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  1. No you don't. Just do the Day of the Remains mission. There are 2 chests near the beginning of the level. Get both then return to the jet and repeat.
  2. Not really a big deal either way as he is in his costume for the vast majority of the gameplay.
  3. These trophies are not unobtainable. If you bought the DLCs before they were delisted you can still unlock the trophies.
  4. Sega just announced that they are producing a live action Yakuza movie.
  5. It is a 3/10. Nothing is difficult. It is just very time consuming. The hardest trophy which is complete a war zone on challenge iv with 100% rating can be completed in the harm room tutorial so that trivializes it.
  6. Thanks will try that
  7. Thanks. Any tips for the Rogue SQuadron trophy?
  8. The only reason why I will say to wait is because the load times are quite long on the PS4. The PS5 should solve this issue if what they are saying about no or very little load times are true.
  9. Just a heads up that you don't have to beat levels 32-40. After I finished level 20 I went back to the main menu and level 41 in sunset hills was already unlocked. So I have the trophy for completing level 41 before the trophies for completing level 22 and 31 lol.
  10. I can't for the life of me do the Raiden kombo ender one. It is the last one I need and I have been trying on and off since the beginning of the year.
  11. He isn't in Yakuza Kiwami.
  12. It applies to all games released worldwide on Playstation systems. Here is one small article about it (https://www.siliconera.com/sony-reveals-the-existence-of-their-own-content-guidelines-for-ps4/). There was a lot written about it last year but it unfortunately seems like people have moved on from it now. I hardly see it being discussed anymore even though it is still a big issue. I remember reading at the height of it that some Japanese devs were considering only releasing their games on the Switch and forgetting about the PS4.
  13. Um, where have you been this last couple years when Sony has been censoring third party Japanese games while Nintendo is allowing them on their system untouched.
  14. The hybrid system was a game changer and the Switch sales are proof of that. I'll agree with the graphics and I hope that the switch pro (which is all but confirmed at this point) next year will fix that. But the hybrid which makes the system unique is probably also what is limiting the graphics. But this seems to be an issue more with 3rd party games because games developed exclusively for the Switch still look great (Astral Chain, Super Mario Odyssey)
  15. Lol, Nintendo is doing just fine this gen. The Switch has already sold 62 million units in just over 3 years and the system has three of the top 50 best selling games of all time (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Animal Crossing and Super Smash Bros Ultimate). And at least Nintendo is anti-censorship unlike Sony.
  16. If you haven't played Madden since 12 then you will probably enjoy Madden a lot more than those that have been buying it every year. The problem is that Madden 21 is essentially the same game that EA has been releasing for the last few years but since you haven't played since 12 it should not be an issue for you.
  17. Start the round and then press the options menu and look at the leaderboard to see if he is there. If he isn't then just quit of of the event.
  18. 1 round and easiest difficulty settings and just keep winning. After the first season you can skip events if your rival isn't in it.
  19. Yes do it on beginner settings and use the unlimited putt preview. Makes the trophy really easy.
  20. You have to hold it but if you hold too long it will power it down. It is all about the timing. Once you get used to it, you can do it almost every time easily.
  21. I got it yesterday and it unlocked after 50 matches. I did them against the CPU on the PPV event, making sure I went back to the menu after every win and not clicking rematch because those matches won't count then.
  22. I can't seem to get the PS4 Macro to open. I extract the file and then I go to open it but it refuses to open.
  23. Anyone know where I can get a Ireland PSN card that is less than €20? Feels like a waste to get a card for that much when the dlc is less than €2.
  24. I know none of the dlcs have any trophies associated with them but does anything that comes with the dlc make the main game's trophies easier?
  25. The PS store UI is miles better than the eShop one. The eShop's UI is utter garbage.