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  1. OK, so here's why the speedrun trophies suck: gold times are incredibly tight - you have to be perfect and even a small mistake can force you to restart you have to develop speedrunner mentality - you have to use tricks that you're never teached how to do them and know when and how to move when camera pans away from your characters you're given no clues that are mandatory to know how well your run goes - you can't see timer, you can't skip cutscenes (why couldn't they give you a "speedrun" mode where all cutscenes are absent?); hell, you even don't know if pausing the game stops the timer This is the first time I've ever seen something like this in a video game. I beat Hideaway gold time with great suffering and I thought it must be much easier from now on, then I found myself repeating Little Frogs (the shortest level) over and over again...
  2. If game will have a platinum, I consider grabbing it. If not, I'll probably don't bother. Damn, I still hope they'll release Battleblock Theater one day on PS4.
  3. 1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) 2. Super Mario 64 (N64) 3. Fallout 2 (PC) 4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PS4) 5. The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) 6. Okami (PS2) 7. LittleBigPlanet (PS3) 8. Metroid Prime (GC) 9. Rayman Legends (PS4) 10. Super Meat Boy (PC) (had a problem here because several games are still better but PC version of SMB has a special place in my gamer heart) Would be interesting to see which series appears most frequently here.
  4. + can show simplicity of trophy list. Imagine being a casual player and going blind into these games without seeing a trophy list and see how many % you got in these games, because that's how people who doesn't care about trophies function. When you get 100% in Spider-Man in-game, there's a big chance you only miss "With Great Power..." trophy (for visiting Ben Parker grave). The other two games has lot of trophies about which casual player wouldn't care, like killing all ravens in GOW or killing X amount of people with particular gun in Uncharted. In my opinion, "Hard to put down" means "trophy for finishing a game will be common", not "platinum will be common". Bloodborne is game that's difficult and simple trophy list make platinum pretty common for such a game. In Super Meat Boy, you have ultra rare "Wood Boy" trophy which any player could achieve after 2-3 hours, but it's a specific action to do (beating a chapter without dying) and very little people would get it without knowing such a trophy exist.
  5. My seven latest platinums: & & & & &
  6. Yes, your ranking means nothing. Because platinum trophy which 99% of people got is worth 12x more than bronze trophy with 0.1% rarity, so it doesn't show the true work put into trophy hunting. I don't want to praise competitive websites here, but PSN Trophy Leaders have much better variety of rankings, especially the Rare Trophy Leaderboard which ignores trophy type and only counts rarity (you also get no points from trophies more common than 50%). You've also got AStats with Steam achievements that only counts rarity of trophies + add a 25% bonus for completed games, and also fights with shovelware games with a lot of trophies and decreases the amount of points you get from them. These types of leaderboards means much more to me (and should to every true trophy/achievement hunter)
  7. Not in Poland either. I guess if devs can't find anyone to translate store description, they use translator. I saw several games with shitty illegible description because of that. They should leave english description in that case and release the game ASAP.
  8. Fallout 4. One of the most overrated and boring games I've played since several years IMO.
  9. I think people are demonizing these challenges too much. It's underestandable somebody who don't like platformers finds them annoying and tedious, but it's a fair game. You get a cup for every challenge and you always progress forward. The Last of Us multiplayer is way more punishing and I didn't see anybody complaining about it (imagine you have to do a given task in challenge of Legends which depends on other players, and if you wouldn't do it, your progress will get wiped). I love this game so much I wouldn't mind grinding 10000 XP and completing whole game without dying, other may think invasion levels are too much to do for a plat. You can't satisfy everybody.
  10. Game that takes short time to platinum doesn't have to be labelled as game for trophy whores. For example, The Little Acre is a decent game that takes 1 hour to platinum and while it can be bought exclusively for trophies, you may actually enjoy it. Another question: where's the border when you can consider yourself as trophy whore? If I'll buy The Little Acre for trophies and not because I like adventure games, can I consider myself as trophy whore, even if the game is not bad? Or even better question: if you buy hard game only to get a ultra rare platinum in your showcase, you're a trophy whore?
  11. I've joined the platinum club of Marvel's Spider-Man Although it's not a platinum worth bragging rights, I have to admit it was one of the most pleasant platinums I've ever got. No difficulty specific trophies, no guide-demanding collectibles, no online, no missable shit. Even a little crimes grind in the end didn't feel tedious and repetitive. I still want more of this game and definitely want to tackle NG+ and DLC content. The best game of 2018 in my opinion, even better than RDR2. I didn't think Insomniac is capable of astonishing me so greatly.
