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  1. I've took a peek at Steam's version achievements and I see that rarest achievement on Steam - Collector (Record all kinds of weapons and armor) - is absent here. So the rarest mutual trophy/achievement is The Terminator (Defeat Death Spirit) which stands at 4.4%. I guess it won't be UR here, it may be VR platinum instead. Game looks good though, nice boss design and co-op.
  2. This looks atrocious and gameplay is probably atrocious too and seems to play like your typical button masher. At least it'll be cheap and have a simple trophy list with no grinding s**t, but to be honest they should pay us to play this. $5.56 on Steam is way too much. But maybe I'd pick it up for $2.50 on sale. It depends how long it will be/how long I'd have to torture myself. I guess dinosaurs fans have yet to wait for a good dinosaur game. I haven't had the possibility to try infamous Godzilla on PS4 and now it's pulled from PSN store.
  3. Lower popularity (less than 10,000 owners on PSNP) Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut The End Is Nigh Slime-san Snake Pass Wonder Boy: The Dragon Trap Higher popularity (10,000+ owners) but they fill the "Best non-AAA games" requirement: Downwell LittleBigPlanet 3 (it's an AAA series but developed by indie studio so it theoretically counts) Shovel Knight Super Meat Boy Unravel Velocity 2X Yooka-Laylee The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series
  4. Ribbon of Effort is neutral for me, but I'd like it to include non-platinum games and full 100% games (e.g. Marvel's Spider-Man with 50% tier is a non-effort plat, but completed with all the DLC should net you Ribbon of Effort). It'd be trickier to implement, but definitely possible. Ribbon of Rarity is good, but it also should include non-platinum and full 100% games (e.g. Mafia III plat wouldn't net you Ribbon of Rarity, but completed with all the DLC should net you Ribbon of Rarity). Ribbon of Completion is bad with no tier system. If every non-plat game is treated the same, there's no need to include it. Give it a tier identical to Ribbon of Effort tier. Then textbox would say something like "User completed X games without a platinum trophy that required effort". Ribbon of Totality is good. It can be a nice boost to motivation of completing some games with all the DLC. There's still trivial ones like The Walking Dead and 400 Days DLC, but it's better to not complicate things more. My opinion about the ribbons. Probably won't change anything, but whatever.
  5. So if I understand it correctly, games like Aabs Animals, Super Kids Racing or Astrology and Horoscope Premium gives you this ribbon, just like VVVVVV, Trials Fusion or Futuridium EP Deluxe? Exceptionally bad idea, either make non-platinum games on par with games with platinum (Ribbon of Effort - ALL games with completion rarity 50/75% and lower, Ribbon of Rarity - ALL games with completion rarity 5% and lower) or don't make it at all. I agree showing your completed non-platinum games (or games you completed 100% with all the DLC) is fine idea, but I would prefer to have a possibility of putting it into the trophy cabinet than having an additional icon on profile.
  6. #121 - INFAMOUS: FIRST LIGHT Difficulty: 3/10 | Enjoyment: 7/10 | Plat rarity: 22.36% Short, but sweet latest Infamous title. Not too story focused, a pity because Fetch could be more interesting character than Delsin Rowe. The main dish here however is not the story, but the arena mode where you fight for your life in Infamous' style. There was a bit of a grind, but not enough to be bored. Platinum rarity is lower than Second Son's, but I wouldn't say it requires more effort. Surviving 30 waves in 2 arenas was easier feat than completing SS's expert IMO.
  7. I think nothing can compare to In Space We Brawl. Not only it's a poor game, it has terrible trophy list consisting in 90% of pure grind. In EU PS4 version, 4,430 of 4,546 people (~97.4%) didn't get a single trophy and it sits at 0% on their profile.
  8. #119 - Super Life of Pixel (Vita) Difficulty: 6/10 | Enjoyment: 7/10 | Plat rarity: 12.64% Oldschool indie platformer with takes a lot from retro consoles and computers. Chapters are designed to look, sound and teach you about older systems, for example more known NES, GameBoy or Amiga, but also more niche like ZX81, CPC 464 or BBC. Very challenging, even more than it should be thanks to not best level design and lack of checkpoints which make longer levels unnecessary frustrating. But overall a fun experience for any platformer fan. #120 - Midnight Deluxe (Vita) Difficulty: 2/10 | Enjoyment: 3/10 | Plat rarity: 97.63% A golf-like puzzle game published by community favorite Ratalaika. Not the worst game from them, but not the best either. You need to beat only 40 levels which takes hour at most, but it's still a tedious, annoying experience, especially on Vita with inaccurate analog sticks. It has pretty good atmosphere and music though, I'm a bit disappointed more enjoyable 36 Fragments of Midnight (which uses the same sprites, but is platformer instead of golf-like game) is muted. Buy it only if you have both PS4 and Vita and want 2 quick plats (it's $3.34 on sale for bundle).
