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  1. I've actually not abandoned my guide, it's about 90% done... I could just include few videos and publish it already, but I actually want to put an effort and make guide at least decent. Maybe not guide-of-the-year reward worthy and good as Floriiss guide for CoTN, but whatever. I'd also like to attract people to this amazing game (it's one of my favourite indies), but I think this won't help much... Especially that game hasn't been on sale yet.
  2. A few examples of mine, revolved around enjoying the game for a certain amount of time, but suddenly stopping and never reaching the credits: Alien Isolation: quite a good game, but I suddenly stopped playing before finishing 11th mission. It was mostly because I bought GTA V, but I never felt like returning to Alien afterwards. Limbo: I know it's a good game because I've actually played it on Steam, playing until I got 100% without longer interruption, as I enjoyed it from start to finish. I bought it on PS4 for another fun 100%, but I can't even complete the game without being bored to the death. Darksiders II: Another game I found enjoyable for most part, but stopped around 13th chapter out of 17.
  3. About DLC trophy pack 1 and 3: Clocked at 32 mph (Reach 5 stars in Challenge mode in under 3 hours (medium difficulty or above), You'll never look at birds the same way! (Complete challenge mode on Pena by only releasing carnivores (medium difficulty or above)) and obviously The essence of chaos (Reach 5 stars in challenge mode (any difficulty)) can be aimed for at one time, and are not too difficult if you know how the game works + can be save scummed, but takes more time to achieve Fast for a biped? (Reach 5 stars in Challenge mode in under 4 hours (hard difficulty or above)) is a bit more challenging, but the conditions are still generous, there's some luck involved, but even if dinosaurs escape, there's a lot of time for errors. Ratings Master (Get a dinosaur to reach 5000 or more rating) is just pure grind, releasing two high rated dinosaurs and let them duel to the death few times. Jurassic measures (Reach 5 stars on Jurassic difficulty challenge mode) is actually hard, you need a lot of luck with contracts for this one. I tried go for it a couple of times and didn't manage to get it and abandoned it for now. Trophies in first three bullets are no more than 4/10 in difficulty.
  4. PLATINUM #142 - RESIDENT EVIL 7: BIOHAZARD Difficulty: 4.5/10 | Platinum enjoyment: 8.5/10 | Game enjoyment: 8/10 | Plat tier: RARE My birthday present from a friend and, what a hell of a game! Both positively and negatively, as it turned out to be great, but pretty stressful and frustrating at times. To be honest, I've never played RE 1-3, my first being RE4 played on good old PS2. Amazing game, but later games turned out to be packed with too much action, especially 6, which was an OK game to play in co-op, but much less fun than 4. RE7 returned to be slow and scary just as first games and this caught my eye, as I've never played any RE before 4. And it turned out to be a very good horror game, maybe a bit too short, somewhat boring after 2/3 of the game and not THAT scary but certainly had it's moments. It's both scary and stressful, you feel the breath of crazy psycho which follows you through the mansion. They're not brainless zombies, but sane people who simply want you dead. And they cannot be killed for most of the time, so yes, you're in trouble. Platinum wise, game has big replayability, so after first, blind playthrough I happily jumped onto another playthrough for a coin hunt and trophy clean-up, and finally madhouse difficulty. It can be very stressful, annoying and make you waste even an hour of a game if you're not careful, but game is too good to not at least try it. I never felt like the game cheated on me and that every death from these four-legged molded f#####s was my fault because I sucked and was too slow. I think I'll catch up and play few first Resident Evil games, and try RE2 remake at one moment. It's definitely one of the most important franchise in gaming industry.
