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  1. I have a question regarding Silent Hill 2 --




    I finished the game for the first time a couple months ago. I have a save file with "Clear Results" for finishing the run. I know that I need to have all the endings on one save file for the eventual 10-Star Run, so my question is this: how does one ensure that they do this correctly? Do I load the results screen, return to the title with Start, then hit New Game? Or does that create a separate save file without my previous ending ("Leave")? I just want to make sure I'm doing this right, so any advice is appreciated :)

    1. Deceptrox


      Hi. I haven't touches the game in years but I think you should load the cleared game saved file before starting a new run. If the get a the number "2" on your result screen or saved file title after completing the game a second time, you are good.

  2. Just realized this one glitched on me, shit anyone know if there's any solution besides speedrunning another playthrough?
  3. Looks like the trophies finally came out, but please do keep in mind the complete insanity this game went through a while back - the employees that worked on the games had their work held hostage by the inept CEO and there hasn't been much news regarding the ownership of the title since:
  4. Tekken 6, TTT2 and Tekken 7 FINISHED! WHO'S NEXT :)

  5. (Tekken 6) Scenario Campaign is practically done, thank GOODNESS. Never playing Nightmare Train or Subterranean Pavilion ever again.

  6. Currently working on Godfall (base game) and both DLCs (Fire and Darkness, Lightbringer) In Progress Not accepting help PS5
  7. I'm now currently working on Godfall's two DLC, Lightbringer and Fire & Blood.
  8. I’m gonna play this with no expectation of ever getting the plat, but this list is WAY easier than Necrodancer thankfully. Might even be attainable if you put in the effort to git gud. If the music is worth it, I’ll definitely at least give it a go
  9. My first attempt on Nightmare Train has gone better than any of my attempts of Subterranean Pavillion. Tekken 6 is a frustrating experience.

  10. (TV) Just finished Midnight Mass on Netflix, and me and my girlfriend are now very very sad. Anyone wanna recommend some funny palate cleansers or fun things to watch after a supremely sad and existential finale?

  11. (Tekken 6) Whatever diseased marsupial humanoid that was working at Bandai Namco in 2007 who decided "Nightmare Train" was an enjoyable or fulfilling challenge that the game should ship with needs to come over here and do it for me bc this shit is obnoxiously UN-fun. Can't wait to finish this and get back to grinding money in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (never thought I would be saying that).

    1. AJ_Radio


      Oh man. Nightmare Train sucked. You definitely needed A rank gear to get through that. 

  12. ok seriously how do you beat her? She keeps stunlocking me with freeze and just obliterating my health bar in seconds. I can beat the other enemies, I can get her down to half health, but then she pulls out the i-frame moves and combos me to death. HOW
  13. this absolute bullshit fight against Alisa...
  14. Popped Kena's plat last night. Really great time even if there were a TON of collectibles! Zeroing in on Plat 150 very soon, gotta finish up these Tekkens so I can finally do SH2!

    1. Deluziion90


      Congrats, I agree way too many collectables but a very fun game though!

  15. Kena players, if you want that plat without feeling the overwhelming urge to break your controller, use that Master Spirit Guide exploit to pop that trophy sooner rather than later! It will get patched and trust me, you don't want to have to do a legit run on Master if you're looking to avoid heartache.