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  1. Yeah one person was smashing buttons and killing everything when I was in :/
  2. Anyone know if Battlestar Galactica Deadlock’s plat is obtainable? I’m not finding any guides for it but it’s on sale and I’m a huge fan of the show so it seems like a no brainer :)

  3. they were a singular "team" within the Japan Studio umbrella, now it seems they are an entire studio unto themselves. More employees and a larger budget is a given.
  4. At the risk of being obvious, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered has the very same God Mode and gameplay modifiers as 7. I know 8 is a little divisive but its still a fun game.
  5. (Final Fantasy XV) Finished the main story this evening. I've heard that it was patched and new stuff was added into the ending at one point, so I'm incredibly glad I finished it when I did. I don't think the game earns its ending, but its nothing if not good at pulling at your heartstrings. I care about the dynamic between the 4 bois, and the fact that so much of the final chapter was them sticking up for each other and supporting the others really got to me. Florence + The Machine's cover was also lovely. I'll have some mixed feelings on this game later on but for now I'm still riding the serotonin from that final cutscene with Noctis and Luna 😭

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Yeah i forgot they updated the ending, i should youtube it. 

      I wish Luna had more to her, and Aranea but hopefully FF16 has some good party members.

      Hell, find a way to resurrect Kefka lol.


      Glad you enjoyed it

  6. Yup, grabbed the plat after completing the minigame a few days ago. Hopefully people can grab theirs with more regularity.
  7. this is absurd. I'll play this one on an alt for sure.
  8. Platinum #135 Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield



    First NA account to get the NA plat for this one, feels good to finish this after the trophy was initially unobtainable. Glad the patch fixed it and i could finally finish the minigame for that last outfit. Fun game too!

  9. on an unrelated note, is anyone else completely unable to install patch 1.3.7? It keeps saying "something went wrong" and refusing to even start downloading...
  10. look at me making sweeping assumptions about my own timetable 😖 thanks again for all the help
  11. Guide is out! Go for it
  12. you make it seem so easy 😅 but for real this mini game is rough, i've been at it for hours now. edit: got it! REALLY memorizing the inputs is a good strategy, not letting the screen become overwhelming is also important.
  13. Sparke dropped those button inputs above, I'm barely getting past 15 seconds 😅 If they don't edit the trophy this game is going to have quite the plat rarity. It's so much harder than the main game, the only equivalent is to play the regular levels on Insane to practice and even then...
  14. You're a god for dropping those button inputs, but it's just the process of redoing the level and constantly retrying that's fraying my brain 0_0 it's also that those square inputs are so tight sometimes that you die due to absolutely nothing
  15. After beating the game I’m replaying level 3 on hard, which only takes a minute 30 to finish and grabbing the M coin to gain access to the mini game after the level. I think OP for the short video guide mentioned there’s a patch incoming to make it easier so hopefully that happens because this mini game is breaking my brain with how inconsistent my button inputs feel.