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  1. Anyone know if there are any other exclusive games/trophy lists on the Saudi Arabia PSN store besides this game?
  2. I haven't played this game since the Halloween DLC dropped. What does this help with again?
  3. Thanks for helping everyone luckyegg. Also for anyone wondering, if you haven't beaten the regular story yet, you can still join someone in co-op in new game +. You will unlock the Infamous trophy but it will not unlock the Together Forever trophy in case anyone is worried about it maybe being glitched. You have to do that one on the regular game mode.
  4. Would not mind the Diablo Eternal Collection as I never got around to buying the Rise of the Necromancer DLC pack.
  5. $100 USD ($129.99 here in Canada) and it does not even come with an AC adapter. Epic fail Sony.
  6. Would have preferred a remaster of the first AC game. Don't think I can play AC III again. It was very average.
  7. No it is still there. PS3: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4042-NPUB31132_00-SWPINBALLREBELSK Vita: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4042-PCSE00221_00-SWPINBALLREBELSK It is crossbuy so it doesn't matter what version you buy.
  8. That is only for people who own the physical release. If you bought the digital release, you don't even have an option to buy the DLC.
  9. So basically for the PS4 version you are ok if you have the following: For EU release you are on version 1.01 For NA release you are on version 1.03
  10. Yeah, Season 7 is currently going on. We have a little under 8 weeks left before this season ends.
  11. I have been playing pretty much every day for the 4 weeks. There are still quite a few people playing. I can get into a match within 2-3 minutes tops. Only problem I had was getting into a deathmatch last night as there were server problems (first time I have experienced this though). You don't need the DLC. The season pass comes with 6 additional characters but you can unlock them with steel (but you don't need them anyways). All maps are included in the base game.
  12. Time attack will be a killer especially for one piston.
  13. I'm thinking it replaces both but I think in the future they will release a no frills mini switch to appease the 3DS holdovers.
  14. Can I unlock some of the DLC trophies such as The Party Crasher, Serial Killer, or the map specific trophies without buying the DLC packs?
  15. Yeah it seems like a massive rip-off. I remember Gears of War 4 did something similar with their season pass.