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  1. Actually, after I wrote this, I checked out of curiosity and unlocked Wood Boy on alt despite going back to map select. So my statement was false (or maybe they changed it? Don't know. But I read somewhere that backing to select world menu voids no death trophies). Maybe I check in Forever if you can return to main menu on alt and see how this will work. Yes, exactly the same. Main reason because of no death runs and your videos show how to do them safe (which is the most important thing here). Sadly your guide didn't provide videos for pacifiers (I admit I have no patience for some of them), so I used this guy's seed for them: His video is a bit lacking in information, but it's the best I could find, and at least I can see how he got all pacifiers in 3 playthroughs. May be rough, but with a video it can be achieved a bit faster if you don't have to find a way how to tackle harder chunks with pacifier. I also tried to use seed used for speedrunning https://www.speedrun.com/smbf/run/y9lovpvy but it wasn't good idea, considering how speedrunning revolves around doing things faster, but requiring more complex inputs. So in conclusion, I'm using two seeds - yours and the one provided in attached video. I may need to S rank the light worlds 1-5 two times, but I think additional practice in game like this isn't a bad idea.
  2. It still works. I don't know if you played original SMB, but maybe after beating the level where you died, you continued your run with assumption you've beaten this level deathless (this was the case in original SMB because there were no checkpoints - I caught myself few times thinking like this in Forever). Here's my video to prove: I exited to map two times to avoid cheap death (3:12, 7:30) and I still got the trophy today (no PSN notification, but big in-game one in upper-right corner). I even exited to world select menu by mistake in 7:31, but trophy still unlocked (I guess this was not the case in original SMB, where you lost your progress after exiting the world?)
  3. I see that after you died in 5:13, you tried to backtrack and get the armor drop, but there's none. Actually, I don't know if it was an older version of the game, but now the armor spawned every single time, saving me from a headache of trying to dodge these shitty traps. It's also nice to save as much lives as possible because you've actually finite amount of continues (I thought it's not the case) and then it's game over and you have to start from the beginning of the level. I could also recommend Wind Armor for throwing hammers/clubs, tornadoes do a lot of damage and cover big area, so even armored enemies fall quickly. Plus invisibility magic is also great. Ability to suit your armor to current weapon equipped is very useful in this game.
  4. For me, all of those "Find the secret spot" trophies were broken. "Left Behind" was supposed to unlock in "Rock Bottom" level, yet for me unlocked in "Oasis", "El Dorado" was supposed to unlock in "Oasis" level, yet for me unlocked in "Into the Woods", "More Secrets!" was supposed to unlock in "Into the Woods" level, yet for me unlocked in "Home". And that's it, I also can't unlock "Ooh! Secrets!" trophy (I thought they were just swapped, with this logic "Ooh! Secrets!" should unlock in "Rock Bottom" level, but nada) Apparently, you've got the trophy two months ago, could you share your secret? Reverting the game to version 1.0?
  5. I know this game is old as F, but it was recently on sale for 1.49$ so it somehow landed in my cart. I admit I had a problem winning a race with pro physics, so I decided to mess up with options and found the "Penalty timer" option which no guide in web give a F about. When you turn it off, you can cut off corners through the grass like crazy with no penalty to your time (and finishing place). It worked very well on Indianapolis track.
  6. I'm doing another playthrough of the game for missable trophies, and I discovered a glitch by accident, which allow you to equip the same shield for all fighters. It's very simple - while in shop in "Equip Your Item" menu, examine (square button) any shield that is equipped on a character, move cursor to another character and equip it (square button again). The shield disappears from the character equipment list, but it's used by a model and stats changes, so it alter the stats without doubt. Using this simple glitch, you can equip all characters with a best shield for a price of one and spend more gold on weapon stuff. It sometimes doesn't work, so you may need to equip mash square button in inventory and this glitch can be allowed again. It's so easy to execute, this glitch it's probably known, but I haven't seen any videos/tips about it, so I'm posting it here for those who would like to start/return to the game and have a little advantage.
  7. Sure, I can believe it. Positive opinions here made me stop caring about low metacritic scores (the user's score comes probably from Steam players who hate the Team Meat decision of prioritizing consoles & Epic Game Store and from those who cry because game is an autorunner). But I'd also like to know the fun aspect of platinum before I buy the game. Original Super Meat Boy was a great, addicting game, but the platinum was a slog in the end, those Cotton Alley deathless wasn't very fun to grind and I'd love a bit easier platinum this time (if original SMB was rated 10/10, I'd love something like 8/10 like The End Is Nigh, it had great platinum because it was hard, enjoyable and still fullfiling without being overly hard and long skill grind like SMB).
  8. Whoever the first person to platinum will be, I hope he'll come here and tell about his platinum journey, share a few tips and rate the difficulty in comparison to original game. I want a good reason to buy this game after so much waiting.
  9. The End Is Nigh had the same issue, game in store but trophies couldn't be synced with PSN. Nicalis was the one who ported the game, maybe it's the case here, too.
