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  1. The other players are not very active and don't have very much information
  2. Can anyone help me out with that.? Psn cards where can I buy psn cards for my Honduras account? I have PayPal and cards but I want psn cards.?
  3. Cool rasta 

  4. Hello me I just started play stationing. My user name translates into smoking weed. Coz that's what we rastas do. Don't judge. Fimnmass
  5. Thank you. santa Monica's gow is interesting for the price.
  6. Tekken tag 2 platinum
  7. OMG Online is so hard.. Those players left are so strong. Over 2000 fights some have recorded.
  8. My name is mayo
  9. Low budget game with no replayability. Platinum and move on.
  10. Quoting myself plat done first one for me.
  11. Working on pop atm
  12. Check download list under account management after signing in.
  13. Thank you for the information. I saw this game and I thought it would have been like tekken at least. Am not disappointed just surprised
  14. Have to try few times but it works better with crowds.
  15. This kind of game feels like a ps2 one. Wth?