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  1. Thanks for reply. Bad decision though, they should just make this some kind of warm-up that allow you to beat the game, but a platinum should require more work.
  2. Haven't touched the game since patch, so small question out of curiosity: Do you still need to beat the Impossible Lair in one go for HIVE won! trophy or you can just start from last checkpoint after reaching it, beat the game and get the trophy?
  3. Just dropped by to say I agree and disagree at the same time. I disagree with reputation of this game being bad, because it's the same addicting experience as The Sims 1 was in early 2000s. Taking off nostalgia goggles, there's a lot of things that has been improved since TS 1, which makes newer games from the series objectively better. Personally, I'm having so much fun with this game by just playing at my own pace and without caring about trophies much. I agree with EA thing, they pulled an undoubtely dick move by cutting out half of the game and hiding it behind paywall, and this alone was a good reason to ignore this game when it was released. But to be fair, vanilla TS 4 is still a bigger game than original TS. After these 5 years since TS4 release, still omitting this game after being on sale quite a lot of times and because of "EA" trademark can make you potentially miss a good title. If you are like me and still have good memories about The Sims 1 and would love to play it again, it's definitely worth adding to library while it's still on PS+.
  4. @Spaz, he actually compared 10SNX to SMB difficulty-wise "slightly easier version of Super Meat Boy" and the part slightly just doesn't fit well. We're comparing 6-7 difficulty game (and you agreed on that) to 9-10 difficulty game. I wrote my post because trophy percentage and opinions of you two suggested it will be unbelievably hard game, whereas it doesn't match rarity (quite a few harder games that was on PS+ like Downwell, Furi, even Velocity 2X has higher rarity). But again, this may be due to unrewarding set of trophies (maybe with platinum rarity would be higher). If I'm not mistaken, you've wrote this post before you got Wooooooooooooooah - Livin' on a prayer, so I guess you were exaggerating the amount of effort needed for this game at the time.
  5. PLATINUM #147 - YOOKA-LAYLEE AND THE IMPOSSIBLE LAIR Difficulty: 6/10 | Platinum enjoyment: 6.5/10 | Game enjoyment: 7.5/10 | Plat tier: UNCOMMON Yooka and Laylee returned and were degraded to 2.5D dimension. Because it was one of my most anticipated game of 2019, I immediately picked it up on holiday PSN sale. At first glance, there's a lot of reasons to love this game. Beautiful graphics, cute characters (even these marching ugly Capital B mooks are kinda cute, too), absolutely awesome soundtrack from duo known from old Rare's games Kirkhope & Wise (although Griffin and Muldoch also have done pretty damn good job), excellent-on-paper gameplay inspired by Donkey Kong Country, Rayman Legends, Super Mario World 2 and even Zelda with flexible gameplay where you can adjust the difficulty just as you wish by removing checkpoints, giving you more invincibility time, giving enemies additional hitpoint etc. Game of the year contender? Sadly, no. But I was ready to say so after first few hours, where my excitement rating was pure 10/10. I'd have a big problem to state exactly what was wrong with this game, but after these first few hours game started to feel pretty repetitive, even if every level introduced different interesting gimmick. I had to force myself to even complete every level except dreaded Impossible Lair, and the game cleanup afterwards was sadly a chore, with grinding involved. My excitement rating went down to about 5/10 for the second half of the game, hence my whole game enjoyment is a mean of these two ratings. About infamous Impossible Lair, it's the main obstacle of the game and the only reason of 6/10 difficulty, as everything else is 3/10 at best. Long, checkpointless marathon where you need to learn every move that fat bastard Capital B throws at you, practice and die again only later in the Lair. There was a lot of ranting about the difficulty, which is understandable, as NOTHING in this game before Impossible Lair prepare you for the challenge - the game even allows you to skip checkpoints in main levels! Moreover, I found this part exciting in comparison to somewhat bland main game. It's also important to note this place is needed to beat to even see the game's credits. Playtonic tried to create a game for both casual and veteran platformer fans, but it turned out this game is for neither of them, as it can be too difficult for people not adapted to platformers, and main game may be too boring for those who prefer something more challenging. At least that's what I think, though. To be honest, I prefer first Yooka-Laylee game, because gameplay fitted my taste more and game was enjoyable from start to finish, what I sadly cannot say about Impossible Lair. Despite my disappointment, I WOULD recommend this game, but not for the current price (even on current sale). Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair is from "high-price class" indie game which costs $30 instead of usual $15, despite the fact many indie games costing less provide more enjoyment than this title. And what the hell happened to Rextro Sixtyfourus? He was such a lovable guy...