  10. Can you stop seeing ignored users' threads which appear in "Recent Forum Posts" bar?
  11. PLATINUM #179 - THE LAST OF US PART II Difficulty: 2/10 | Platinum enjoyment: 8/10 | Game enjoyment: 9/10 | Plat tier: UNCOMMON I couldn't sleep that night. It was almost 4 AM in my timezone when I got this platinum trophy, and still couldn't fell asleep because I was thinking about few scenes from the game and couldn't get them from my head. This post is more about sharing my thoughts about the game and less about bragging (because it's sadly ridiculously easy platinum, even by nowadays standards - not only you can play on easiest possible difficulty, but you can turn on the accessibility options which make the game even easier). The Last of Us Part II is the most controversial high-rated game of last year, because of certain story elements game's director Neil Druckmann decided to put in this title. Since the game release, giant amount of memes was created, game has become a laughing stock on reddit, and Druckmann inherited new nickname "Cuckmann". While certain memes have a point, it was sad to read all of these comments. It felt that in most of cases a bunch of children has written them. Sure, the story feel a little manipulative, few characters was annoying at times (Lev), pacing could be done a bit more clear, and I certainly would love to see a different ending (even with exactly the same result, I'd love to see just some kind of confession). But the story was far from bad. To be honest, it was the story that kept me attached to the game (more so than gameplay, which is almost exactly the same as in first game with few added quirks - still good and fun, but started to get boring at times). I was lucky to not see any leaks, but I spoiled story for myself a bit because I read about death of certain character. It didn't change the fact I was shocked to see how this character died, and still wanted to keep going to know why it happened this way. Don't let the hate turn you away from this title, which is - while a bit less influental to me than first game - still an excellent game to experience. It just could use a harder platinum (I don't miss online trophies, but I miss survivor difficulty, it was actually very fun to play it in first game, and I speak as someone who hate difficulty-specific trophies). Definitely enjoyed the radar option though, which helped me hunting collectibles, so I could limit the use of guide to minimum. In conclusion, this story is very hard to digest. But I accept Neil Druckmann's vision about the tragic image of revenge and I'm perfectly fine with the result. I just need to take a break before tackling the permadeath/grounded modes. And definitely waiting for DLC expanding the story.
  12. Not only that, but Triss being present in Kaer Morhen is independent of anything else, even if you ignore her quest. I made a quick run pursuing all Gwent cards and ignored "Now or Never" sidequest, and was surprised she still appeared in Kaer Morhen, probably because there was a lot of cutscenes/stuff related to her like Ciri getting to help her, bombarding Wild Hunt swordsmen with fireballs etc. So the guide is technically wrong, as Triss in Full Crew trophy isn't missable.
  13. Somebody played both games already and willing to help me compare the trophies with achievements on Steam and rate the difficulty? I played first game only and getting all achievements difficulty-wise was absurd, Super Meat Boy seems like a cakewalk in comparison. Here it seems you don't even have to beat it on any higher difficulty (are difficulty levels even present in this version?), it's like 4-5/10 in difficulty as far as first game goes if you can do everything on Easy (pretty big drop to be honest). I haven't played second game, so I'm curious how's the difficulty of the trophies related to second game. Also curious about "Totally Perfect Nerd" (beating all the levels without dying, but separately?).
  14. Just a reminder: so apparently, Super Meat Boy Forever finally has been released one month ago for Epic Games and Switch only (yet), with very subpar metascore on metacritic (71 and 66 for version on Epic Store and Switch, respectively) and even worse user ratings. https://www.metacritic.com/game/switch/super-meat-boy-forever It also appears to be easier than Super Meat Boy, both level-wise and 100%-wise. Few sources like psu.com stated game will be released on January 2021 (official site doesn't say which month), but we can safely say it won't happen. February? Or maybe late 2021, as Epic Games had to have one year of exclusivity over Steam (worst case scenario). There's also seem to be an in-game achievements list, which may be connected to upcoming trophy list somewhat. "However, for those looking for a true challenge, there is a collectible and a time trial on every level as well. You must master each level in under a scary fast amount of time without dying in order to receive an S rank on each level, unlock their Dark World counterparts, and accrue all of the in-game achievements. Many of these achievements and the collectibles are tied to unlocking alternate characters who, unlike the original game, seem not to come with any powerups and are merely aesthetic." From https://butwhythopodcast.com/2020/12/24/review-super-meat-boy-forever-lives-on-switch/ Personally, as original SMB fan, I was super hyped about this title when it was announced to be released on April 2019, but when release was postponed again, I started to care less over time. Now I don't care about this game too much, especially with such subpar reviews, but probably add to wishlist on psprices and wait for first sale.
  15. Good reminder about "Re-Circle of Life" mod, I completely forgot about this and it certainly lower the difficulty of this trophy. Pretty late, but I'd like to add my three cents. Trial of skillness is the best IMO, as you're not limited by health or time and it was just a platforming challenge. There's one tricky jump at the beginning, but only if you don't make it at the first time (running against the wall let you fly further from it, and it's easier to climb the upper block; if you don't make it, simply exit the game and try again instead of trying to do this right away, as timing needed is pretty tight). I also really recommend using a mod "Lodestar" (Increases the chance of you automatically dodging falling rocks and similar death traps.), as it saved me a few times both in Crushers and Rockets trial. The mod's description says there a "chance", but I've not seen it failing yet. To be honest, I had more beef with The Trial of Escape than Rockets & Skillness (at least at the beginning), because it felt like a pure RNG with those big robots movement (fortunately, there's a good way to outspeed them, mentioned in the guide). EDIT: And also, be sure to check if you don't have "Blood Quest" mod equipped by accident (it happened to me a few times, and I was like WTF when I see how much damage I was taking; obviously change the difficulty on Easy, too).