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  1. How do you find out what rank you are? I have played 10 ranked matches so far and haven't seen anything about ranks so far on the after match screen.
  2. The game has crossplay so it does not matter what console you are playing on.
  3. Lithium: Inmate 39 is now delisted. It was replaced with Lithium: Inmate 39 Relapsed Edition but that one has a different trophy list.
  4. It is a common strategy on the Switch, in large part due to how the eshop is designed. An article was actually written about it https://kotaku.com/developers-cash-in-by-selling-their-switch-games-for-pe-1838184195 This game is also on sale on the Switch with the same discount, so I am guessing the dev is testing the waters on the PS4 and seeing if the same strategy will work here.
  5. I got the 2 trophies to unlock. I just created a new titan and hunter character and both trophies unlocked when the intro level was loading.
  6. They are not autopopping for me. Already had the warlock trophy from 2017 but the titan and hunter trophies did not unlock today when I booted up the game.
  7. I don't have the DLC yet but I wonder if it will keep track of how many hatches you close and when you buy the DLC it will pop the trophy after doing maybe 1 more.
  8. Has anyone had a chance to see if the cheat workaround still works with the latest patch?
  9. 2 of the new trophies are really easy. The other one is just grindy (but if you have been doing the other DLC trophies then it should not be that bad)
  10. Yeah they are advertising it as a rebundle. They are calling it the "Humble Indie PlayStation REBundle". Hopefully we get a new bundle in the near future.
  11. Oh, boy I really lucked out. Already did all of the trophies except for 4-5 of the grindy ones (the terrorist hunt ones) back in 2015. Now all I have to do is get 10 bullet penetration kills in mp which is easy to do, equip 50 attachments which will take only a couple minutes and win 1 match. Way, way easier and faster than playing 100 defend games, kill 200 enemies with bullet penetration and kill 2500 enemies. I still need to get the Meat Wall trophy though but that should come in time.
  12. Cube Zone on PS4 is another game I believe where the trophies are not on the servers.
  13. What is the easiest level to do the Unpossible! trophy on?
  14. Thanks for the info. Let us know if Invisible Woman does unlock when you beat the game on Voyeur mode. I doubt it will as well, but you never know. I like the style of the game (Old Hollywood) and am interested in the story but I don't really care for games where there is a killer hunting you, so Voyeur mode would be the only mode that I would play.
  15. It is now on the PSN store. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP2087-CUSA08156_00-DRAGONFANTASYVOW