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  1. Yes, you need to complete all levels with at least 1 additional player and one particular level with 4 players, either offline or online. So having 4 controllers/3 boosting people is very helpful.
  2. Game is developed by a studio which made pretty good Oddworld: New 'N' Tasty, so they know how to make a good platform game. It looks good on trailer with loads of funny characters. First Ice Age was great movie, but sequels were much less serious. I can't remember much moments from them whereas I remember almost every moment from first film. I'd pick the game to refresh my memories and grab a platinum of probable range 60-70%, but I think it's still too expensive for a game like this. Maybe one day on sale it'll be worth getting. And then there's the feeling of playing game based on kids movie... (but I guess it's no less shameful than playing your average cheap-plat game like My Name is Mayo or Little Adventure on a Prairie).
  3. Game based on licensed animated films were pretty much absent in this generation, I only recall LEGO The Incredibles 2, Dragons: Dawn of New Riders and few games based on CN TV shows, but that's all. I think about two reasons of this: game industry nowadays demands higher quality and not many devs want to put a lot of money for these types of games. Also gaming is now considered older people's hobby, so they fear the game will not sell well. Many games are designed to have a big open world and a lot of stuff to do (even if repetitive), so the games like this won't be awaited much. Most license-based games are now being released on mobile phones, as kids nowadays prefer to play on phone. I have a casual gamer buddy and he only picks games on PS4 with open worlds because "the price justifies the time needing to finish the game and see the credits", so I guess most casual gamers thinks the same. I kinda envy you. I have no kids/younger sibling so I'd have no "fake" reason to put it on my profile. I know nobody should be ashamed of playing a game they want to play, but anyway.
  4. Try to include what you mean in the first line, instead of the last. I guess this is what you wanted to focus on: There was a debate that free DLC should be counted with game owners number, but it was scrapped. They probably thought it will punish people who doesn't like returning back to a game. According to one to your examples, The Last of Us grounded difficulty game completion rarity should be lower than Survivor difficulty (I agree, it's obvious). But what if this DLC wouldn't be free (like on PS3 I suppose)? It's still not fair. Idea of geomethric mean was introduced to prevent easy trophies from being absurdly rare, but it also makes some very hard DLC trophies too common in comparison to main list. Every option hurts one of the sides.
  5. Actually, it only tracks people who got a trophy for the game. "Recent players" list to the right refreshes only after you got a trophy. So the "recent players" counter shows amount of people who got a trophy in a past week. It's easily seen in case of niche games which have only a few players per week. When I was playing some of them without earning a trophy, I didn't appear on the list. So the reason why it's so popular is because it has big amount of content, still receive new players and getting one trophy per week isn't anything hard to get.
  6. Super Meat Boy for platinuming the game.
  7. @Kiyan-13 DLC trophies rarity is calculated as a "geometric mean of both rarities calculated from the number of game owners and our value for DLC owners.", whole system is described in the link below. It was blowing my mind for quite a bit of time until I've decided to search the forums for information.
  8. Nice to hear it'll be harder, I'm curious what the platinum rarity will be. I'll wait a while before grabbing it. I was a bit disappointed with the 2D setting, but in the end I think IL may be even better than the first game. I'm also happy it came with a platinum, I thought they were planning to release a DLC for the first game, not an actual sequel.
  9. There are even posts that stated this game is 3/10. On the other hand, some also rated it 8.5/10, which is definitely an exaggeration. This game was 4/10 for me if you subtract Blue Spheres Bonus stage trophies. King of Speed can prove frustrating, Triple Trouble is a bit luck-based and Collect 'Em All vary from pretty easy (as Tails) to nearly impossible (as Sonic and Tails). But the Blue Spheres stages is where the true difficulty kicks in, not only they stray from main gameplay very noticeably (it's more similiar to rhythm games that requires hand-eye coordination), it doesn't allow you to replay these stages immediately, so you either have to remember them for later (when you encounter them again) or use more time-consuming RNG exploit which allow you to repeat the same stage over and over until you'll be able to complete it. For me, it was 5/10 even with RNG exploit (coming from somebody who didn't play 2D Sonic game before, but I'm in my element when it comes to platform games).
