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  1. PLATINUM #157 - CUPHEAD Difficulty: 7/10 | Platinum enjoyment: 6/10 | Game enjoyment: 9/10 | Plat tier: RARE Cuphead became one of my favorite indie titles back years ago on Steam. Unexpectedly arriving on PS4, I decided to pick it up for full price almost immediately after releasing, as it's worth the price. Being recognized for its difficulty and INCREDIBLE art style imitating old Fleischer animations (just type "Cuphead screenshots" in Google Images or "Cuphead gameplay" on YT and you'll see), Cuphead was first thought to be just a boring title with no other value than its art style, but fortunately it provides maybe not too original gameplay (consisting in 90% of fights with bosses), but good enough to be attached to the game right until the end. Platinum is pretty common for such difficult game, and many claims that Expert difficulty is the biggest wall before the platinum, but I had much more problems with "Pacifist" runs, where you need to beat six stages without killing anyone and pray to not be killed by RNG and to not take damage in the worst possible time - my biggest complaint about the game and trophy list in general. The biggest challenge in this game probably is beating the game on Regular for the first time, as bosses can be pretty hard and you only can commit two mistakes (up to four with certain power-up). Excellent title, well worth spending money on. Also a good example that graphic IS important and improves the quality of the game - imagine the title with exact same gameplay, but retro graphics typical for indie games. It certainly would be less fun to play. PLATINUM #158 - BOUNCY BULLETS Difficulty: 2/10 | Platinum enjoyment: 3/10 | Game enjoyment: 6/10 | Plat tier: COMMON Small filler between two big titles included for sake of trophy count continuity. Being published by Ratalaika Games, you know what kind of platinum to expect (requiring only minimal skill). Pretty bizzare shooter, but not a bad game though, reminding me a bit of Portal games I had a lot of fun on Steam years ago. Would obviously have more fun from platinuming if the game provided bigger challenge. PLATINUM #159 - THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT Difficulty: 5/10 | Platinum enjoyment: 7/10 | Game enjoyment: 10/10 | Plat tier: VERY RARE This is it - one of the best, bigger, more recognized RPGs which is well known for excellent sidequests and engaging storyline, which I can not say anything wrong about and just agree whole-heartedly, so I just say a bit about bad things about this game. The main reason why this game isn't a perfect 10/10 game for me are technical reasons - ABSURDLY long loading times after death (which make Death March an absolute nightmare in certain sections), ridiculous falling damage, pretty clunky movement of Geralt and Roach, non-balanced EXP gain (you are very low on EXP in beginning, and after half of the game it skyrockets and you gain big amounts of EXP by just talking to someone in main storyline) and a few more things I cannot turn a blind eye on. This game is still EXCELLENT and probably the best I've played yet on PS4 (excuse me, The Last Of Us, you've almost won). I struggled a lot with the platinum and abandoned the game year ago because I didn't feel the Gwent thing, and the grind trophies are pretty stupid considering how low these amounts are (what's are 50 headshots in comparison to, for example, few thousands kills in any online game?). While I finally felt confident enough to tackle Gwent card hunt (which turned out to be very fun, much more than highest difficulty playthrough), grind trophies were a fly in the ointment in otherwise very good trophy list. I'm proud it was the company from country where I live that created this masterpiece (even Andrzej Sapkowski, creator of original novel, was astounded how this game has become popular in the world and demanded larger proportion of the profits from CD Projekt). Now it's time to buy GOTY edition and do the platinum again... After some break and getting these grind trophies out of my mind.
  2. Sure, it's not the place for a discussion about rarity, I just can't stop discussing about the thing. Maybe if this leaderboard will be going to be implemented, I hope topic will return. And to not offtop again, a few words about Cuphead: I don't think anybody (besides top leaderboard occupiers) will buy the game ONLY for trophies (just like Celeste/Hollow Knight), because if somebody look for a quick, cheap and effortless platinum, he should buy any Ratalaika game or something. This may help those who are scared of starting the game because of hard platinum and don't want to lower their average completion. I don't say it's a good thing to implement trophies such way, but it's not a bad thing to look on these exploits this way, either.
  3. It's not a problem objectively, because it's just a trophy collecting playstyle, just as going for as much ultra rare trophy as possible, or yes, going for the most trophies, no matter how common. It's just the fact that the last group mentioned is frowned upon (look at all these thread about Ratalaika Games), yet avoiding the game or playing it on alt account because you don't want to lower your average percentage completion too much is considered completely fine. This is a bit hypocritical. If many people are proud of their 95%+ percentage completion profile and find keeping it that way fun, good for them. I personally just can't imagine going crazy for average percentage completion, because it'd probably destroy entirely my fun of collecting trophies. Not mentioning the fact that if everybody would care so much about APC, every trophy would have 20%+ rarity here.
