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  1. I've been splitting my time between a few games as of late, and I'm really enjoying just how different they all are (Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, Final Fantasy XV and Burnout: Paradise Remastered). Definitely am going to keep up this practice, since ordinarily any of these games would have proved difficult to stick with personally if I didn't have the other two to fall back on. 

  2. welp, at least I'm completely convinced it'll be an ultra rare plat.
  3. Yeah that demo was visually stunning, and if they can keep up the puzzle elements from 7 to a high standard... this is gonna be a really solid game.
  4. if it has a quick list AND is separated from RE8, that's totally fine, might give it a try. They did good by separating REsistance last time, sucks that the game wasn't that great.
  5. Platinum #117: Dark Souls III



    What an interesting game. A really fantastic experience, but man did that covenant grinding suck ass! Glad it's done tho. Really excited to be almost finished with the trilogy. Getting into 2 now, very different experience.

  6. (Dark Souls 3) Finally finished the Concord farming, feels like a great weight has been lifted :)

  7. I platinumed the original and the remake back to back, and the biggest thing that could affect your enjoyment of the original compared to the remake is that there is no online to save you if you make a mistake with World Tendency. Additionally, Demon's Souls (2009) has the item duplication glitch, which absolutely breaks the game in terms of difficulty and can trivialize even the middling challenge the game presented without it. If you're ok with an easier prospect of messing up WT but way more broken exploits than the gold coin glitch, the original is much easier and worth your time if you enjoy the remake.
  8. Batman: Arkham Origins (1.94%) Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition (2.18%) Dead Space 3 (4.34%) Assassin's Creed 3 PS3 (5.26%) The Last of Us Remastered (5.35%)
  9. (Dark Souls 3) And that's all 30 sunlight medals, that was less awful than I thought it was going to be. Used a metric shit ton of rusted coins to help, and don't have a Symbol of Avarice yet. I've also been getting intermittently summoned as a Blade of the Darkmoon so I already have 9 Concords! Hopefully I can get those done tomorrow or over this weekend.

  10. Finished farming Aldritch's Faithful with some PVP, every time a Blade of the Darkmoon arrived they were instantly killed... I'm not looking forward to farming Concords. That feels like it's going to suck immensely.

    1. Copanele


      Better prepare yourself for those silver knight farming, blades of the darkmoon covenant never worked properly... It is kinda the most annoying farm to do in game. 

    2. nrs1nrs1


      I've had a successful summon, but yeah it's most likely gonna be the Silver Knight route. Still didn't get a Symbol of Avarice even after killing all the Mimics so hopefully someone can drop one for me

  11. Aight, Nameless King is my wall. I just cannot get past the stupid fucking dragon first phase. The camera keeps fucking me over. I've first-try'd so many of the bosses in this game that I didn't think I would but this guy... wow.

    1. Copanele


      I recommend locking on the king himself when you fight the big bird, then un-lock when you want to attack.

      That first phase is complete ass until you learn it properly, not going to lie. 

    2. nrs1nrs1


      That was exactly what worked, he's dead 😁 that first phase was the roadblock, only needed two attempts for the second phase. Heart rate was uncomfortably high towards the end!

  12. Pontiff Sulyvahn got my heart rate scarily high, what a terrifying fight!

  13. Miles Morales has exceeded my expectations in the story department. That ending was really great, reminded me of the Iron Giant. 

  14. Going through the PSN sale and checking platinum rarity to avoid dropping insane games on my list. Can anyone explain why Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story only has FIVE achievers on PSNP? I know ownership in general on that title is low but 5? That's crazy.

  15. Yeah I’m in agreement here. You can make the argument that maybe in a certain light these memes could be funny, as they fall under the OKBuddy umbrella of “humor” (as much as I find those memes funny, I could absolutely understand if someone feels it’s offensive). Two things can be true, Varhur did step over the line, but I also don’t think he’s a bigot. Just my two cents, and final decision does come down to the Mod team.