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  1. It came out a while ago on the Switch. It is a pretty fun game.
  2. 15 games: Zen Pinball 2 - 29 MLB 2K10 - 2 RBI Baseball 2015 - 1 MLB 2K11 - 4 NBA Live 14 - 2 NHL 10 - 2 Loadout - 1 Drawn to Death - 1 Hawken - 2 Gotham City Imposters - 1 Blacklight Retribution - 1 UFC Undisputed 2010 - 1 NBA 2K19 - 1 Pinball FX3 - 1 NHL 16 - 1
  3. Square Enix doesn't have anything to do with Hitman anymore. Square Enix decided to stop funding IO Interactive in 2017 and IO Interactive were able to buy themselves out and become a fully independent game studio and have full control of the Hitman IP. Warner Bros published Hitman 2 but with Hitman 3 IO Interactive published it themselves.
  4. Does anyone know if Hitman 3 has PS4 to PS5 save transfer?
  5. When the game came out there were a lot of problems with massive framerate drops when you were in gun fights (So bad that you would freeze for a second or so when getting shot at so you had no chance to react so basically it boiled down to getting shot the game freezing for a second and then you are dead) so it basically made the game unplayable (especially due to the fact that they were advertising this as a competitive shooter). A lot of people left within the first month and by the time a supposed fix came several months later the player base had already moved on to other games.
  6. I have tried it close to 30 times in the last couple of days. No luck so far. And today the game has crashed 3 times after the game is over with when I started spamming x.
  7. I see that you have the trophy now. What did you do to get it to work?
  8. I'm having the same issue. Tried multiple games and spamming the x button but nothing works. Annoying as this is the last trophy I need for the plat.
  9. No you don't. Just do the Day of the Remains mission. There are 2 chests near the beginning of the level. Get both then return to the jet and repeat.
  10. Not really a big deal either way as he is in his costume for the vast majority of the gameplay.
  11. These trophies are not unobtainable. If you bought the DLCs before they were delisted you can still unlock the trophies.
  12. Sega just announced that they are producing a live action Yakuza movie.
  13. It is a 3/10. Nothing is difficult. It is just very time consuming. The hardest trophy which is complete a war zone on challenge iv with 100% rating can be completed in the harm room tutorial so that trivializes it.
  14. Thanks will try that
  15. Thanks. Any tips for the Rogue SQuadron trophy?