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  1. Holy shit thats disgusting! I love it!
  2. I got an order summary and a confirmation through the Route app for the order. That was a surprisingly easy process, good job on Sony. If you log into your account you can check your order history and if it went through, it'll be there.
  3. that's true, I was checking early to make sure everything was ready to go. I'm sure it'll update at the given time
  4. So i've opened up the queue and it says "user id is missing". Anyone else getting this message at the top of the page?
  5. You Found Me! - MK9 - incredibly situational trophy that takes a lot of patience. Cat Call - Injustice 2 - just pure RNG hell, and they made it more difficult for no good reason. Brutality 101 - Arkham Knight - it takes a lot of practice to make those stupid digits on your arm stumps to press all those combos without dropping it.
  6. I got the email, just hopefully I don’t get a shit spot in the queue.
  7. First time I watched the trailer, I was pretty unimpressed. Second and third time though, that music really hits hard and I'm actually really excited to be going back to a more pure fantasy setting.
  8. shit
  9. US Best Buy (ymmv) has completely shit the bed, can't get into checkout, constant "system error" messages.
  10. Best Buy US is stalling to a standstill trying to add one to your cart/checkout
  11. I'd very much like to know what that 1% is, just to hopefully breath a sigh of relief
  12. Godfall confirmed to launch along side PS5, November 12th.
  13. this is an incredible offer for people who skipped PS4 or who are thinking of buying a PlayStation for the first time, if I was on the fence and I hadn't played on PS this past gen this would do it for me
  14. Maybe they want to edit in that it's a launch title if that wasn't made clear? No idea... edit: it's due to the slide that said "on PC", it's false
  15. $69.99? Oh no...