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  1. My special distinction goes to Space Overlords. In Space We Brawl at least CAN be somewhat fun in versus if someone doesn't have the access to better games (I'd have my deepest sympathy for them, much better co-op games was in PS+ too). And in technical aspect this game is at least decent. SO on the other side is terrible gameplay-wise AND a technical mess. Frustrating as hell with gigantic loading times which I've never encountered before in any game. But trophy list is still better than in ISWB, and at least have a platinum. As a "game" to play "for fun", I'd choose ISWB. Going for 100% however is more advisable in Space Overlords. Fortunately, with only two games in PS+ now, we won't get stuff like this anymore.
  2. In case you didn't figured it out yet: You must put the bucket filled with coal into the big furnace (which has a heat bar seen on the screen) And right, I forgot about counting 3 Kevin levels, so there's actually 20 levels in DLC and they're not required to even unlock (so 17 are required to "ace" and it's still more than in previous DLCs)
  3. Demon Boy is very similiar in difficulty as Missile Boy, but taking a break is a good idea, it's not like you gonna be executed if you don't do it immediately. The thing about these short 100% times is, even if you have an experience from Steam version (which is slightly longer, but the hardest task is the same), doing 100% on PSN AGAIN is just soul crushing. I've done 100% on Steam five times faster than here, because game was fresh for me and the soundtrack was kickass (PSN version OST is decent, but not comparable, sorry), so I had much more motivation to do so. When I started working on Girl Boy on PSN on 4th day, I just put the controller and think to myself "nope, I just can't do it in such short timespan". Doing the whole game in one day (or even a week) without taking a longer break even with a prior experience requires incredible dedication.
  4. I've stopped at 84% for now, this grind is just too tedious for me to play without break. Why they keep throwing these in instead of Kevin/4-star related trophies? So there's actually 8 horde levels and 9 normal levels, making this the biggest DLC for Overcooked 2. And the most fun in my opinion, horde levels was a good break from the main game. Also there wasn't frustrating levels like 3-4 in two previous DLC with tidal wave washing off your meals, so I consider NotHH the easiest DLC to 100% yet.
  5. How did you turn on speedrun-timer? At the moment I earned the plat (march 2019) it was not possible and it's still one of the biggest complaints about the game. For the topic I'd go for Downwell (earned february 2018) It didn't have that much hard stuff to do, but beating hard mode was harder than everything I've done before, and made me just shout to the screen from joy. Only Super Meat Boy plat (earned this year) surpassed this feeling.
  6. That's good info for me, I didn't want to play it now anyway. BTW another ver. 1.08 was released, but it's just "minor bug fixes"
  7. Pretty quick, considering there was a much longer time between Surf n Turf and Campfire Cookoff. Added support for new DLC - Night of the Hangry Horde (this DLC is available individually and as part of the season pass) Added the All at Sea Chefs - 5 new chefts Added support for Russian Language It seems trophy list is already out (but not on PSNP yet) and to addition to 3-staring every level and numbless grind, there's a gold trophy "You Shallot Pass!" for "surviving all horde stages in NotHH with full kitchen health" instead of preparing every meal introduced in DLC. I wonder what it might be for? DLC is not accessible yet for me despite buying Season Pass, however I don't know if it's due to PSN store being down (I still can't buy any game, so I assume is still down in my country) or it isn't ready to download yet. Somebody tried to play it already?
  8. If it's AAA title with big emphasis on story: quick look on difficulty trophies to see if there's difficulty-related trophy selecting a difficulty that's suits me and play the game, not caring about missable trophies cleanup most common trophies when I beat the game/become bored of it If it's indie title which forgoes story for a pure gameplay: having a trophy list on hand, going from most common to rarest (preferably)
  9. True, it's annoying, there was more than dozen of achievers in may. + bunch of alt accounts with SMB as the only/one of few plats (while a great feat to do this plat two times, it fakingly increase rarity percentage) + cheaters are removed, but counter still shows 363 platinum achievers (if you go to 100%/Platinum Club list you'll find only 359, and one user is now qualified to remove, so 358 will be the correct number) But I would say this is still the platinum worth getting, such low platinum percentage is still too good to ignore.
  10. I'm not sure if it was in Magicka 2 or Fat Princess Adventures, but an unknown character yelled "Trophy time!" 1-2 seconds before the trophy was unlocked.
