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  1. Even funnier fact is that people starting these thread actually hate this company and wish them out of existence. Brutal truth for y'all: video games, and especially hunting trophies are viewed as a shallow hobby by majority of people in the world that would consider collecting stamps, coins etc. more interesing and reason to be proud. Why do we have to fight here and start these gamer-vs-gamer flamewar instead of being proud of our hobby that's actually much deeper than just collecting some stamps or coins?
  2. Sure the difficulty is minimal, but why everybody rub their hands when they think about Conan Exiles super easy plat and throw shit at Ratalaika Games at the same time? There are other popular games like Trine 2 (PS3), ARK: Survival Evolved, Celeste which can give you plat at minimum effort if you wish.
  3. I am in favor for this idea, but I don't understand why do you think games with only gold trophies are so bad. Trophy type not always shows the work required to get particular trophy. Game can have a maximum amount of 1050 points without a plat, there's no difference if it have 9 golds and 2 silvers or 70 bronzes. I'd even say second option is "better" because it increases your overall count more. But if somebody wants to have more golds for show-off, then he's satisfied. Seriously, anybody even a little bit serious about trophy hunting won't be bragging about their plats from Ratalaika, so I don't understand why all this ruckus keeps going on. When I look on somebody profile, I only look on rarest plats, never on most common. In my opinion, profile with Super Meat Boy and Wolfenstein II plats = profile with SMB, WII and 30 Ratalaika games plats.
  4. Damn I was waiting for four months and still not there!
  5. DLC is already out, and it seems Season Pass will be more expensive than three DLC bought separately. I see nothing additional besides "The surprise second course promises to satisfy the bravest of appetites.". I wonder if buying Season Pass is profitable if you only care about trophies and not additional chefs, stages etc.
  6. Pretty cringy thread for a someone who doesn't care about trophies. I'll continue buying Ratalaika games as long as they're being created and will have a free money to spend. It's still better to buy a Ratalaika game than spend it on drugs. But to be fair, I'm also against national stacking, even for games that aren't published simultaneously in all regions. And I'm annoyed by this Ratalaika guy coming here and writing like a kid, posts like "We're happy to announce you our next game remember it'll have 6 stacks no less and it's crossbuy 2 games in price for one xD" In thread about Celeste which allowed to get all trophies in Assist Mode, complaining about Assist Mode not blocking trophies was frowned upon, because "enjoy the game and shut the f##k up about trophies!". Here, the easiness of trophies is frowned upon "Why the s##t like this exist? There's no challenge in this!"
  7. So you're the publisher? That'd explain decrease in difficulty and list consisting mostly gold/silver trophies.
  8. According to Metacritic, today on both PS4 & Vita.
  9. I originally thought free to play games can't have a platinum trophy, but with Path of Exile it's no longer the case, so it's hard to tell. It's a clone of pretty hardcore game One Finger Death Punch, but Iron Snout is much more casual, there's no penalty for spamming buttons so it's a piece a cake comparing to the former. They for sure removed harder trophies like kill 200 enemies in single fight and 50 in one hp mode which were a bit tricky, so it's even easier. Also controls on gamepad in OFDP were awful, but I think it'll be no issue here. I suspect a 70-80% rarity plat. I agree it wasn't a bad game and I consider grabbing it on sale if it won't be free.
  10. Doesn't look too... engaging. It has no music or you turned it off? Thank God it doesn't have a plat. My trophy-whorism won't activate so easily.
  11. If Average Completion >= 78%, you can't earn B and A ranks. If Average Completion >= 66%, you can't earn A rank. Or at least I think so. Wait a sec, wasn't it D = AC - 50%, B = AC + 25%, A = AC + 50% (AC - average completion) or it was changed? Is it mentioned somewhere officially?
  12. BTW I think it may be possible to get superfast 100% time even if you don't carry over points from CN version. I didn't test it, but possible steps: start participating in challenges, but do not sync your trophies when you get sufficient amount of points, delete your profile to wipe out all trophies and log in again start Rayman Legends and do singleplayer stuff It happens because points you get from challenges are tied to account (at least on Vita, I had to buy another console, and when I started Rayman Legends I've had some points with fresh save, because of several challenges I done earlier). But I don't know if this game wouldn't be flagged then, you'd have bizarre trophy timestamps.
  13. https://psnprofiles.com/games?publisher=10507-ratalaika-games-sl
  14. My thoughts, mostly common with other users here: Making common trophies (50%+ rarity) worth 0 points would be fine enough, it would completely shut down purpose of developing piss-easy games designed only for trivial plat. On PSNP it would be a bit harsh because many more games (especially longer ones like Marvel's Spider-Man) would net you no points, but it's not important right now. Instead of giving bronze/silver/gold for non-specified reason, Sony could give it based on rarity (gold for ultra rare <5%, silver for very rare 5-20%, bronze for rare 20-50% or something like that). Give every game a plat, and maybe even give additional trophy for completing game with dlc. VVVVVV, Trials Fusion or Sine Mora deserve to have a plat. Remove games with two different trophy lists based on region (merge NA, EU etc. lists), because exactly same game having different rarity (I was surprised to see that Hollow Knight EU version has twice more common platinum than NA version).
  15. I'd agree if both chapters were done only as a Meat Boy/Bandage Girl. The main difficulty spike of Girl Boy/Impossible Boy is from inability to change characters, which can trivialize (by SMB standards) few of Dark Rapture levels, like 5-10X or 5-13X as The Kid. Impossible Boy with possibility to change characters would be significantly easier (imagine doing 7-1X with The Kid or 7-2X as Gish). I still think Girl Boy difficulty spike after Zombie Boy is higher than Impossible Boy after Girl Boy, because of mentioned inability to change characters.