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  1. Drop in the middle of the map right under the plane trajectory. For most kills best map is Karakin, but most of the time Miramar is chosen. On these large maps its best to take Sniper Rifle and drive around. Most kills you will get at the end of the match in the final stage of the circle.
  2. They are not dumb AI. They loot, heal, take cover, use semi-auto for long range and so on. However they cant drive cars and throw grenades. For medium to long range they are really easy to kill as they are just standing still, in cqb if you lucky they can easily kill you.
  3. So as you know PUBG Developers literally dont give a sh*t about fixing the god damn glitched trophies. Luckily, as they just dont care about consoles, specificly PS4, there is a easy way to earn trophies (just easier than normal grinding). So you might know about this glitch from the past: when you turn off cross-play, you most likely be the only 1 player in the whole lobby. Now, the free spaces is replaced by Bots. Meaning, if you are only 1 in waiting lobby, and the game is about to start, there is gonna be 99 bots to kill. So Its easy way of earning wins and also more important earning kills (with grenades, crossbow, etc.) Hope it helps you earn those trophies! Edit: This way I got 200 CQB Kills Troph (After 600 kills!!!!)
  4. In recent update, PUBG on PS4 introduced new mode named Arcade - Team Deathmatch. Do these kills in this mod counts toward 1000 kill trophy?
  5. Hello, Every time I start the game or want to play online from in-game it says Your system lost connection to the Paradise City servers. Please check your network connection and try again later. I have put my PS3 into dmz and enabled all the ports that are in the manual. But im still getting this error. And I want to 100% this game as fast as possible but it wont let me. Anybody knows how to fix this? Please
  6. Hello, How long does it takes to earn Platinum with or without boosting?
  7. Hello, How long does it takes to earn Platinum with or without boosting?
  8. I wont get sick of that, I already did harder trophies like 40000 kills in multiplayer (Battlefield Hardline)
  9. Ok, thx for reply guys
  10. Because I will have holiday and I want to do platinum on a game that will fit in that period, so I asked here if its possible.
  11. Ok thx for advice, I can 14hrs max
  12. Hello, I want to buy Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4, but only if its possible to get platinum (and DLC trophies) in a week and 4 days (If I play 12hrs every day). Is it possible?