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  1. Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla!! Born: July 10, 1856 ^^



    1. xEl_Cidx


      The man who beat Edison at everything.


  2. Curious about that Koi game too lol. Not sure about fish specific IP's Gen, but there is one actually called Flower. It comes with a water creature game and Journey - all three are awesome! You might like Littlebigplanet series (any of them), very creative franchise. PS4 has Song of the Deep, and Abzu should you get one.
  3. About to rock some Barbie: Puppy Rescue with my crazyass daughter!! :yay:🤔😥 

    (..fucking kill me, please..) "Need's more emoji's Dad" :blah: (..seriously) :narwhal: 

    1. RedRodriguez87


      Ah ah ah, dont be getting lax. It's all a walk in the park until one of those puppies gets the drop on you.

    2. Teslacron_Prime


      Seriously though I don't trust these things.. with their beady little eyes. Always ready to strike :| 



  4. Job Simulator: 6 minutes 52 seconds Defeated by my own family tho +4 lousy seconds x) Edit: Props to @Bojuka76 for the wine bottle technique!
  5. Littlebigplanet Karting: Online Champ 3.27% UR currently, % will decrease Rest in Peace LBP Karting! 😓
  6. What sucks most for me is doing all the "True Autobot" garbage and collectibles on ROTF >.>
  7. "Then it pleases me to be the first".. ;] <chuckles> Downloading ROTDS as we speak.
  8. Hooray happy birthday to Trophies! 😄 Cheers to many more years of this mania
  9. bahaha first thing that came to mind when you said that x'D ^"I believe... ALL MY FRIENDS ARE GONERS" Seriously though it is possible. 420 brings me to 3000. <adult face> 3000 is achievable. 3000 is achievable.. <sigh> (RIP Teslacron, who died making mountains out of molehills)
  10. Good luck Feral! The dream can be realized - live it for both of us >.< As my total is ever climbing
  11. Jeezus christ do you even aquarium? o.o Killifish would die in that much salt!
  12. would be an excellent feature! I have decent standalone times in Minecraft and Lego Dimensions (PS3) curious how they compare.
  13. Rest assured, the Armada is among you. PSNPeace through Tyranny. Stability through Submission!



  14. Man if only this place wasn't dead! My LBP list for record keeping: Littlebigplanet, 63%, in progress Littlebigplanet Vita, 0%, purchased Littlebigplanet 2, Platinum, 89% (missing cross controller DLC) Littlebigplanet 3, Platinum, 98% (PS3 version) Littlebigplanet Karting, 91% (online complete) Sackboy's Prehistoric moves, 100%
  15. Sweet mother of fucking god.. This.. is the greatest thread on PSNP. Officially, or otherwise <nods> Now my only concern [and I will try to remain calm], is that the 60#[email protected]#!Mother%^(K!NG Autobots are listed first, in all categories. That aside, one day soon (but not this day), you will add me and my fam (@Bojuka76) to our rightful positions. (We've been saving a number of plats to rain upon a specific date in the Transformers Universe). Until that day, we shall humbly take our place beneath MrUnknown, -as Decepticons (and nothing more). I salute those who maintain this page, and sincerely thank you for doing so. May Cthulhu eat you last.