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    System design, tropical fish, hockey, sketching, scheming, table top gaming, botany, languages and music..

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About Me

Software developer and character artist, Pilot, gaming enthusiast, mediocre trophy hunter.

Favorite games (ever):

  • Fallout
  • Warcraft 3
  • Caesar 3
  • Far East Trader
  • Lords of the Realm
  • Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay
  • Transformers: War for Cybertron
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  • Fallout: 3
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Borderlands 2
  • LittleBigPlanet 2
  • Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
  • Hatsune Miku F2
  • Destiny
  • Fallout: 4


Table top favorites:

  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
  • "The Space Game"
  • D20 Modern
  • Journeys and Dimensions


Current Major Projects:


Geography and meta sociology for middle era Canthus Prime. Biological diversity and richness surrounding mob speciation. Language families and radiation. Alleunaean language syntax and phonology. Character articulation between all known states, surrounding the Tethys Ocean.



(above) Early Canthus Prime mobile armour. Surgical layering format.




(Above) Early noir theme, mostly obsolete at this point, but the character herself isn't.. ;) 




(above) early Gemini XJS (WIP) joint strike fighter


[insert something else about development here]


[insert something about hockey]


[insert something about my fish]


Beloved Garbage Television:


  • Venture Brothers
  • South Park
  • Archer
  • Sengoku Basara
  • Rick and Morty
  • Boondocks
  • Devil is a Part Timer
  • Teen Titans: Go!


More later, Cheers if you made it this far lol! See ya around the forums ^^




</about me>

Ok the rest of this is stuff i'm working on for other forum posts.
Pretend you didn't see it, k? thnx ^-^

<The Game Lab>


"All men dream - but not equally.

Those who dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their minds,

wake in the day to find that it was vanity...

But the dreamers of the day are dangerous men,

for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible.

This I did."  From T. E. Lawrence's Seven Pillars of Wisdom


Hello!! Bienvenidos, Dobrodošli and Welcome.. to the PSNP Game Lab! ^^

Here is a place to ramble and muse about the many facets of game design:


  • Story-line
  • Concept art
  • Locations
  • Quests
  • Dialogue
  • Voice Acting
  • Orchestration
  • Soundtrack
  • Storyboard
  • Architecture
  • Modeling
  • Fashion
  • Economics
  • Ecology
  • HUD / Menus
  • Physics
  • Motion Capture
  • Publishing
  • Studio tools
  • Etc.


All topics relevant to creating a game are welcome, feel free to post ideas, experiences and questions!
Show off your concepts, character designs, puzzles or discuss emerging technologies..
I will feature monthly works and projects by our community as time goes on.
(NOTE: Criticism about another members work is great, but trashing that work isn't.)

Projects by PSNP Members:
Nothing yet - check back soon!


Featured Artist July, 2018:

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Current Design Contest:

Nothing yet - check back soon!


Juan Stanley Duran - Janitor
[email protected]
PSN ID: Teslacron_Prime


</The Game Lab>


BACKGROUND I joined PSNP last year (about this time), to consider trophies and their nature. Why people earn them, the difficulty and rarity of different lists, and what achievements to include in my own game. Until that point I didn't give two shits about the concept; achievements were just records on an XMB. Then we took part in a Rare Trophy Hunting League here on the forums, (which was quite awesome btw ^^) After that, the idea of trophies, mattered. Since then I have lurked and lingered, specifically pondering the endless traffic about Platinums, and what makes a great one. God what a headache LOL.. Everyone has such different outlooks and philosophies about the subject, a year later it's still a hot mess.. x)


Our first real conclusion about them (Platinums), was to create a "lootbox" of sorts for the people who achieve it. IMO a platinum should be legendary, requiring no small amount of effort. Such legendary effort deserves a reward befitting the title. It really struck home after Bungie made those blue shirts, for the "Age of Triumphs" thing in Destiny. Frankly, getting something for the effort is awesome!! (Granted we still had to pay something). I will always treasure my crew from that experience (Shout to Undead, Kidafi, Silent, Debo, Frank, Thump, and WolfRose!), regardless of some merch, but physically having something to show? Epic. Actually getting something for free free?? Legendary.. So many people have supported this (often) ridiculous venture, really hope to pay that karma forward through this "lootbox" concept. The actual materials can be anything, signed concept art, figures, a shirt, whatnot.. 

My second conclusion is to give people a choice in top tier accomplishments. Take AC feathers, or Infamous fragments - collectibles that some people love and others can't fucking stand; or even the concept of Multiplayer vs. PVE. One of the top tier gold trophies will be a certain number of "Legendary" actions, but no one action is necessary to achieve that gold. As always some actions will be easier than others (which trophy hunters will exploit), but otherwise achievable based on personal preference. This concept extends from top to basic easily. Take for example, biomes in a game. (Forest, plains, ice, desert, mountain, jungle, etc.) Apply those biomes to a massive FPS world. Mastering any one biome will be enough for the regional trophy, and the choice is left to the player. If you applied this to something like D&D, it would equal a planet specialization for your ranger (or whatever). Said progression would read:


(bronze) Regional Adept: "Learn a regional focus with any player class"

