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  1. Can anyone recommend me any good Castlevania style games from this sale?
  2. Also worth mentioning if you get someone to help you with the hard trophy your characters also get the levels the characters were on the person's hard level playthrough. So you could start your easy playthrough possibly with a few characters at max level. Makes the game ridiculously easy.
  3. If that is the case then they should not allow any M rated games on their systems. That means no God of War, The Last of Us, Call of Duty, etc.. We have to protect the kids lol. I am already preparing for the Switch or whatever is next for Nintendo plus the Xbox to be my main platforms when the ps4's lifespan is done with
  4. I don't have the game but after doing a little research it looks like you need the PS VR to access world 7.
  5. I got mine on November 19th. It appeared as a notification on my ps4.
  6. Turns out it is not cross buy.
  7. They know of the trophy issue and aiming to fix it in the December patch.
  8. Noticed that Super Bomberman R is on sale for 50% off. Does it come with the DLC (the 8 Shiny Bomberman and the Golden Vic Viper) or is that only for physical copies?
  9. Maybe try completing another challenge (besides escalation) and completing the level if you have not already tried that. Sorry I can't be more of a help. Edit: Did you do any of the challenges for the bonus mission before reaching mastery level 20? I read on another site (I think reddit) a couple days ago that somebody did the bonus missions to reach mastery level 20 for one of the map and the trophy did not unlock for him.
  10. The mastery trophies seem to be a bit glitchy. I did Paris and when I did the last challenge to get to 20 mastery the trophy did not unlock. So I loaded up an older save and then finished the level and then the trophy finally did unlock.
  11. Is the debug room still gone with patch 1.07? It seems like with every other patch it reappears lol
  12. Wow, the success of the PS4 has really gone to Sony's head. They think they can do whatever they want. Microsoft made the same mistake into thinking they could do whatever they wanted to with the Xbox One after the success with the 360 and we all know what happened to them. If Sony keeps up with what they are doing now (if the damage is not already done) then the PS5 will be lagging way behind in sales next gen.
  13. Perfect. Thanks
  14. In the first Hitman game, for example, you could save your game mid-level and then assassinate your target one way and then load up your save again and assassinate your target a different way and it would count as 2 challenges completed. Also you could complete challenges and then quit the level without finishing and they would still be marked as completed. Does it work the same way in Hitman 2?
  15. So I have to redownload Hitman 1 again 😒 Do I have to redownload all the DLC packs or just the 1st pack (ICA one)?