  12. It depended how far you're in the game in my opinion. First few hours was 4/10, If I didn't know it's GOTY I wouldn't believe it. Then I was completely sucked in and the rate changes to 1/10. For chapters 5-6 (after you land on Guarma) it's 3/10, but I was still interesed how the story will go. John epilogue was completely unnecessary IMO and I'd be content to see credits rolling while Arthur lies and stares at the sun, so for epilogue it was again 4/10. Still pretty entertaining though. About 2 hours after finishing epilogue I've abandoned the game and don't plan to come back. As far as online goes, I only completed the introduction, so I don't rate it.
  13. I decided to answer and bump this thread because you have an interesing point of view and you always seem passionate about anything you're writing about. Almost everyone on this site has OCD with something. One cares about completion, one cares about trophy percentage rarity, one cares about having rarest platinums in his showcase etc. Comparing my profile with yours, they're drastically different, because you care mostly about completion (and you said you check games on alternative profile). Mostly, because you wouldn't put SMB on your profile if you wouldn't be 100% sure you can platinum it. From my side, I don't care for completion, instead I'm looking now for rare platinums for showcase + rare trophies that can fill my "Rarest trophies" box. I'm ready to sacrifice my completion for games like Brick Breaker, which are bad and impossible to 100% only for that one 0.12% bronze trophy. I also go one day for Futuridium EP Deluxe and Sine Mora, which have 0.08 - 0.11% trophies (I don't know if I'll be able to get them, but again, I don't care if it'll take my completion down). I also like to check ranks of my games (to have at least C, as it means I discovered enough content of the game as average player). While I was able to finally plat Super Meat Boy, which you can't push yourself to achieve, you got 100% in e.g. Bloodborne, Batman: Arkham Knight or Hotline Miami 2, which I really don't want to see again (of course they're very good games). Maybe I'd be able to complete them, but seriously, I'd prefer to do another SMB-like game than coming back to them because I lack this amount of patience you have. So who's the better trophy hunter - the one with one 0.18% plat or the one with three more common, but still time and patience demanding? I honestly think that the latter. While I was able to complete one game you've abandoned, you completed 20 other games I've abandoned. There's a lot of different trophy hunters which have various colourful profiles. Take KaKrackle for example, his avg completion is 56.31%, his level is pretty low and he plays occasionally, but he completed several nigh-impossible games. Same goes for Floriiss, but he's extremely dedicated, having high avg completon, high level and going for many different genres of games. This guy also has pretty crazy trophy list. That's great there's so many different ways to look on trophy hunting. So in conclusion: you hit your breaking point with SMB. I'm hitting breaking point constantly with half of my games, so there's no way to know if I abandoned them because I was lazy or because it was lack of skill. Although I may confess there's several games I wanted to complete and just couldn't push myself, like Flame Over or The Bit.Trip. But I chose to move on, to look for another experience. Maybe it's a waste of cash, buying a game and not completing it but hell, money spent on hobby is never wasted.
  14. 44.16% - although interesing, this number means nothing for me. The reason: let's imagine we have an account with platinum in two games: Super Meat Boy and Spyro The Dragon. One of them is 10/10 in difficulty and the other is 2/10 (easy game but requiring a bit of work to plat). If you add trophy percentages of both games and divide it by their amount, you'll get ~45.08%. So it means one easy, even no trophy-whore shit game make your work on 10/10 plat seems counterproductive and average trophy rarity goes all the way down (SMB is ~6.16% alone).
  15. I don't know if these games are considered "horrible", but I had big amount of fun while playing these in comparison to amount of bad opinions about them: Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends: PS+ december 2017. Almost nonexistent singleplayer and terrible online didn't keep me from getting 82% of the trophies from the game, and it didn't even feel like a chore, because fun Super Smash Bros-like gameplay and nice music from the film kept me interested. Maybe one day I'll return and complete it, because now it's impossible without boosting and you need two consoles to do it solo. Bombing Busters: PS+ march 2018. Poor-man Bomberman I completed without pressing myself hard. It was mostly pure RNG cancer outside of bosses, which actually had good fight design and were truly hard. Shütshimi: PS+ april 2016. Very wacky and specific shmup. And also very pleasant, at least for me.