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  1. Is there a way to tell which bounties you have already done?
  2. Does anyone know what region this trophy list and the other one is for?
  3. My game was taking 30+ minutes to load so I had to delete my save and start fresh but I still can't unlock the redecorate home trophy. I added the black tiles, 3 wallpapers, the bed, the wardrobe, a lamp, and a couple chairs and tables but the trophy still hasn't popped. Not sure what else to do.
  4. How do you get the redecorate home trophy?I removed everything and then I put wallpaper on all 3 walls, changed the floor tiles, added a bed, wardrobe, 2 chairs, 2 tables, a lamp, and a flower pot and still didn't get the trophy.
  5. If you bought it digitally instead of a physical copy then you don't need 2 copies of the game.
  6. The Marching Fire Expansion is 50% off for PS+ members until March 4th.
  7. They changed it then. Before you could get them solo with no other players or AI.
  8. I am pretty sure they removed the Holiday Road gadget. I didn't get a single one while going for the 50 Lead Balloons trophy. Glad I got the Holiday Road one done last week now.
  9. Yeah, the lead balloon hasn't shown up on the Xbox achievement list either so I think they just messed up and added the trophy too early. We still have 9 episodes left so it should appear in 1 of those. But I wish they would stop adding gadgets as each new one makes getting 50 even longer.
  10. That is correct. The new episodes for the game will be released weekly to coincide with the release of the show's episodes.
  11. I eventually got it to work (instead of selecting resume I did scene select).
  12. The game keeps crashing on me midway through the episode.
  13. Here is the link: https://lbp.me/v/q3se29q/activity
  14. I found a level that claims to unlock all the prizes for the Move Pack in LBP2. No idea if it works though as I don't have the Move DLC pack.
  15. Limited Run Games is postponing the release of the physical edition until the glitched trophy is fixed. Might finally be enough motivation for him to fix it now.