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  1. You will be missing out on the story expansion and 12 characters. It doesn't affect any trophies but there are some fun characters in the dlc (Spawn and Robocop are my favourite). The MK 11 Ultimate Add-On bundle does go on sale occasionally so you can just buy the base game now, see if you like it, and then by the add-on bundle next time it goes on sale.
  2. Guessing it was because the L2/R2 were really bad on the PS3 controller compared to the LT/RT on the Xbox 360.
  3. Phoenix Wright is the one that I am hoping for the most. Other choices I would like to see are Dante (which will not happen now) and either Kiryu or Majima.
  4. Guess I will finally try Anthem now at 94% off.
  5. They also added in the 8 Shiny Bomberman that was previously a digital pre-order bonus or were included in the physical shiny edition but not the Golden Vic Viper (but you can get the regular one).
  6. On the other console versions you could play offline matches with up to 7 bots (8 player matches) but on the PS4 version I seem to only be able to play with up to 3 bots (4 player matches). Am I missing something or is the PS4 version an inferior version of the game?
  7. The North American version has Toro. As soon as you boot up the game for the first time you can get him from the in game shop for 10 coins (you start with 1400 coins).
  8. Can you delete your save data and start again?
  9. Already got 14 games but might go back and get Pato Box and Dead End Job before the sale ends.
  10. Thanks for finding this. Will be using this once I start the game. But what is the secret for Bayonetta 2? I have just started that game.
  11. Only the person hosting needs to have the pass
  12. Yeah you have to buy the Premium Pack for $9.99 to be able to host private matches. Pretty crappy but not surprising considering this is a Konami game.
  13. For anyone thinking about getting the invincibility dlc I believe it disables trophies as on the PSN store there is a in game screenshot that says using invincibility disables triumphs which is what the trophies are tied to.
  14. Yeah they are just some clothes for your rider and a skin for your bike but the ape outfit is kind of cool.
  15. Thought I would mention this as the game is currently on sale. On the PSN store, it says that the Gold Edition includes the Jungle Rider pack and Wild West Rider pack. However when I bought the gold edition about a week ago I did not get either of these packs. Upon further research it appears these were pre-order bonus so I'm guessing nobody bothered to change the description for the gold edition when the game was officially released.