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  1. I imagine trophy support could be limited if the original developers don’t exist anymore. Maybe Sony could offer a financial incentive to add trophies to pre-existing games or even gate off the service/lump sum payments without trophies? Feel like the second one would cause a lot of developers to just say “why bother.” Hopefully it’s the former.
  2. If the games are added on a rolling basis, I truly hope Sony mandates parity across the board. Having trophyless games put on to the highest tier of subscription seems like a pointless removal and it’s inclusion would only entice more people to play. Digital achievements have a real psychological effect on a player’s reward center of their brain. (Source: stuck on this site with all of you)
  3. GILSON IS BACK (but forreal never buy his games, dude's a maniac)
  4. (Injustice 2) 400 more minutes on the Catwoman Legendary Multiverse... I'm so dang close 😖

    1. StewartBros


      Going for the Cat Call ability?

    2. nrs1nrs1


      yup! Motherboxes so far have failed me so I'd rather take the idiot-proof way.

  5. (Injustice 2) With my turbo controller finally equipped, I can feel this platinum becoming obtainable. Just got level 20 with everyone and I've done almost all of the legendary multiverse requirements for Catwoman :)

    1. MidnightDragon


      Good luck!

    2. Copanele


      Nice! Glad the turbo pays off 😊

  6. Looking absolutely fantastic, might be day 1 for me. Wondering if the trophies will be radically different or adhering to the original list.
  7. (Injustice 2) Back on my cat call bulls***. Anyone got advice beyond just do the Legendary Multiverse? 3000 minutes is starting to seem terrifying...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. nrs1nrs1


      bit the bullet and bought one this morning. I refuse to keep pressing X in the endless tower lol

    3. Copanele


      It will help in the long run with a lot of games :D 

      The only issue is that now the PS4 is busy doing Catwoman towers.

    4. nrs1nrs1


      Perfect! I can use that time to turbo MK9 character completion! 😅

  8. (NiGHTS into Dreams) Finally finished all the levels... now for the A-Ranks :(

    1. nestamar5


      You can do it! Just focus on racking up a high score!

  9. NiGHTS into Dreams is way harder than anticipated 😬 limited time before it leaves NOW as well :(

    1. Jelly Soup

      Jelly Soup

      It's a fun game, but surprisingly challenging. It's better on the Saturn, the 3D control pad was made for NiGHTS.

    2. nestamar5


      NiGHTS is being taken down from PSN?

    3. nrs1nrs1


      not sure about its availability on the PS3 store rn, but its leaving PSNow on the 17th of May along with many other Sega games.

  10. (Platinum 173, 174, 175) 


    Coffee Talk, A Memoir Blue, Elden Ring.


    Coffee Talk was really lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing and each and every character. The coffee making was a fun way to connect to each character and gave me ideas on how to spice up my own coffee drinking :)


    A Memoir Blue is interesting. It definitely falls in the “interpretive art” category of game. The music is beautiful, but the story is a little unclear. I got the gist, and I appreciated the experience for what it was worth. It’s not too expensive and it’s a very easy platinum so if you’re looking for something a little different, why not?


    Elden Ring is awesome. I can agree with some opinions that there were too many repeat bosses and the balancing was a little funky, but i just couldn’t stop having a good time! Finished my first playthrough at level 160 with my dex faith build, and cannot wait for the inevitable DLC!

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. Maxximum


      Well done! 💯

  11. I believe Godskin Duo is also bugged like this
  12. (Fall Guys) Platinum 171 and 172



    Wow. I did not expect to go super saiyan and get 9 race wins last night. Allowed me to snag the plat and pop the stack, glad to finally shelve this one before the shutdown :)

  13. Wang and Paul have those near instant kill charge attacks, that’s what I used for the 6 minute TA!
  14. Never got to play MP2: TFOMP, very excited
  15. (Fall Guys) Slowly racking up race wins... not fast enough for my liking. Hopefully the myriad boosts I've joined lead to something since once Track Star is done that's essentially the platinum in the bag.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. IntroPhenom


      Are you boosting the main show, or the temporary events? 

    3. Troz


      I've seen you on Reddit talking about this (lol), you should certainly be able to do it by the time you get those legendary items. Good luck!

    4. nrs1nrs1


      Intro I’m trying for main show right now, the only boosts I’ve done are mostly main show as well.

      hey Troz! Yeah I’m optimistic about it, thanks :)