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  1. Time attack will be a killer especially for one piston.
  2. I'm thinking it replaces both but I think in the future they will release a no frills mini switch to appease the 3DS holdovers.
  3. Can I unlock some of the DLC trophies such as The Party Crasher, Serial Killer, or the map specific trophies without buying the DLC packs?
  4. Yeah it seems like a massive rip-off. I remember Gears of War 4 did something similar with their season pass.
  5. Glad to see this game is making its way onto the PS4. It came out last year for the Xbox One. It was fun for a bit.
  6. Yes that is correct. Just be aware that not all tables from Season 2 have trophies (but it is cheaper to buy the season then the tables separately I believe).
  7. If there is a new list (a good chance it will be because it is a new publisher), I will rebuy it on release day. This is my favorite game of this gen. I'm still upset that the GOTY add-on didn't get any trophies.
  8. Have you already created an Ubisoft account (if you have played other Ubisoft games you probably have). You can also sign in with your PSN account info.
  9. You have to liberate Dutch's Island first.
  10. Thanks for the walkthrough. If only the game was not so expensive.
  11. Isn't Gamestop selling the Expansion pack DLC for more than what the PSN store was charging for it? Not that we have a choice anyways.
  12. The game finally came out today.
  13. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7495-hajwala-drift
  14. Crap was planning to buy the DLC later this month with the 20% off coupon.
  15. Where is the sticker in Panini Park? I can't seem to find it. Edit: Found it. It was in the first stage.