  6. After my 8th attempt (and 3rd serious with full bee set) and dying in the same place again (last Capital B fight) I'd like to share my thoughts: Water and ice sections are my bane of existence... I can't imagine beating them consistently without losing a single bee. It's definitely worth to skip annoying and frustrating parts with a cost of bee or two (like this shitty rope part before the third boss fight). I agree hitboxes are unreliable AF... But on the other side, I sometimes didn't lose a bee despite the fact I've clearly touched enemy or hazard. So, while still bad and not supposed to work that way, I don't hate them as much as I should. Idea of having to beat this whole place in one go to even see the credits and giving such high difficulty spike is just ludicrous. If I'd be in charge of designing this very last level, I'd split this level in four separate sections accessible from the hub, giving the half of your collected bees for safety, and to let you just beat it with your bees recharged after every section. "Golden ending" which you would have to unlock for platinum would require you to beat the whole area just as is it now. Or at the very least, it should make these three door after a first section of lair let you choose the section you want to beat next (so after learning one, have the possibility to train in another section). Another thing that bugs me is pretty high rarity percentage of trophy for beating this level (even on PSN). Quite a good amount of people good at platforms must've picked this game despite very casual appearance. Actually this is the only exciting part of the game so far for me. I'm not enjoying it as much as other people here. For a game that takes a lot from legendary games like Donkey Kong Country, Rayman and Zelda, I found this title to be pretty boring and repetitive (but still worth to check if you're platformer fan).
  7. Your statement is like "anything having harder equivalent automatically requires little effort only because something harder exist". Sonic 3 Blue Spheres stages aren't hard because Sonic 2 extra stages were harder, Crushing difficulty in Uncharted isn't hard because Brutal exists, most 2D platformers aren't too difficult because Super Meat Boy is harder etc. It just sounds kinda unfair for people who struggle against "easier" equivalents. If you want a small comparison in difficulty from me: I see you put trophy from 10 Second Ninja X into your trophy cabinet, so I assume you must be proud from achieving this (understandably, as it was pretty damn hard). Believe me, I had EASIER time doing X marathons than doing Blue Sphere stages legitimatelly, without RNG exploit. You may think this is April Fool's Joke, but I'm dead serious. Blue Sphere stages' increasing speed and rotating levels' order felt WAY MORE frustrating than doing any of X marathons. So yeah, I think it's a good example that difficulty is a subjective thing. And while I wouldn't care about anybody finding these stages easy (good for them), your "[Sonic Mania] requires a skill and focus that most of today's gamers lack" attitude sounds very unfair again, so this is why I posted here again. On top of that, rising rarity percentages of SM trophies (actually it's kinda ridiculous that something easy like Secret Sub slowly goes into UR territory) just confirms the fact a lot of people who picked this game on PS+ have problem with 100% it. Outside of rougelikes which are designed to be this way, I've never seen such a thing. Imagine playing something like Super Meat Boy blind and after every death, you'd be warped to another of chapter's 20 stages and you'd not be able to learn it until you "draw" it again. Old games just don't stop surprising me. If you or anybody else still have problem with these BS stages in Sonic Mania (which actually are bs), I'd recommend this RNG trick to make this more fair. SM is still a good game worth doing 100% and struggling against. It's not mentioned in the guide of course, but is mentioned in video in Full Medal Jacket.
  8. @Spaz, you actually need to be a veteran of StH 3 to have an easy time with Sphere Stages, the only difficult thing here, as it was an optional minigame not required to beat the game. I don't think main stages of SM were hard many here can agree with that, no need to trigger your "gamers nowadays sucks" spiel. The fact that you cannot replay them immediately after screwing just screams cheap difficulty and isn't particulary fun. You've collected 105/106 spheres and was killed? Bad luck, try again after trying 10 another stages. Just don't forget which sphere killed you. Not mentioning the fact the way to get few gold medals is ridiculously hard to discover without a guide. I understand in SNES/Genesis era it was a cheap way to increase longetivity, but why they didn't give an option to replay particular stages as with Mean Bean Machine in Extras?
  9. Don't feel bad about it, it's just my fault I was so slow with it... I already sent my guide about a week ago to review but was rejected because I commited few mistakes, and didn't have the motivation again to correct it for a while... I could just remove my guide, but why not post it anyway and let people read two guides? The more the better for this awesome game.