  5. I remember these posts, but I just felt I need to name the probable reason, that's why I brought them up here. My thought (and few people here) is that rarity don't come from nowhere and it's a sum of all factors that could determine platinum rarity. Good games are more fun to play than bad games. Either you have to play easy, but bad and tedious game with big grind; play a very good, but very difficult, skill demanding game or play a game with a guide from start to finish because of bunch of missable, stupid trophies. Every aspect I mentioned requires some kind of effort (but obviously difficulty is the aspect trophy hunters are mostly taking notice). This is not a fight just between Soulsborne = ribbon, Ratalaika game = no ribbon (which will be true anyway with this system), because there's too many games in middle between them. Puzzle/adventure games will suffer the most with this system, but there's no way to determine if somebody did it with a guide or not. I think there's no reason to discuss here about this, it's a dead topic anyway, Ribbon System is going to be implemented with 50% limit and nothing change it, but maybe if there will be new topic about Ribbon System and our comments about it, maybe then it'll be a good idea to bring this idea again.
  6. There's too many problems involved while determining if the platinum is "worthy" enough to net a ribbon. There would be a team to determine which platinum would give a ribbon? How they would know if, for example, Kid Tripp (current plat rarity varies, but it's about ~20%) requires effort if they probably never heard about the game which has around 200 owners? Probably they would only care about rating more popular titles. Or maybe we, the community would vote which game is worth a ribbon? Many people would vote "no" for a game in which they don't have platinum. Rarity is the only option for limit currently. And rarity isn't just determined by difficulty/time to 100%. In fact, there's always a reason why certain game has platinum with rarity lower/higher than expected. There's many more things to consider, mostly: if the game is good or bad: Soulsborne games looks appealing and are objectively excellent games, so more % of people complete them despite their difficulty and time involved. A bad game's platinum which would be equally difficult to get would be much rarer. if the trophy list is straightforward or very complicated: examples Bloodborne again, Marvel's Spiderman or Trine 3. They require you to 100% the game and (almost) nothing more, there's no odd things to do like "Kill 5 enemies in 10 seconds with a certain skill/weapon) which most no trophy hunters wouldn't care about. depends of people who bought the game (are they hardcore or casual and just bought certain game because of its uniquess). Bloodborne (again) has mostly dedicated fanbase, while Dust: An Elysian Tale (~9-10% rarity) was bought by people who mostly doesn't hunt trophies and were just interested in very furry-like art style TLDR; let rarity be limit, but it should be higher, as there's plenty of games within 40-50% range that's hardly challenging and time consuming. We discussed about this in another thread where 35% is a good limit between stuff requiring effort and not so much. But the most important thing should be making the ribbon of effort apply to every game, not just those with the platinum.
  7. I'm thinking about buying this game on sale ASAP, this is really 7.5/10? It looks worse than Super Meat Boy because of Ninja Runner trophy for beating the game without dying.
  8. 100% true, but there's no use of pointing that, as most people here think profile is trash as soon as you put a cheap platinum on it, no matter how many hard platinums you earned. Small table to compare, 3 exemplary profiles with 10 platinums with exemplary rarity: 1. 5% 1. 27% 1. 2% 2. 5% 2. 27% 2. 2% 3. 10% 3. 27% 3. 2% 4. 10% 4. 27% 4. 2% 5. 20% 5. 27% 5. 2% 6. 20% 6. 27% 6. 2% 7. 40% 7. 27% 7. 2% 8. 40% 8. 27% 8. 66% 9. 60% 9. 27% 9. 95% 10. 60% 10. 27% 10. 95% Which profile is the best? Average platinum rarity of each profile is equal. I know, the third example may be somewhat ridiculous and exaggerated, as most hardcore trophy hunters don't go for super easy plats. But it'd still hurt people who likes to earn trophies of different rarities.