  4. Ignoring the fact that rarity not always equals effort, why hypotetical account with 0 UR and 1000 VR trophies is "worse" than account with 1 UR and 0 VR? It's too simplistic and unfair for some people who don't actively hunt for rare trophies. PSNTL has a good system, but with small flaw (just like PSNP) - 4.99% is automatically UR, and 5.01% is automatically VR. Comparison between trophies should be multiplicative - like 5% rarity trophy be 3x more worthy than 15% rarity trophy, and 6x more worthy than 30% rarity trophy and 4.99% would be just worth slightly more points than 5.01% trophy. Make trophies with 50%+ rarity be worth 0, because there's no point in rewarding points for something more than half of people playing this game have done - I have a plenty of common trophies, but I'd be fine with that. There's a lot of ideas for possible discussion - but no point in doing it as nothing will change because none of the founder of the site care about it anymore. I heard a ribbon system was loudly announced like, year ago? As of the topic itself, I hate the fact both accounts logged earn trophies in some games (and sometimes only the main player get one) and I hope on PS5 second account won't be earning any trophies anymore and this should lock possible "exploits" in the future - I played quite a few co-op games with my friend, and trophies popped on my account out of order in some of them, or there was a case I didn't enjoy the game, but had to buy it to clean the game a bit afterwards.
  5. PLATINUM #155 - LIFE IS STRANGE (no platinum image, because it must be something with transparency of PNG image, there's how it looks like) Difficulty: 2/10 | Platinum enjoyment: 8/10 | Game enjoyment: 8/10 | Plat tier: UNCOMMON Game was sitting in my PS+ backlog for pretty long, so now it was time to finally give it a chance. Life Is Strange is a very good adventure drama game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix, probably as an answer to The Walking Dead/Heavy Rain, swapping QTE by something different: the ability to rewind time. By introducing this fantasy gameplay element, this game received a fresh, fun idea of resetting your dialogue choices and seeing outcome without needing to reload the save. Not only that, but this ability is unique in fact that while Max, the protagonist, can rewind time at will, she'll stay at one place, and knowing this fact is crucial in several moments of the story (I admit I spent a quite bit of time in front of principal's office room). On the other hand, it was a bit stupid when you think about how Max was exposing herself to danger (even if she was able to rewind time, she was already in dangerous place and it wouldn't help her escape - in reality, she should stay in touch with her friend Chloe while she was doing the dirty work, and Max would be able to rewind time from safe place and then warn Chloe about upcoming danger, don't you think?). Another great thing about this game are collectibles. When most of us hear "Collectibles", rage and boredom ensues, following needing to follow the video walkthrough. But not in this game, as collectibles here are very fun to find by yourself, thanks to "Collectible mode" playing option and very subtle hints that makes this whole process absolutely NOT a chore. While the other half of the game was pretty tense, I felt annoyed a lot of choices didn't fit what I'd say in Max place (also the "nightmare" sequence felt pretty boring, unoriginal and unnecessary). I consider this game as technically better The Walking Dead, but less emotionally wrenching. But still gonna check other LIS games in the future. Oh, and last but not least, Max has birthday on the very same day as I. Life is strange, isn't it?
  6. Without being sarcastic, I think it is rather poor quality game. Maybe not so gameplay-wise (at least looks more interesing than all those POWGI games), but more because of graphics which is rather bland (mostly animation, as seen in trailer), models look like they're taken from typical primer book which is OK, but still game looks cheaply-made overall. Many indie games are better polished than this. I still don't think many trophy hunters outside of those on top of leaderboard will buy this as price is probably gonna be around $20-30, which is way too much for a quick, cheap plat.
  7. Expert was not best design-wise, because it was just "increase health pool + speed of enemies + additional projectiles" unoriginal staple instead of additional form (would even fit the theme: Simple doesn't include last form of boss which Regular has and Expert would add additional - game would be super replayable, but probably devs couldn't afford the time and money to extend the game more). I still enjoyed it though, let out a few "f**k this game" here and there, but I still kept returning to the game. I think the true bulls*it of this game is P-ranking these annoying run-and-gun stages.
  8. Super Meat Boy for completing the Dark World in less than 1h 30min in one play session. The Sims 4 for maxing all skills with only one Sim. Rayman Legends for beating the game without dying in one play session. Crash Bandicoot (every game) for getting a platinum relic in single stage.
