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  1. Babylon's Fall is supposedly receiving a news update this summer, and considering the Wonderful 101 remastered has shipped I assume we'll be seeing it quite soon. I'd love to hear what people think could be the cause for the news drought concerning this game?
  2. messing up their percentage before they even start lol! I would agree with others, Journey and TWD: Season 1 are great low stress places to start.
  3. Christ, is this another Life of Black Tiger? Just kidding, LoBT is a masterpiece and nothing can even come close to its perfection.
  4. As much as it would make me happy, I really just don't see Sony finding a real financial incentive to do so. I'm still happy grabbing my PS3 to play those games, but honestly most games from before that haven't aged well and I'd rather see upgraded versions of PS2 and PS1 games.
  5. just finished it, I was pretty satisfied with what I saw. I felt bad, all she wanted to do was max out Rise's social link in Persona 4: Golden and she got a knife in the throat like cmon 😂
  6. Dog, I just got Redemption and damn thats a good ending???? that bums me tf out jeez
  7. yeah cause you posted unprompted spoilers for no other reason than to repeat the same overused "joke"
  8. While I don't personally agree with your views on SotC, micro-transactions are an industry-wide problem, not just ND. Personally I would rather ND abandon MP modes to their games and put all their efforts into the single player experience, since that has always been the most impressive parts of their work. Uncharted 2 came out at a time when practically every game was given a tacked on MP that didn't really belong, and I think they saw the success of U2 and kept putting in MP to ensure repeat success (even though I don't think that holds up all that well). Not defending that decision, just seeing if can come up with a rationale. While games that are massively innovating like Cyberpunk and Ghost are much more eye-catching and will likely have a wide variety of things to offer, a game doesn't have to reinvent the wheel to be a good game. Simply honing what worked with the first game to a finer degree can be enough.
  9. Very true! Imagine I said Shadow of the Colossus was "you fight 16 bosses and nothing else, then the game ends." Would sound pretty lame, right? Anything can be made to sound dull and played out if its in bullet points
  10. "We've heard the requests for more info on PS5, so today... lets talk about a game that came out in 2013!"
  11. Hi! There are 3 main endings but 4 are required for the trophy. One of those has two different variations that you have to complete (one where you hear your character say, once the screen has gone to black, "Io!" and another where they do not). Determiner of Fate requires you complete all 4 (the main 3 and the variation/secret ending).
  12. Yeah this is gonna be a milestone trophy list, gonna look at trophy 5000 and it’s just these two dummies pouring drank on themselves lol
  13. Titan Souls! Only 1.88%, same as Mortal Kombat X. It's a VERY short game, but it will put you through the ringer and test you on every part of the game. (beat all bosses on hard, beat all bosses on hard without dying, beat the game in under 20 minutes are some examples!)
  14. It was when I did it a few days ago, and FoB can take as little as 6 hours or so if you power through. Definitely easy to knock off.
  15. Unfortunately for people who bought Steins;Gate Elite, it came with Steins;Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram that didn't have a trophy list, even though the game has a trophy list in Japan