  9. I compared this boundary to some of my platinums and these looks like good numbers. There's plenty of games sitting at 35% - 50% that are hardly challenging/time consuming like THE ORDER: 1886, BACK TO THE FUTURE: THE GAME, GAME OF THRONES, MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN, HELLBLADE: SENUA'S SACRIFICE or LEGO games. And they sit at the same tier as Bloodborne which is undoubtly a hard platinum. Tier 25% - 35% contains games that are not too easy/quick, but not too hard/time consuming either such as HORIZON: ZERO DAWN, GOD OF WAR or ASSASSIN'S CREED ODYSSEY. I could even think about creating a new account following this rule, but I really don't want to do Super Meat Boy again. The idea of introducing new rarity tier called "Slightly uncommon" (just like on PSNTL) with a rarity 35-50% wouldn't be a bad idea. I also don't think it's a bad game, but with its subpar reviews, I wasn't sure I want to buy it purely for fun, but I saw a platinum is easy, so I bought it when it was on sale. The trophy list is actually good as far as easy games go and titles who would like to hand an easy platinum should follow this rule. There's even plenty of Ratalaika Games which would be pretty enjoyable and worth buying if they had list like this. I'm astounted how many trophy list in PS3 games revolved around multiplayer. Even mediocre games didn't hand platinum easily. For average casual gamer, they still look bad, so they automatically think they're bad, sadly. I had a few arguments with people IRL about this. For some people, it doesn't matter if the game is fun/hard, they just see bad graphics and state you play crap on your next-gen console. This is what annoys me about typical casual gamer.
  10. I saw this thread refreshed, so I came to bitch about one trophy from certain game. I'm rather casual if it comes to trophy hunting and there's probably a lot of unfinished stuff on my profile that would give me headache if I'd try to 100% it (like Trials Fusion), but there's one trophy in one game I actively tried to get several times with no luck. This game's called Bound. I've got this game from PS+ and it caught my eye because how many UR trophies it has (20) and how rare the platinum is (0.61%). Many people who platinumed this game warned about painful "Cautious" trophy (Complete the game in one session without dying (with Edge Guard turned off)), which was in my opinion overestimated in difficulty (the game has pretty bad camera and clunky controls and these will kill you more often than hazards in this game, but I like deathless trophies, so maybe this is why I didn't find it so frustrating). But my true platinum breaker is "100% Run" (Complete the game in less than 01:05:00 and collect every Memory Shard). This is a trophy which combine both speedrun and collecting every collectible (where many are hidden in grass and you have to deviate from main path a lot to collect them). Miss one shard, and you have to start from beginning because you cannot replay chapters after you start the game. Exit the game and the run is reset (no save exploit). The time is generous, but not that generous - if you die too many times or spend too much time looking for collectibles in a level, you won't make it in time which I painfully experienced. But at least it can be done with a video guide step by step (very tedious, but safe way, as pausing stops the timer). It's definitely not as hard as Super Meat Boy Cotton Alley trophies in terms of difficulty, but 100% Run rely on equally heavy memorization. I plan to return to it by the end of the year and maybe I succeed. I was ready to abandon it too, and all of a sudden, the glitched level appeared. I don't think it's possible to achieve this legitimatelly without spending months on learning this game, there's always 5 or more people who are able to achieve ridiculous times/lengths. PS4 version doesn't have this trophy, but it's way easier to get a diamond here because of bigger playerbase, ironically. Fortunately, few people on Vita version of Rayman Legends forum are very helpful and inform about glitched level (and even how to achieve the best possible time, which is not always obvious), so it's advisable to follow it if somebody still want to grab this trophy.
  11. I don't see a reason to hate the game and thinking it'll be a cheap trophy-whore 6-stacks shit, maybe people think it's from Ratalaika Games without even checking. Doesn't look excellent, but doesn't look bad, too. Reminds me of Bombing Busters which mixed classic Bomberman with a "story" with bosses. This may be the same case here. Probably won't be worth the full price, but I can say this about 80% of games on PSN.
