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  1. Thanks for finding this. Will be using this once I start the game. But what is the secret for Bayonetta 2? I have just started that game.
  2. Only the person hosting needs to have the pass
  3. Yeah you have to buy the Premium Pack for $9.99 to be able to host private matches. Pretty crappy but not surprising considering this is a Konami game.
  4. For anyone thinking about getting the invincibility dlc I believe it disables trophies as on the PSN store there is a in game screenshot that says using invincibility disables triumphs which is what the trophies are tied to.
  5. Yeah they are just some clothes for your rider and a skin for your bike but the ape outfit is kind of cool.
  6. Thought I would mention this as the game is currently on sale. On the PSN store, it says that the Gold Edition includes the Jungle Rider pack and Wild West Rider pack. However when I bought the gold edition about a week ago I did not get either of these packs. Upon further research it appears these were pre-order bonus so I'm guessing nobody bothered to change the description for the gold edition when the game was officially released.
  7. It took Rocket Arena 2 weeks after launch to go on sale for 83% off. Wonder how long it will take for this game to follow the same pattern? And yes I was one of the idiots who bough Rocket Arena at launch. I am still mad about that.
  8. Was playing squads earlier and I did steal a teammate's tail but for a good reason. It was under 10 seconds left and he had fallen down so if I had not taken it another team would have and we would have been eliminated. We made it to the finals but it was the battery game and we lost. But level wise my 2 most hated levels are See-Saw and the Tail Tag game. Only issue I have with Tail Tag is the game goes on for too long. Only the last 10-20 seconds actually matter.
  9. OP: Nice avatar
  10. Yeah I started playing Friday and still haven't unlocked Big Bully. It is one of the most common trophies in the game so I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.
  11. This happened to me about a week ago. Earned a few trophies in House of the Dead 3 and went to sync trophies but after 25 minutes it was only at 12% complete so I canceled the sync but they still showed up in my profile on my PS4 and on this site so they somehow must have synced.
  12. But did they fix the issues with the trophies popping when you transfer saves because last I checked at least for AC a bunch of the trophies will not unlock if you transfer a 100% save to the other system, so you end up having to repeat a bunch of stuff.
  13. Didn't know about that one but Nioh 2 came out on PS4 before PS5 so a lot of people probably already started on the PS4 version (like with R6 Siege and Rogue Company). I think Hitman 3 is the only game that allows PS5 to PS4 save transfer where the PS4 and PS5 versions came out the same day.
  14. Only game that has that is Hitman 3 and that is because all your progress is saved to the servers.
  15. I don't have the game but it sounds like a case where the trophies were never uploaded to the PSN servers, and with the dev studio, Canuck Play, announcing today that they are shutting down, it looks like they will never be uploaded.