  9. I didn't mind Batmobile sections, but my issue with AK was that story is too long in comparison to what game has to offer. Game was a blast 80% time of story mode, but after discovering identity of Arkham Knight, game started to repeat the same obstacles over and over. Stealth section, fighting 10-20 mooks, fighting few tanks with Batmobile, rinse and repeat. It felt like a chore even on easy difficulty. Side quest were more engaging, but many of them also felt repetitive. I consider Asylum as a better game because, while shorter, was much more action-packed and there were less opportunity to be bored for a player.
  10. I can understand if somebody can't get into Witcher 3 because of technical aspects. While this game has incredible story, gameplay, design, music... It has atrocious loading times which make Death March difficulty much more frustrating and kills half of the fun from seeing different dialouge options and choices. Want to see how the dialogue goes if you choose different dialogue option? Just load last save... and wait up to 2 minutes, despite Geralt standing IN THE SAME FREAKING PLACE. And while Death March difficulty is not that hard per se, 90% of frustration comes from loading time. When you fight with harder opponent(s) and keep dying, you spend more time watching loading screen than in actual fight. Probably polish programmers just couldn't cut these loading times more. Add clunky controls and ridiculous falling damage and you get the picture why this game can suck for some people. Anyway, I'm currently on my 4th playthrough of Witcher 3 story and I still think it's a masterpiece despite these technical limitations and I would choose Witcher 3 over Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Dragon Age Inquisition combined.
  11. As mentioned above, most puzzle, adventure, visual novels and turn-based games where you cannot die and/or have infinite amount of time to input commands can be played with one hand. Most Telltale's games are easy, but have moments that require specific actions with moving cursor and time-sensitive QTE and it can be tricky to do with one hand. Back To The Future is probably only one Telltale's game where you cannot die and can take as long as you want to make your next move. As for more action based games I'd recommend Super Rude Bear: Resurrection and recently released Kid Tripp. First is action platformer similiar to Super Meat Boy and it's probably the only one where you are able to play with one hand (L1 for jump and d-pad/left analog stick for move). Second is short auto-runner with a customizable controls and you only need two buttons to play. So you wouldn't even have to put your hand off from the controller. They're pretty hard, however, so you may not enjoy them if platformers aren't your thing.
  12. I'm really jealous you guys are able to enjoy Souls series. Bloodborne was one of the first games I played on PS4, because it was included in a bundle with console. It was a rough start to my PS4 experience, but I was determined to reach the credits at least and then see if I want to get more from this game. I got frustrated many, many times. There was something that made me not being able to enjoy this game so much, after every boss fight I felt like the better reward for beating the boss would be possibility to stop playing the game than continuing it and encounter even bigger challenges. I felt bad as atmosphere and world design was incredible, so I was torn between wanting to spend more time with the game and putting it back after seeing credits. I decided to start the game again. And I still had problems with many bosses, so I realized I slipped through them by luck, not thanks to skill. I've decided to never touch any From Software's game anymore if they offer similiar experience. But I really like watching playthroughs of their games on YT, see the great boss fights and amount of work put into creating these worlds. It doesn't surprise me so many people love them and game like Sekiro sits at 28.21% platinum rarity on this site, with game requiring 60 hours and being 7/10 in difficulty according to guide. FS games are the only ones that I can't enjoy AND feel bad about it.
  13. "To make a trophy lists that contain a trophy for completing the game." - making a game completeable in 5 minutes would solve the "issue". Sony testing every game and the platinum requirements before accepting the trophy list would be great for us, but pointless expense for them, and just plain impossible. I mentioned in other thread that making a 50%+ rarity (on PSN, not here) trophies worth 0 points would be enough and wouldn't be hard to implement. But again, many games wouldn't be released on PSN and it would be a loss of cash for Sony. I agree on first point, this would probably be the best thing to do to compromise existing "ezpz" games, satisfying "trophy whores", developers being still interested in making such games and being profitable for Sony. Maybe they could release clones of games and just call them different, but unfortunately every solution has its pros and cons. Second point wouldn't change anything and existing points cap (1050 + plat) is good enough. They would still release ezpz games with 20-30 more trophies worth the exact same amount of points. Destiny 2 is an example of game that has 11 gold trophies and requires good amount of effort to plat.
  14. It depends what you liked in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. If you liked gameplay with many cheeseable tactics, there's probably no similiar roguelike shooter. I tried Enter The Gungeon after BOI and didn't enjoy it too much, as it's definitely less cheeseable and more skill demanding. But it's safe to recommend other Edmund McMillen's games, as he's awesome game designer. But only two are available on PSN, Super Meat Boy and recently released The End Is Nigh. I'd recommend TEIN more as it's better, have more enjoyable platinum and even has pretty similiar art style to BOI.