  9. I'm done with expert, and it's hard for me to choose one hardest boss, because every boss fought in plane gave me some trouble (suprisingly, except Cala Maria which I beat on second attempt, but the fight is pretty RNG heavy so I was lucky there) - Wally Warbles, Djimmi The Great, Dr. Kahl's Robot, even Hilda Berg I found harder than some later "normal" bosses, mainly because of a bit unprecise controls and lack of homing shots which you can somewhat abuse on most "normal" bosses. From "normal" bosses, King Dice was probably the hardest due to the length and difficulty of the last phase. Definitely enjoyed going for the trophy. I'm more surprised there's no thread about Pacifist Runs, because they're pure bulls**t and one of the most frustrating things I've recently attempted. Almost made me hate the game.
  10. I must admit, Chaser weapon drops the difficulty of certain fights by significant amount, especially last form of Rumor Honeybottoms which was a PITA with regular peashooter. Even if you do less damage per shot, you still do similiar amount if you would shoot/dodge with other weapons. In my opinion, it is the plane levels where difficulty is the highest. One boss on Expert and 3 stages to P rank left. For now I'd give it a 7/10 in difficulty by PSNP standards.
  11. Never mind, thanks for replying. I was just misleaded by Simple and Regular rating rules (if you perform like B on Simple, you'll get A on Regular), but again, it's not the case on Expert. From my observation: 0 mistakes (not counting losing health if you start with any Heart charm): S on Expert, A+ on Regular, B+ on Simple 1 mistake: A on Expert and Regular, B on Simple 2 mistakes: A- on Expert and Regular, B- on Simple and so on. So 2 mistakes are sufficient to get an A- and requirement for a trophy.
  12. As Maximum ranking available is determined by difficulty (you can't get more than B+ in Simple and A+ in Regular), I have different question. Is it better to go for A- rank in expert or regular mode? Expert mode is certainly harder to beat, but you don't have to perform as well as in Regular mode for A-. Edit: I started Expert and beaten certain boss with only 2 mistakes (1/3 parry, everything else perfect) and still got A-, the same rating I would got on Regular. For those curious, it's no use to try for A- on Expert as this difficulty doesn't allow you to make more mistakes.
  13. PLATINUM #150 - THE SIMS 4 Difficulty: 2/10 | Platinum enjoyment: 8/10 | Game enjoyment: 9/10 | Plat tier: VERY RARE Somebody may wonder why I put such a casual title in milestone place. The answer is simple - I'm a diehard fan of The Sims 1, playing s**t out of first game in my childhood when I didn't even know what I'm doing. The Sims 4 was my second main game from The Sims franchise however, so my opinion may be far from ideal. There's a lot of mixed opinion about the game, but I cannot relate to them mostly except controls, which are frustrating at times because it's not a game designed for console initially, and terrible loading times (even in-game, it takes a few second to open your damn inventory). But gameplay was amazing like it was in first title. Although I had a good several years long break between TS1 and TS4, I immediately knew TS4 is the game I'll spend few next months after a few hours spent. Yes, I was even aware of Gallery which is practically a legal savestate download zone, but I still decided to unlock 98% of trophies in fair way (2% is the bronze infamous "Triple play" trophy, but looking back, I still would love to have a reason to play the game more, so I kinda regret I unlocked it with Gallery help). Not only that, but I decided to do every trophy one by one, in most relaxing way (made one Sim who learned every possible skill and reached max level in every relevant career track instead of playing 8 Sims at one time... Then he has been devoured by cowplant. Poor guy. Playing as one Sim started to become boring after some time though, so I had to give him a company and then one Sim went to work, and 7 Sims was rocking the house). I'd not be surprised if my playtime exceeded 200 hours, even if platinum is doable in 30 hours, fair way with good management. This is how I loved this game and how I want to play it as long as possible. Unfortunately, EA is known for their greed, and they don't offer DLC for cheap. If I could get some kind of Season Pass for full price of the game ($60), I'd go for it. For now, getting all DLC without discount costs about $600 bought separately. So no, thanks. Good job EA, you lost a potential customer. And thank God EA don't see trophy hunters as potential cash cow(plant)s and haven't put any trophies locked behind DLC content.
  14. Subscribe to the forum, people usually post immediately when cosmetic rewards for platinum trophy are available.
  15. I'm in minority here, but I must admit I've somewhat enjoyed the game and 100%-ing it. But I'm clearly aware of the reason of these opinions. In the beginning, this game really feels like crap, very frustrating and terribly balanced. I'd also drop it, but I couldn't stand red E rank on my profile. But as soon as you gain access to upgrade room (by getting 3 stars in 10 levels), the game becomes laughably easy for 90% of the game. It's still a mess gameplay-wise, unbalanced and somewhat becomes a button masher, but in the end, I appreciated I don't have to retry levels over and over for 100%. I played worse games bought for bigger price, so I'd say give it a chance if you like tower defense games and it appears again on sale.