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  1. Already got a permanent price drop to $14.99. I'll try it when it hits the $5 mark.
  2. I would have bought it (as Warface was pretty decent) but with it not being F2P I am not sure how big/active the player base will be and I don't want to spend $20 on a game that will be dead in a few weeks.
  3. Also if you use the zeni to buy one of the level 100 characters in the shop you will also autopop both link level trophies.
  4. I was wondering what character and moves I should use for the DMs Speed Run Challenge. Tried a few characters but I can only defeat 3 enemies before time runs out.
  5. I know none of the dlcs have any trophies associated with them but does anything that comes with the dlc make the main game's trophies easier?
  6. I might try it on Amanithrax as so far all the teams I have found for The Deep Dive I am missing one or two troops/weapons for them. It is effective to use the 4x Mortana as the grind team to level the delve up or should I only use it as the faction team?
  7. Ok thanks. And for Deep Hive is it the Drifting Sands kingdom that I want to be leveling up? Just realized I don't have Stonehammer or Yasmine's Pride. Will have to research a different team to use.
  8. Thanks for the reply. The trophy and the underworld makes a lot more sense now with your explanation. I'll try the Deep Hive delve. Also read somewhere else that Amanithrax is also another easy delve to do with a team of 4 Gobtruffles.
  9. So what is the best method to get the Exalted trophy as of now? Haven't really played since the underworld update came out. From what I have gathered you are better off waiting for a faction event on Tuesday and grinding it out in one day? Also for the delves right now I am doing all 9 matches each time. Should I be doing this or can I skip some matches?
  10. Were you guys playing on the base PS4 or the Pro?
  11. Thanks. It worked perfectly. For those that just started the game and want to get the 3 tokens quickly so you can take advantage of this glitch before they possibly patch it then the two qiuckest challenges to get the tokens would be the 20 headshots challenge on the first map and killing Nizhlev on the 2nd map within 5 minutes.
  12. It was the GBA game that I missed out on. I had Dawn of Sorrow for the DS (assuming you are talking about that one) and I played so much of that game. So many good times. Really hope they re-release it for the Switch. I'm not sure if I played Portrait of Ruin (but I am sure I did) but I remember Order of Ecclesia being a big disappointment.
  13. I still hate myself when I think about it. Especially now as Castlevania is one of my favourite gaming series. I actually went back two days later to get the Castlevania game but of course if was sold by then.
  14. Seeing a complete used copy of Castlevania Circle of the Moon for GBA at EB Games and deciding to get a Transformers game for the DS instead. I was young but still old enough to know better. 😞
  15. The trophy guide is outdated. When the game first came out they had competitive seasons where you can enter by having a team that fitted the qualification requirements. Some had no requirements while others had ones where you need specific goalies or players of a certain level. Then EA introduced the "Rivals" mode and got rid of all the competitive seasons except for HUT Champs. To qualify for HUT Champs currently, you need 2,000 points which you earn by playing the Rivals mode. You get more points the higher division you are in (and in the higher ranks it is pretty easy to get the 2,000 points) but unless you spend a significant time in Ultimate Team it will be hard as the teams are pretty stacked now. EA has said that they hope to bring back the regular competitive seasons in the future but so far we have not heard anything yet about that.