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  1. Thanks that I what I kinda thought. Yeah it doesn't seem to be worth a purchase if the online is dead. Shame as this seemed like a fun game to play at least for a few hours (until the novelty wears off like you said).
  2. Not entirely related to the OP but another example where people have no manners. I received a friend request from someone that wanted to do 10 online races for a trophy. Later found out that apprently he only needed to do 7 while I still needed the 10. So right after the 7th race he leaves the lobby and immediately unfriends me. He doesn't respond to any of my messages about doing the 3 other races (which would have only taken 5-10 minutes). He doesn't even send a thank you message for the help.
  3. I bought the PS4 gold edition a couple weeks ago when it was on sale and today while on my Vita I noticed the Vita version was listed as purchased. I know the DLC is supposed to be cross buy but the game wasn't advertised as such so this was a nice surprise.
  4. Can't you just back up your save on PS+ cloud after every level and just load it back if you do end up dying?
  5. No cross buy on both the EU and NA stores.
  6. I wonder if you can play on easy and then new game plus on hard. Should make the plat easier if you can do this.
  7. Ok, so currently NA is on update 1.02 while EU is on update 1.03. I'm not sure if the updates are the same or different though as the NA version came out almost 2 months after the EU version so one of the patches could have been included in the base game for NA.
  8. PS4 and Vita versions are on the NA store now.
  9. Does this affect the NA version as well? I read somewhere before that the NA and EU versions did not receive the same updates (at one point NA was still at 1.00 while EU was at 1.02).
  10. I'm guessing it is really easy then. Just complete the levels and you will get plat? I'm assuming the other trophies will be easy to get along the way.
  11. How much of an advantage will I be at if I buy the founder's pack? I believe Monday is the last day you can buy it. I believe you also get the core set bundle for free if you buy the founder's pack.
  12. The Sistermon DLC is free on the PSN store and the NX Alphamon DLC you can buy for $3.99.
  13. After reading the article it looks like it will be removed from the digital stores in October but the servers will still continue.
  14. Aren't we being a little overdramatic? Sure the game isn't perfect but it is far from being the worst game ever. I thought it was a decent platformer and I had fun playing it. But basing the game on the amount of content it had, it should have been priced at $30/$40 at launch. I think there would have been a lot less complaints.
  15. Ok that will be easy then (just a bit of a grind to collect the materials and I am assuming you can just craft the easiest item 100 times to get the trophy). The trophy that will be annoying is the eat 100 meals trophy just because that will require a lot of materials.