  11. Because you're bashing your head against this game for a few months, I suggest you abandon it forever, until you're not some sort of completionist at all costs. I didn't find none of the trilogy time trails fun and I did the biggest cleanup possible before getting too frustrated. I even tried to return to easy-peasy Warped after few months to 100% it only to be put off again for the reason you mentioned, among other things. I had much more fun with harder platformers with much more rewarding trophies, and Crash plats felt completely unrewarding in comparison. All in all, you play only for yourself. Go for a platinum/100% only if you find it enjoyable and/or rewarding enough to justify the effort. CB was a very good trilogy, but only to beat and doing a small clean-up in levels I liked, nothing more.
  12. I played this game on Steam and found them not so hard even when your restaurant is brimming.with prosperity. For the hardest trophy concerning random entrees (Twenty-four Angry Customers) just remember that missing about 15 orders at the beginning lowers your buzz to about 20-30% and you still have 9 chances to mess and you can just restart if food you don't like to prepare appears on your list.
  13. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/5613-space-overlords/6-overdrive-overlord Terrible game, terrible trophy. Requires about 30 hours of grinding, where you spend ~28 hours looking at loading screen. My save has been deleted when I was around 200/250k. Albeit not so painful because I do it at work. It requires no skill, just selecting "restart" from menu over and over. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/5304-mafia-iii/65-danger-close Shorter, but more painful for me. The only trophy that was bugged for me. I've wasted about 10 hours replaying the game/reverting save from USB to try different approach with no luck.
  14. 1. I'm only for a Ribbon of Rarity. This is at least good indicator of your highest-value plats you can always work on and increase the number. 2. Remember that both 6% and 74% plat rarity qualifies for a "effort" platinum and won't net you Ribbon of Rarity. These two platinums probably require gigantic difference in effort needed to obtain them. 3. Why only count platinums? If you have 98% in Super Meat Boy or other 10/10 game, why you shouldn't be allowed a Ribbon of Effort for the hard trophies you already got in this game? 4. The problem with some people here (don't want to use the word "elitist") is that they seek the bad things on somebody's profile, not the good. Gamer 1 who have 50/50 platinums under 50% rarity feels as somebody better than a gamer 2 who have 100/120 platinums under 50% and 20/120 Ratalaika platinums. Or you can have 50 UR platinums and 50% average completion and be a casual gamer for somebody who have 5 UR plats and 95% average completion, just because he has a better completion rate. These people probably would like to revamp the whole site to discard actual leaderboard and include only "true" rarity-based leaderboard (which I am in favor too, but only as a separate thing). Maybe we should ask them how many platinums you are allowed to have with rarity over 75% to not be considered trophy whore? Having a Cat Quest platinum (75.2%) or Lara Croft GO platinum (78.98%) should be a reason to be ashamed? I don't think so. But they're put on the same shelf as those hated Ratalaika games. 5. Just create that damn rarity leaderboard please. If Sly didn't like the formula, work on a good one, even as simple as [R/100 - 1] point per trophy. 100% trophy - 0 pts, 50% trophy - 1 pts, 10% trophy - 9 pts and so on. I supported PSNProfiles with a real cash, so I would like to see better things done about the site than just two small numbers put on your profile. PS: Yes, I got a plenty of Ratalaika Games on my account (no regional stacks, but PS4 + Vita stack). But even if I didn't, I still wouldn't like the idea of Ribbon of Effort. It just shows nothing special.
  15. What worked for me in sub 3:00 medium difficulty challenge mode playthrough: I've prepared 8-10 giganotosaurus with aggresive instincts modification which boosted one dinosaur rate to ~270. Then saved the game. Released them at the same time, it has given me about 2200 - 2700 dinosaur rating boost. It was much more than I needed and even variety penalty wasn't enough to lower dinosaur rating below 5 stars. By the 2:45 time, you will have enough cash for this if park was run moderately properly. The dinosaurs start to kill each other, but you will have good rating for about 3 minutes, it's time to improve guest facility rating. Remember where to place restaurants, shops etc, then reload the game because you probably won't manage to get 5 stars on first try. After reloading, place facilities in proper places where you know guest boost will happen. Then after releasing giganotosaurus (or other dinosaur if you like) all the guest facilities will be filled instantly, just remember to make 5 people run every shop/restaurant. I received a transmission with congratulations for getting 5 stars as soon as I released last giganotosaurus.