(Silver) Regional Specialist: "Master one Biome with any player class" 
(Gold) Planetary Specialist: "Master three Biomes with any one player class"

Ultimately I feel a list should be difficult but achievable, through a mix of perseverance and skill. Not bought, nor given. It should not cost additional money to complete a specific Trophy, or the goal associated with it. (This one puts friends in the industry at each others' throats lol). Grind is inevitable but not Legendary, just, a means to keep you coming back without necessarily generating enthusiasm. Whereas creating a monumental goal does generate enthusiasm. A truly lofty goal should take time but not actually tax one's sanity either (badlands x'D). Luck dependent garbage can shove off (concerning lists), and Auto-popping trophies can take a hike too.. (Lookin at you Sound Shapes -.-)


More to follow, I am only beginning to understand the realm of Trophy hunting and it's (actual) effect on a successful IP..





THE SIMULATION some years back we took part in a mock "nation" exercise the guvment sets up to train soldiers @ ft. Bragg. Pretty cool stuff, an immense amount of physical resources spanning like 20 counties or so, that creates an actual fake country called Pineland out of North/South Carolina. Awesome event, but very brief. So I got to thinking - hey - what if we digitized Pineland?? Not just a scale model, but actually made Pineland. Created a map, population, political ideology, language, intrigue, villains - and a resistance to fight those villains? All of which could be experienced through VR and manipulated through BCI. As it happened, my buddy was writing an engine. Another was working with BCI hyperscripts. We consulted some fellows and scrounged a network, but the technology wasn't remotely capable of running "Pineland" at that time (2005). So we pondered and wrote, went about our lives.

The project took a nasty turn in 2007, when my best friend and co-founder bought the farm. https://www.iraqwarheroes.org/bramer.htm Followed 2 months later by our sound guru. On a personal note everything we had written seemed sour after that, even after 10 years it still hurts. On a material note, there was a bunch of scripts and tracks that went missing, alongside Mike's key to reading his Gaelic based cipher. Neway, that saying about the brightest stars burning quickest is definitely true; miss you both, may Cthulhu eat you last!!


2012 rolled around, Lucky dropped the Oculus Rift, and VR commercialized. 2015 Epic set Unreal free. By today's standard, various engines have nearly achieved Photorealism. Teraflop computing is now reasonable, and the cost per gram necessary for economic nanofiber (BCI) is only a few years out. Possibly tIme for something critical mass to emerge, and definitely time for a second crack at "Pineland" - whose root concept has since evolved into "The Simulation", 5 mini-games, 2 novels, several languages, and a character engine. 

JOURNEY TO THE VALLEY OF THE UNKNOWN really kick ass module they had at COSI; a Science Center in Columbus, Ohio. This place was sick, a real life Nathan Drake adventure, complete with puzzles, obstacles (a gd laser field!!), ciphers, and lore. Actually getting to crawl around ruins solving puzzles and talking to statues?? Are you kidding?! About the same time we finished the module they were also hosting GAME MASTERS, a history and tribute to gaming. All of which provoked like 2 weeks dedicated to the place, and really set the tone for our Questline in "The Simulation". Long story short, they closed the COSI exhibit, but the spirit lives on in our VR adaptation. Some of the design notes I'll post here revolve around that Campaign. Game Masters will also be referenced, as I hope to attend their next location in Philadelphia, PA. 





Geography surrounding the "Tethys Sea" the bulk of what I'm posting on PSNP concerns this region.

Why? Because it's driving me nuts, and considerable feedback is necessary to advance. 





Hello!! Bienvenidos, Dobrodošli and Welcome! ^^


OVERVIEW This contest is for the designers out there in PSNP land! 

Each round I will post a theme, along with some backstory and a few sketches.
Create a character that fits the theme, through writing and visual media.
Artists who prefer painting, 3d-modeling, etc should at least type a description.

Writers who prefer dialogue, profiling / backstory should at least sketch something.
Prizes will be awarded by depth of character and how close they fit the theme.
That's pretty much it, enjoy this month's challenge, and have fun!! ^_^ 

THE CHALLENGE Create a character who fits into Black Isle Syndicate

THEME High Fantasy, set within Faerun during the early Crown Wars (this was a time of great Elven Kingdoms, who were constantly at each other's throats). We are using Forgotten Realms as a standard because many people have heard of it, though almost nothing exists about the Crown Wars themselves (which is perfect!). My setting leans toward the Steampunk side of High Fantasy, Dwarven mechs serve as shock troopers, simple firearms are available to adventurers, rivers provide power, and magic is used to create wubz. Personal communication is very common, Elves here use crystals like we use cell phones. Iron trains cross the vast countryside, idyllic cottages dot the meadows, and Victorian era towers create elegant skylines. Eagle riders, Daemon hunters, Stoneshapers, Nobility and Thieves all converge upon our Themed city, Rockport. Originally founded by Alpine refugees, this city is cut into the sides of a great waterfall (approx 1/2 Niagra Falls). It exists on both sides, and behind the actual falls. Engineering guilds are top shelf here. Rockport is politically neutral, actively avoiding the escalating global tension. It sits upon the "Great Southern Road", a trade route between several established Kingdoms.