  12. I designed my profile to have a 50:50 ratio between easy 50+% and non-easy <50% plat, so I'd say: easy platinums are not bad, but if majority of your platinums is common, you should work on something harder. Also buying games you are not interested in means you're less of a gamer and more a trophy hunter (OK - let's use term "trophy whore"). I like to go for a common platinum after I earn a harder plat to give myself a break and vice versa, common plat make me think "OK, now it's time to earn a harder/more time consuming plat". But even "easy plat" can be sometimes more tedious that a plat in a game you enjoy and requires some effort. For example, platinums in POWGI/Pic-a-Pix games are very tedious even with a guide if you don't like this type of games and they're all common. They're just set of small puzzles which give you the same amount of thrill as crossword on the last page of newspaper. Ratalaika games are more of a "game" than them. When I bought Trine 3 few years ago because of an easy plat, more than a game itself, I realized my mentality towards trophies changed and they're sometimes more important than me than a game itself, so I gave myself a border which I cannot pass. I also restict myself from not buying games from other region. About leaderboard, I'd say it was worthless even before Lightwood games/Ratalaika Games/Sometimes You and the others came. Every platinum is different and without a points based on rarity/completion, it's still far from ideal. In PS3 era, you also could went high on leaderboard, it's just required more time and money spent than nowadays because there were no 15 minutes plats. Even the PSNP isn't different: upcoming ribbon system (it's being made for almost half of a year and still isn't ready) values all common plats the same, so games like Sly 1 & 2, Spyro The Dragon, Trine 3 or Cat Quest are in the same tier as all 15-minutes plats and considered "worthless" (or not requiring effort, to call it more gentle) by this system. So why we should care about the plat system even if our site will introduce the automatic rule "every plat with over 50% rarity sucks"? This first paragraph of your post can also be said about Super Meat Boy, Crypt of The Necrodancer, Downwell etc., which also looks bad in a technical way, yet grants you a great amount of fun and skill demanding platinum. On the other hand you have Spyro The Dragon, which looks gorgeous and hands you a easy common plat. Graphics is sometimes important, but should never be an estimation if the game is good or bad.
  13. PLATINUM #137 - DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN Difficulty: 2/10 | Platinum enjoyment: 6.5/10 | Game enjoyment: 8/10 | Plat tier: RARE The latest heavy story reliant game from David Cage, Detroit: Become Human may be objectively the best "playable movie" you can find on PSN. As a truly mature game, nothing here is black and white and both sides (humans and androids) aren't completely justified for their actions. There's no "golden ending" where everybody lives happily together. There's several "Karma houdini" people who were jerkasses and nothing happened to them for their actions. The best possible ending requires much more thinking than Heavy Rain's best ending. I'd call this game a crossover of Heavy Rain, The Walking Dead (Telltale) and Game of Thrones (Telltale), as you take control of several characters, one with a harmless kid (TWD) and there are a lot of stressful moments where you know you are in a big mess, like in GOT. I'm really glad this game came on PS+, it was a gigantic surprise. Gameplay-wise, it doesn't show anything innovative, but it functions well. Kara is an emotional part of the game with biggest load of QTE, Connor is a smart mystery detective guy which heavy relies on "researching clues" aspect known from Batman series and he's probably most fun character to play, whereas Marcus sits somewhere between them. Expect a gigantic amount of branching paths, surpassing every "playable movie" ever made. It's so huge, developers decided to give us a chart for every chapter with every path visible, which was a great idea. Platinum was less tedious than I thought (more enjoyable than Heavy Rain and MUCH more enjoyable than Beyond: Two Souls), but still not as enjoyable as it could be. You can't skip any dialogues even after completing the game, so prepare yourself to watch the same scene over and over, especially if you'd like to uncover most branching paths. And especially if you have your first playthrough blind.
  14. Well, I thought that: 1. asking here first will be a better idea than immediately reporting him. 2. name and shame only applies if I explicitly write "X is a cheater" on forum, not that I post a link to a leaderboard. I'm not gonna post similiar threads in the future if such proceeding is frowned upon, so thanks anyway.
  15. I'm curious about the completion time of the guy on top of leaderboard here https://psnprofiles.com/100-club/7366-the-long-reach. Is this possible to have such timestamps without the use of external save? I heard about glitched trophies, but this only apply to trophies concerning e-mails and water coolers. While it looks silly to care about such an easy game, we can't be sure he has done harder games legitimatelly.