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  1. @dell9300 Ye I think my 10,000 caps trophy has glitched on me as well, I've earned much more than that now
  2. So far it's all been fine, had no corrupted saves, trophies have been popping, so is a great glitch that can really help you out
  3. This trophy list is made much easier and less time consuming with this simpler trick:
  4. Yes, I'm currently doing this at the moment and it's making life a whole lot easier, thanks for the advice!!
  5. Platinum #42 - Wolfenstein 2 Enjoyment - 9/10 As much as I wanted to give this 10 out of 10, I couldn't because I felt that the two previous games were pretty much the same. I loved them both, but wanted to experience something a bit different this time. It's still a solid and really good game, hence why I've given it a nine. I really like the story and all the cut scenes - job well gone game devs! I love using stealth in games hence why I was able to get the mein leben trophy completed in only a few runs. Although it's not mandatory to be stealthy, but it helps a lot considering the game isn't easy and Rambo like behavior can get you killed and will during your mein leben run. Difficulty - 10/10 Not much needs to be said here, mein leben is an absolute nightmare and can be extremely time consuming to achieve. 0.50% Ultra Rare
  6. Platinum #41 - Far Cry 5 Enjoyment 9/10 - Overall I have to say I adored this game, it was brilliant, and in my opinion is the best far cry game as of yet. The only reason i'm knocking off 1 point is that I wanted to see more of the father as he was a great, he made me almost want to join the cult lol. I loved how the map was split up into 3 regions, made the game much more interesting. I highly recommend this game to anyone, even if you've never played a Far cry game before. Difficulty 1/10 - Typically like any other Far cry game this is easy to complete, as long as you utilise all four weapon slots with a variety of weapons you'll find this game a breeze to complete. Time Taken - Roughly 25 hours 9.51% Very Rare - Won't stay like this for long though!
  7. Platinum #40 - Monster Hunter World Enjoyment 8/10 - The reason I'm not giving it a 10 is due to the endless hours it took me to farm for the gold crowns. However, despite that it was an absolutely great game which provided me with endless hours of enjoyment. This game has great controls and overall is very easy to play, you don't need to have played any other MHW game in order to understand this as it's very simple and straightforward. Difficulty 5/10 - Overall the story can be reasonably challenging, especially when your are firstly introduced to elder dragons. However, the ability to fire an SOS and call for other players allows you to complete all quests with ease, especially if a few high level players come to the rescue. Where this game can get really tough is the HR 49 quest, which you have to complete in order to bypass the hunter rank 49 cap, so that you can achieve the HR 100 achievement. This quest has you up against a tempered kirin, which is a nightmare, I highly advise you unlock the thunder proof mantle in order to kill him as it makes life much easier for the period that you're wearing it. Time Taken - 256 hours 1.84% Ultra Rare
  8. Haha what are the chances of that lol, well I wish you all the luck in getting that gold crown!
  9. Thank the lords lol, I've finally just got my last crown after around 200 investigations searching for a small kirin, my playtime is just over 250 hours. Good luck to everyone else attempting this platinum, and remember don't get too frustrated, just enjoy the game for what it is
  10. Ahh okay then thats great, thanks for letting me know
  11. I did this glitch a couple months ago. However, I'm just wondering whether this classes as cheating and can get you flagged on here, anyone know?
  12. I need just one mini and one giant crown, not counting deviljho and i haven't tracked him yet so he doesn't appear in my hunting log, ill be able to let you know hopefully very soon if you need his crowns or not as well. I also think that as long as you don't track him so that he doesn't appear in your hunting log, that he might not be required for the crown trophy, but ill be able to hopefully confirm this soon.
  13. My playtime is 146:28:20, from this I'd say around 100 hours is crown farming and I have in total 45 gold crowns, i've definitely found that responding to SOS investigations where the host is above HR 100 has helped me gain more crowns, plus always look for investigations where there are multiple monsters in it to hunt or capture, it saves you a lot of time rather than just investigations with one monster at a time.
  14. I agree, and make sure you enjoy the game, because it's really fun, I'm even planning to continue playing after I earn the platinum because its just so dam good!
  15. I don't think there is going to be a rotten vale event quest, well at least not for the next 2 weeks. You can check it out on the event schedule: http://www.monsterhunterworld.com/eventquest/MHW_EventQuest_EN.pdf Even if there is a rotten vale event quest, I highly doughy that Vaal Haazak will be in it, as Kirin isn't in Coral Waltz, and Teostra wasn't in the wildspire event. Unless they decide to do an elder dragon event in the future which would make life much easier!