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  1. Kena players, if you want that plat without feeling the overwhelming urge to break your controller, use that Master Spirit Guide exploit to pop that trophy sooner rather than later! It will get patched and trust me, you don't want to have to do a legit run on Master if you're looking to avoid heartache.

  2. hope the trophy list drops soon, excited to jump in tonight!
  3. (Life is Strange: True Colors) Episode 4 complete. OH. MY. GOD.

    1. DrBloodmoney


      You're Goddamned right Oh. My. God! 😂

  4. ugh, really want to pick up a copy of Tekken Hybrid to go for series completion but its kinda expensive and I'm not even sure I'm gonna enjoy myself after working on 3 tekkens at the same time. Anyone who played TTTHD have any opinions?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Legion_Immortal


      If you have two controllers it's pretty easy.

    3. enaysoft


      Oh god yes, two controllers! The hardest one is maybe the Gold Trophy for a counter of a counter, I had to have a controller rested on my left leg and the other on my right.

    4. LancashireLad87


      If your decent at fighting games you'll smash this platinum out. I think it took me around 2.5 hours to complete it and I'm not good at Tekken.

  5. this is really helpful advice, thank you very much! I enjoyed my first playthrough and just want to be certain I'm well-equipped for the next runs and the big one
  6. (Tekken Tag Tournament 2) yo how does one do an easy bound combo or tag assault? How are those trophy percentages so high???

    1. nrs1nrs1


      The guide is not helpful :/

    2. nrs1nrs1


      Wait I figured it out

  7. Platinum #144 - Godfall


    This was a perfectly ok game. Once I got more into the weapons systems and mastered the weird movement the game was actually pretty decent. The Ascended Tower of Trials however can take a hike. Got to floor 19 and lost which sucked, then fought Macros TWICE on the upper teen floors with teammates. Glad it's done.

  8. I'm really intrigued for this game, hopefully the trophies aren't too grindy or missable
  9. for anyone who has the experience, what's some advice for people planning on going for the plat? The video guides out there seem great but I want to make sure there aren't good hints to miss out on (just cleared the game for the first time, considering the plat). Adding on to this, when you finish an ending, do you start the next playthrough by LOADING that cleared data, or by hitting New Game?
  10. My plan to 100% Street Fighter 3 evaporated as quickly as I saw those combo trials. That’s a big no for me dawg

  11. yeah I misunderstood your original comment, everything is back in the right place on the guide! Roadmap and list of missables is up to date now, and Deja-Vu is missable just less missable than I thought if you're able to return to the Blue House before entering the capital.
  12. Used PSNow to finish the two easy Virtua Fighters, found out there's a TON of games on the service that I would love to complete! I've got a small list, and hopefully I can knock them out before my sub lapses :)

    1. zizimonster


      Some (quick and easy) games I managed to complete when I subbed:

      Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

      Black Mirror

      Whispering Willows

      Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders



      There were more actually, but I was too lazy to play them. xD

  13. ok here's the situation. Deja-vu IS missable, just not as missable as I thought. DavySuicide's information told me that you could return to the House of the Blue Beam even after beating the last opponent and finishing the story content there, meaning that if you clear that House and go back there to get "A Room With a View" BEFORE you enter the capital city for the final section you can still get the trophy.
  14. yeah I'm doing edits since some people say Deja-Vu can unlock without having visited the balcony in "a room with a view". I'll have a concrete answer soon.
  15. One of the first games I got for the PS3 was Armored Core V. I knew absolutely nothing about how to play it and what trophies were at the time. I would have loved to go back and complete it with a better knowledge and desire to hunt that plat, but unfortunately the servers went offline in 2016. Oh well...