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  1. I'd keep playing my games. Games can still be fun without trophies.
  2. Nah, I'd rather buy a complete game than having to wait months to buy the rest.
  3. Beato from Umineko Mostly because of how sadistic and crazy she was
  4. I am 22
  5. Yes I know him. The trainwreck of a human being. Amazing how someone can be racist, sexist, fat and lazy, and make money off of playing games and say it's "hard work". Truly he's the embodiment of the American Dream.
  6. Senran Kagura. I don't need to explain why do I? One of the Atelier games is a world I wouldn't mind living in, if I wanted peace I could go into town and hit up some peeps and if I want adventure I can venture out in the wilderness or unknown lands.
  7. Deathmatch, conquest, or control (take over points on the map)
  8. Marisa Kirisame from Touhou
  9. Last of Us is overrated, not original, boring characters, gameplay that hasn't changed from Uncharted... Borderlands both 1 and 2 sucks, where's all those guns they promised? All I see are 10 different guns copied 100 times... Everything David Cage touches is horrible...
  10. Can't really get smiling down
  11. Loves dem twin tails
  12. Say what you want about the kid, but I have 0 respect for people who pick on kids online. Maybe the kid was too trusting but this Kermit guy made his choice, this thinking older adult made the choice to basically troll this kid.
  13. Welcome back Scurberry Shortcake
  14. Is that a giant green ball floating behind me? Oh well