  10. PLATINUM #133 - UNCHARTED 4: A THIEF'S END Difficulty: 4/10 | Platinum enjoyment: 7/10 | Game enjoyment: 9/10 | Plat rarity: 11.54% My second Uncharted game platinumed. I hope not the last one. There's no doubt this title set the bar high in 2016. Even if it doesn't have the best gameplay possible (my subjective opinion), best story or even best graphics in 2016, every one of these aspects is still of high quality and the combination of these easily makes this game one of the best game on PS4 available up to this day. Nathan has received very noticeable character development and stopped to be reckless treasure hunter. They needed a replacement, and who was the better candidate than his (newly created) brother, Sam? While introduced rather poorly and not without plotholes, I still appreciate they've refreshed the cast again. Trophy-wise, while easier than Uncharted games before it thanks to exploited crushing difficulty, UC4 requires at least as much effort as them, because there are much more collectibles and miscelaneous trophies possible to get only at the end of certain chapters. I'm not a fan of these and I had to press myself sometimes into platinuming the game and replaying some chapters over and over again, but at the end it was a pretty satysfying experience. DLC trophies are certainly a bi*ch and I think I won't be able to tackle them even with a co-op buddy. But cleaning up the whole game to 96% is certainly within my reach (and anybody's I guess).
  11. Reminds me Okami/Zelda: Twilight Princess. I guess this game is worth watching over.
  12. PLATINUM #131 - ASSASSIN'S CREED ODYSSEY Difficulty: 3/10 | Platinum enjoyment: 8/10 | Game enjoyment: 9/10 | Plat rarity: 31.07% Great game with very addictive gameplay and simple, yet interesting storyline. Also my first Assassin's Creed game, I've borrowed it from a friend to check what's so hot about it and now I have a copy on my own. My favourite aspect of the game was fight system, very engaging and amusing at the same time (kicking soldiers from the roof with Sparta Kick, anyone?). Although I'm bad in stealth section in most games (lack of patience), here it was very fluent and easy to execute, so it was equally fun as a melee open fight. Platinum is very casual and possible to achieve by anybody just by playing on any difficulty and uncovering big part of game's content, which is sad because game is so fun to play I wouldn't mind another playthrough with second character on highest difficulty. But there are Additional Feats and six episodes of additional story which are on sale now to keep you occupied. I have a few complaints about the game, a bit tedious underwater locations to discover (sharks, ugh...), annoying mercenaries (good concept, but why you have to fight 2-3 of these simultanously when you just want to do story mission?) and unsatysfying character development (you must make quite a few choices where neither option is good nor bad, but I wasn't torn between them. And why can't you have as a side-kick characters instead of being just a plain model on your ship?), but it doesn't matter in comparison to enormous amount of fun game provides.
  13. Trophy list seems just like a copy from Trine 3. Beat every level, collect every experience and "ding" platinum pops. Although there are "knicknacks" to collect, whatever it'll be. I think it'll be short, common platinum which don't justify buying the game at full price. But I definitely try the game after a discount.
  14. This is actually easy to check: Trophies -> Type (Platinum) -> Rarity (Common) -> Platform (PS4). The number of listed games is over bar with filters. BTW it has increased by 10 last time I've checked, now there's 651 platinum with 50%+ rarity on PS4. It's an unstoppable snowball. For those who are curious, I've made a small table with rarity spread on both platforms: PS3 % of platinums (PS3) PS4 % of platinums (PS4) Unobtainable/No achievers yet (0%) 2 0,12% 224 6,55% Ultra Rare (0.01-5%) 623 38,39% 883 25,80% Very Rare (5-10%) 323 19,90% 516 15,08% Rare (10%-20%) 347 21,38% 507 14,82% Uncommon (20-50%) 229 14,11% 641 18,73% Common (50%-100%) 99 6,10% 651 19,02% I could make it more readable, but the point here is to show the comparison of percentage of games on both platforms which have a certain platinum rarity. It's clearly visible UR, VR and Rare platinums were more common on PS3, whereas Uncommon and Common are more prominent on PS4 (in Common platinum case, even 3x more). And to be fair, UR count on PS4 should be quite a bit lower because of many unobtainable games (like Dragon Fin Soup) which has been hacked and rarity hasn't been adjusted correctly to 0%, but I didn't mark them as unobtainable because of my laziness.
  15. COMPLETED GAME #141 - SONIC MANIA Difficulty: 5/10 | 100% enjoyment: 7/10 | Game enjoyment: 8/10 | 100% rarity: 3.16% As the newcomer to 2D Sonic games, I must admit it's a great game, super fun and not too bad too get all trophies in the "normal" stages, but curse these blue spheres stages, they've kicked my ass. Must've been a nightmare in olden days when guides were absent. Too bad there was no platinum here and Encore DLC didn't have additional trophies attached. Also trophy list could include more tasks like beating game with every character.