gigantic exaggeration, that's for sure.
  10. You don't need to comfort him anymore because he already has 100%. Also I can't believe why somebody who got through the shitty online portion of The Last of Us had no patience to do 5 straightforward levels which took max 2h without any guide for average gamer and complain here, don't want to be mean but I just not understand this type of behaviour of seasoned trophy hunter.
  11. You have a pretty nice collection of UR platinums. How high would you place CSD 2 in terms of difficulty among others?
  12. So, what's worse than playing this and grinding buildings to get a plat? ... Grinding to 250,000 building, not seeing the trophy pop, deleting the save hard way (to hopefully reset the counter), grinding to 250,000 again and still don't see the trophy. Honestly, I feel like shit, even bigger than this game is. Normal people wouldn't even play this, but UR plat + 91% completion is too hard for me to abandon now. I seriously need some advice from lucky people, how your stage looks like and how exactly your grind looks like. My first grind: - 194 building next to starting zone (so I had to move OVERLORD to destroy buildings) - not done in one session, counter in bottom-right corner stopped at 99,999 and I kept destroying buildings - all trophies but for 250,000 buildings popped, I didn't take much notice how many buildings I've destroyed but certainly more than 250,000 My second grind: - 194 building exactly on landing spot to save time - not done in one session, but I was resetting the console every time I took a break to start from 0 and exactly counted destroyed buildings - at 260,000, still no trophy I feel like a freaking shitgame tester, that's for sure. Somebody can share their set-up for grind and tell how lucky they were with it? Maybe someone know if the game saves the counter immediately or only after exiting the game via "Back to Menu" option?
  13. I think it's also because most owners of trilogy are veterans who knows these games from inside out. Several fastest achievers of platinums are people who doesn't excel at speedrunning games but are more casual players.
  14. Downwell. It's the mildest step into hardcore platformers.
  15. That's right, I forgot about this trophy. 1st place holder in PS4 version got Truly Awesome 32 minutes after Challenger, so yes, it definitely can't be.