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  1. Yes that is correct. Just be aware that not all tables from Season 2 have trophies (but it is cheaper to buy the season then the tables separately I believe).
  2. If there is a new list (a good chance it will be because it is a new publisher), I will rebuy it on release day. This is my favorite game of this gen. I'm still upset that the GOTY add-on didn't get any trophies.
  3. Have you already created an Ubisoft account (if you have played other Ubisoft games you probably have). You can also sign in with your PSN account info.
  4. You have to liberate Dutch's Island first.
  5. Thanks for the walkthrough. If only the game was not so expensive.
  6. Isn't Gamestop selling the Expansion pack DLC for more than what the PSN store was charging for it? Not that we have a choice anyways.
  7. The game finally came out today.
  8. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7495-hajwala-drift
  9. Crap was planning to buy the DLC later this month with the 20% off coupon.
  10. Where is the sticker in Panini Park? I can't seem to find it. Edit: Found it. It was in the first stage.
  11. Note that this will only work if you have the disc version. If you have the digital version you will have to either buy the DLC or get the physical version and then re-install.
  12. Just to get some grindy trophies. Can just set it for turbo instead of sitting there and pressing the same button over and over again. Off the top of my head, I need it for Scibblenauts and AI grinding in Injustice 2. No I did that one the hard way lol
  13. I am looking for a turbo controller for the PS4. Does anyone have any recommendations? So far the only one I can see is the Hori Pad FPS Plus.
  14. Here are a few tips for the Silent Song trophy. 1. First I recommend doing it on Coldseep Ravine (the 2nd level in the first world). 2.You can move your ship when you have the game paused. This is extremely helpful when notes are close together as you can pause your game (by pressing O) and then move your ship to avoid the note(s) and then unpause the game. Note that after unpausing the game you won't be able to open the pause menu again for around 2 secounds. 3. You can change the color of your notes (normal mode has 5 different notes= 5 different colors to remember). So for the 2 left notes I would recommend putting them on 1 color (for example I chose red) and for the 2 right notes on another color (I chose green). This way you essentially only have 3 different colors to worry about because if the notes are on the left side you will have to be on the right side to avoild them anyways and vice versa. Also this way you can more easily tell which side your ship should be on to avoid notes (because with 5 different colors on the track it can sometime get confusing remembering which color is on which side).
  15. I noticed this morning the game was on sale in the NA store for 50% off and the sale was supposed to be until April 20 but now it has gone back up to regular price. This is the 3rd game in the last 2 weeks that Sony has revoked a sale price before the sale end date.