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  1. I hear you man, try leading with this stuff next time though. Perhaps you can edit the first post in the thread to reflect your opinion. Although no one is forcing anyone to read any thread, a sense of quality does exist in the posts and threads themselves. OP needs to reflect that, and constantly fanning the flames of insult is counter productive to both actual discussion and the site itself.
  2. Just now realized there was an "about me" section to our profiles.. :facepalm: Have only been looking at the little blurb on people's wall, for like a gd year.. Turns out there's this whole other universe to PSNP!! Well, prepare to be Lurked upon.. (No, seriously, I'm going to scour every last one of you on this friggin site now for hidden gems. Expect it.) ^^

    1. Koromaru


      have fun with it pal and Good Morning, wish you a great rainy Friday!

    2. xLilSheWolfx


      Hope you have fun it might take you a while to check most profiles :)

  3. Driving to pick up my daughter for summer vacation tomorrow!! ^^ many thanks @Bojuka76 for providing company, navigation and sarcastic remarks during the long ass drive to Virginia and back.. I almost forgive you for taking my Chinese food last week. Almost ;)

  4. Power to the Lurkers bro, welcome! ^^
  5. Welcome to PSNP man, anything in particular you're working on?
  6. "Legend of the Star" the most anticlimactic quest in New Vegas for such a huge grind!! xD 

  7. Saw your post on "choose a 100%", I can help you complete a (any) wolfpack map. Would be a crime to let that game sit with just one achievement left.. seriously though.. o.o

    1. Jamescush147


      Darn should of saw this earlier. Been working on finding all 100 feathers in AS2 all flipping day and could of used a break. I'm free Tuesday and Wednesday. (my weekends) My good tomorrow till 11am too.

    2. Teslacron_Prime


      No worries mate, Tuesday/Wednesday is perfect. My brother should be off too, so we can run deep.

  8. Pure Pool, crazy rare.. (Nice list btb @geunc!!)
  9. Caravan Master Win 30 games of Caravan Fallout New Vegas Don't know why I never gave this mini game a chance! It's actually really clever. Props Obsidian, props..
  10. Turns out I really like Caravan, need to try it IRL.. any fans of New Vegas from Pittsburgh lol?? ^^

  11. Learning to play Caravan tonight! 300+ hrs in New Vegas and I've only played one hand, ever x)

  12. [Linger in Shadows] well.. lol.. That was, something? x)

    1. Fidel


      Lol. I played that weird thing with a PS Now trial back in December. Congrats?

    2. Teslacron_Prime


      Thanks?? Lol .. All their stuff is weird af, Datura was on PS+ oh 2016 ish. Yikes

    3. Fidel


      Oh, yeah.. That was one Plus game that was not well received. Lol. Most seemed to hate it. 

  13. Nice find, I'll be sure to get!
  14. Glitches be damned! Time to complete Fallout: New Vegas..

  15. lol, thanks! It did take several reboots, and a final combo over 210.