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  1. Love seeing some truly terrible edited timestamps on the leaderboard. Sure, you definitely earned that trophy 4 years before the game even came out lol.

    1. LukeTheGooner
    2. AJ_Radio


      This is true for most Vita games. The cheaters use homebrew software to enable them to set custom time stamps, usually rather poorly. 

      Super Meat Boy has a bunch of cheaters and that is why the PSN platinum rarity is absurdly high.

  2. (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance) Decided to tackle the DLC before returning to the main game so that "Stormbringer" can be my final trophy. In positive news, I beat Khamsin on Hard without taking damage! It was my first run of Blade Wolf clocking in at just over 40 minutes. A nice positive step forward before returning to Sam's DLC and that awful Armstrong fight 😖 Anyways, forward progress!

  3. if you need an event that gives easy checkmates, I would highly recommend "Life Support" which is the second event in the Uprising cup. Extremely easy to knock enemies into the trains and into pillars.
  4. Yeah this looks like a good time, easy plat but also looks very silly which is appreciated
  5. I'm actually enjoying this! Graphically its much nicer than previous entries and I'm liking most of the characters. The battle system starts off simple which is nice for someone like me returning to the series.
  6. As I truly did not enjoy Integrity and Faithlessness, I really do hope I enjoy this one a bit more. Doesn't take a lot for me to buy Star Ocean but I've got my fingers crossed!
  7. Fully off the store, only available through previous download. Gotta finish it ASAP
  8. I've started to prep my 200th platinum, which I've decided is going to be Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance! Inspired by all the love the game has received over the past few years and that one video by Jacob Geller, it seemed only fitting plat 200 be both challenging and memorable! Seems like only yesterday I was finishing up Demon's Souls for platinum 100, oh how time flies 😅

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MidnightDragon


      I'm getting close to 100...have things in mind, but haven't settled on it yet.

    3. zizimonster


      I like your spirit. 👍

    4. nrs1nrs1


      Thanks Celestial! Will do if I start to hit road blocks, I finally beat Monsoon last night after banging my head against it for around 10 tries or so, that's my least anticipated fight for sure.

  9. Good to know, Deceptrox. QQ, how long give or take did it take to get all the breach trophies? Considering heading back and snagging these
  10. Oh snap I didn’t even realize it was gone! Fun game, hopefully a return is soon
  11. Picked up Hollow Knight again after a few years and oh boy I am so lost. Missed the room with Cornifer in Greenpath and I am HOPELESSLY turned around. 

    1. StraightVege


      Oh, it'll do that to you. I got quite off course a number of times, even while following a walkthrough. Honestly, I'm a massive fan of practically everything about Hollow Knight, except that pesky map system. Just didn't enjoy needing to repeatedly find a sometimes elusive NPC and constantly occupy one of my charm slots with the Wayward Compass, simply to navigate the game reliably. I'm hoping they'll take a different approach in Silksong.

  12. With the Square Enix store desperately trying to liquidate Crystal Dynamics merch from the Embracer sale, I finally pulled the trigger and bought one of those remaining FFX PS3 collectors editions. Might be nice to just have as a conversational piece. Then again my sibling loves Final Fantasy X so maybe I'll give it to them :)

    1. AK-1138


      How regularly do you actually engage in such conversations?

    2. nrs1nrs1


      There’s a first for everything!

    3. AK-1138


      Future is what you make of it. I see.

  13. That’s rough. Time to learn how to downgrade digital titles! Someone should alert the guide team to have the trophy guide amended to include this.
  14. Honestly, if this can be boosted/played with friends I am all in. Killer Clowns, unlike F13 and Predator does NOT take itself seriously. Far less disappointing for this to potentially be a clunky silly MP game than those other horror franchises.
  15. To be fair, “our old shit is broke buy our new one” was the Xbox 360’s revisions whole marketing plan.