  10. Comparing this game to SMB is a big exaggeration... No single trophy requires such amount of practice like dreaded Cotton Alley deathless runs. But it's not an easy game by any means, easily 6-7 in difficulty. The main reason why it's not so bad as it seems as not every level requires that much effort to 3 star, maybe 2-3 levels out of 10... And they're placed on the beginning of the marathon often, so it's not that last level is a run breaker. The fact that you can stop before every level, play the hint and safely plan your route also helps a lot... Too bad it's very often broken and you need to either utilize hints (which are very annoying to get in big number as Kat's Crate Smash which unlocks them gets progressively harder) or play with a video. Lacks of platinum obviously hurts, but it also makes the last trophy so rare I think... Being on PS+, hardly anyone wanted to put an effort for such unrewarding set of trophies. This is definitely laziness of devs as Steam has the very same set of trophies... But why not make every trophy gold and put a plat? I somehow almost pulled it off as game turned to be pretty fun, but also kinda boring at times and it takes forever to X rank all those marathons... I hope I join the 100% club this weekend (9/11 X ranks, so I've only 2 left).
  11. I always move forward to another game after getting all trophies, but sometimes I come back to play The End Is Nigh just for pure fun - even if it's non-multiplayer, non-rogue like game so, so it lacks in replayability departament. I mourn the lack of any additional stacks... I'd buy every one for full price just to get another platinum for this game.
  12. This is the same situation as with Celeste, which is basically invincibility mode designed on purpose. Few people, including me, bitched about it a lot (it took one of my most anticipated game all the way down to bottom pile of games "to buy on a gigantic sale"), and yet the most praised opinions was like "screw trophies, just play the game". Yes, on trophy hunting website. So I decided to never rant about this again. I understand both sides, however. In Hollow Knight case, I'm with @APCGrayLocked as I didn't find the game that incredible to spend countless hours on practicing bosses for all pantheons. I still have put a good amount of time into it (about 40 hours, because game is so big and I was trying to figure things myself for most part). But on the other side, I understand other people being annoyed by those who got this plat with exploit. If suddenly Super Meat Boy would allow to get Impossible Boy without too much trouble (as on Steam version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g_KQrT6BPQ), I'd also be pissed off... But because using glitches (even used intentionally) are allowed here, why do anybody who want platinum only has to care? Blame the game, not the players. And if somebody want a bragging rights platinum to put in his showcase, maybe he should go for a game which doesn't allow any workarounds.
  13. PLATINUM #145 - ARCADE GAME SERIES: PAC-MAN Difficulty: 3.5/10 | Platinum enjoyment: 6/10 | Game enjoyment: 5/10 | Plat tier: UNCOMMON While it's one of gaming icons of all time, I never liked Pac-Man. 3 years after Pac-Man (1980) we've been gifted with Super Mario Bros from Nintendo (1983) and I'd not have a dillemma which game I'd prefer to play. The fact that you play over and over on the same map with just increasing speed doesn't scream fun too much. Enemies move unpredictably and while theoretically they're prone to manipulating, there are scenarios where you cannot avoid death. So yeah, it's no doubt another coin draining arcade title, and 2/3 of them is crossed from my list now. One thing that bugs me off: Namco was clearly aware of possibility of save scumming (you won't appear on official leaderboard if you save & quit and reload the game again), so why they didn't include normal savestates which you could reload whenever you'd like?
  14. I've actually not abandoned my guide, it's about 90% done... I could just include few videos and publish it already, but I actually want to put an effort and make guide at least decent. Maybe not guide-of-the-year reward worthy and good as Floriiss guide for CoTN, but whatever. I'd also like to attract people to this amazing game (it's one of my favourite indies), but I think this won't help much... Especially that game hasn't been on sale yet.
  15. A few examples of mine, revolved around enjoying the game for a certain amount of time, but suddenly stopping and never reaching the credits: Alien Isolation: quite a good game, but I suddenly stopped playing before finishing 11th mission. It was mostly because I bought GTA V, but I never felt like returning to Alien afterwards. Limbo: I know it's a good game because I've actually played it on Steam, playing until I got 100% without longer interruption, as I enjoyed it from start to finish. I bought it on PS4 for another fun 100%, but I can't even complete the game without being bored to the death. Darksiders II: Another game I found enjoyable for most part, but stopped around 13th chapter out of 17.