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  1. A big congrats to everyone who contributed this year, as someone who did I know how much effort and time go into writing even a small guide! Guide of the Year - Death Stranding Trophy Guide For a game that can be an insane post-story grind, this guide did a fantastic job breaking down each step into manageable chunks so as not to lose momentum. Very well written and is already being utilized! Gameplay Guide - Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - Definitive Collectible Guide Bloodstained has a LOT of collectibles. I felt hopelessly lost at the beginning of the game, seriously considering if I COULD get them all. This guide simplified the process immensely and made checking off each item kind of fun! Walkthrough Guide - Hollow Knight - Trophy Walkthrough The allure of any metroidvania is the interconnected levels (also Dark Souls). Hollow Knight was really tricky for me to wrap my mind around, but this guide does a fantastic job segmenting Hollownest into areas and taking the time to allow for mistakes and player errors. I never felt rushed or lost when using this guide! Niche/Indie Game Guide - North Trophy Guide What an obtuse, difficult game. Not only is it broken and challenging to even get the trophies to pop, the game is really hard to keep playing. It's only listed as an hour for 100%, but I felt more burned out playing North than any other small game. It took a lot of willpower for me to even want to finish it, but this guide made the process a little less painful
  2. Heavenly Sword No More Heroes Dead Space
  3. I do not have time to write this guide, even though it's short. Someone else can have the honors
  4. it would definitely be a LimitedRunGames game to beat all other LRG games!
  5. I would still definitely appreciate the help! I'm actually in NY then so no worries I understand
  6. Shenmue // Shenmue 2 Ni No Kuni 2
  7. I would be very grateful for your help! We can work together to figure out some of the trickier trophies like the level specific ones
  8. when my backlog is finally finished on PS3. Which is most likely never.
  9. Kiwami 2 and Shenmue 3 are getting bought!
  10. Hate to see any game get review-bombed. Makes me mad
  11. Steins;Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram and Heavenly Sword. Both fantastic and such a shame they don't have one
  12. Elder Scrolls Online - no interest and it would take FOREVER The Lego Movie - the Videogame - not interested in playing it anymore Mortal Kombat vs. D.C. Universe - unobtainable Armored Core V - unobtainable AC Brotherhood (PS3) - I could never bring myself to do the multiplayer and with each passing day I grow weaker to the idea of finishing it
  13. This trailer legitimately chokes me up, there's so much emotion put into just the choice in music and the editing is top notch (as expected of a Kojima-edited trailer). I'm relieved to have pre-ordered the collectors edition.
  14. NORTH. A garbage game that should never be played under any circumstances, period.
  15. this looks like a VERY managable trophy list, I think I'll be writing the guide for this game once it drops. Once it does drop, I'll keep my ear close to the forums if any trophies are proving tricky